HOW TO PLAY VEX MID & SOLO CARRY IN SEASON 12 | Vex Guide S12 - League Of Legends -

HOW TO PLAY VEX MID & SOLO CARRY IN SEASON 12 | Vex Guide S12 – League Of Legends

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How to play Vex Mid for beginners and solo carry every single one of your games in season 12. Advanced Vex guide + Tips and Tricks in season 12. In-depth gameplay going over how to play the early game, mid game, and late game s12. Also going over the best builds, runes, where to ward, when to roam, teamfighting, and the optimal playstyle for each situation. League Of Legends lol |

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  1. Great videos, too bad we can’t watch your vid streams on twitch if we’re not subscribed :/

  2. I like you gameplay and so, but why havent you used dark seal or Mejas soulstealer I mean you where feed

  3. idk how vex has such mobility with her ult – but nocturne can only do it once on a 3 week cooldown? RIOT

  4. thank you! gonna use these tips in my game

  5. Looking forward to taking these tips into Summoners Rift!

  6. Do you feel like Luden's Tempest builds better than Everfrost?

  7. Great game play and great commentary on what you're thinking! A fast way to clear waves is to e first then q and it also brings your fear off cd fast as well

  8. Let's go! A video with breakfast! Shark's the GOAT

  9. Ehhhhhhh, Vex gameplay. I've been yearning to see u play Vex. Finally. Great content as always bro 👌

  10. Finally the anti dash fox girl thingy champ

  11. It is really surprising that they didn't ff15 when it was 20 to 9 against a 12/1 vex

  12. Did shark get the first 6 cs?
    No, he missed a melee minion and a caster minion

    Lose streak: 1

  13. 🎶 Dashing through the enemies, getting two times quadra kill!!

  14. U made every game for me a pretty medium difficulty matchup

  15. As a vex m7 I appreciate your vex gameplay!
    One tip I have: you should have more faith in your E radius. You try and guarentee your fear with your W, but you seem to get more punished that way. Believe in your E more! That guaranteed gloom and fear along with ur Q does hella damage. Hope I help some!!❤

  16. "I'm recording? Yes I'am" favorite part of every shark's videos

  17. Who do you think is the best jungler right now?

  18. i love your content! would you ever think about giving sylas a try in mid theres barely any good content out there for him?

  19. "Riot games… Brain dead company" every video 🤣

  20. I am here for three things:

    1. Great gameplay
    2. Good commentary
    3. To make sure you check to see if you're recording

  21. I don't know what your saying….know what I'm sayin?

  22. i see i need to play more aggressively, love vex but really need to play her better
    like, i'm always scared and don't really keep in mind how much damage i can do

  23. How come your irealia sucked mine beat my ass and I couldn't do shit about it

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