How to Play Vex in Low Elo -

How to Play Vex in Low Elo

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A guide to playing Vex for new and experienced players :3


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  1. Very nice ! You explained all really well

  2. bro has that classic sports commentator voice, so smooth to listen to! great infos provided as well

  3. The music completely threw me off so bad because I literally just closed OSRS to watch this video and go play Vex

  4. no shot he uses some good old osrs tunes for the soundtrack

  5. is that an osrs song in the background I'm hearing?

  6. Hi man, love ur content. Im new to league, and watch your gameplay made me wonder something, when u play vladimir close range tower diving him and when u are switching lane to get a kill botlane, are you not scared of getting third parted by the jungler ? Like in my games, if i just play vlad close range under his turret like this, the jungler wd insta gank me and im dead 🙁

  7. i main vex mid/supp. but i feel in supp, it's a bit weaker the higher you climb. Btw, why do i feel i don't do much damage when playing luden ? 99% of the time i will play liandry.

  8. Never tried first strike, since she is pretty good with electrocute. Late game it's better for sure I guess

  9. What other secondary rune do you prefer with Manaflow?

  10. I could watch a million of these vex videos from you

  11. I watched ur video on improvement , i work on my farming in practice tool , but i dont know if i have to go in ranked to practice in game or just playing in normal draft ?

  12. i used to play vex as a pocket pick into matchups i wasn’t comfortable with syndra but a big thing i didn’t like about vex was her cc not being always available i made the switch to lissandra as my pocket instead

  13. great video, i found it very educational and felt like you explained yourself in an easy way to understand.

  14. when should i build liandries apposed to ludens

  15. Love these vex videos, I feel in love with her bc of her anti-dive/anti-assassin playstyle and you explain it perfectly

    Edit: also, when do u know when to go everforst, ludens, or liandries? I know you probably have a vid on it, but can u do a quick summary?

  16. Thank you for the very informative videos of vex , it has helped me excel and even carry my teams in this low elo. Keep it up!

  17. Is that runescape music playing in the background?

  18. Why do i hear old school runescape music in this video? xd

  19. I'm playing againts silver players, and I feel like its a lot harder to play againts a players that I play, then againts the players in this video. In this video this guys on enemy team look like bots. You casually walk in enemys jungle and manage to get 3-4 kills solo

  20. How about doing akshan video please ….it would be awesome 😊

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