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0:00 Intro
0:26 Runes
05:04 Items
18:03 Summoners
19:19 Abilities
24:56 Combos
29:46 Laning
42:40 Teamfighting
47:50 Matchups


  1. I just bought the new vex skin and I’ve wanted a guide to master her, thanks

  2. I play this game since season2 and your midlane guides is the best ive ever seen especially laning and teamfighting tips are so usefull. You literally deserve more subs <3

  3. These guides and coach curtis ones are the best i have seen so far in the mid lane
    Looking forward to a Ryze guide

  4. hey can you do a lissandra video? these type of videos are really helpful and i think one of my main would help me too 🙂

  5. Cassiopeia Plzz !!!


  6. I was looking forwards to this video, and I’m glad to see it! I’m still in the process of trying to find a champion pool to play, and vex seems like a pretty decent choice. Though I do feel like my current pool leans too heavy on mages…

  7. How is she bot lane I’m bored of playing kogmaw and ziggs So I wanna give her a try is she any good and does the same build still apply?

  8. i need an anivia guide now, so i learn her weakness

  9. I was wondering if you'd recommend Galio as a Mid-lane pick and what situations he might be good in? I'm Gold ELO, I have a lot of fun with him and win quite a bit, which seems to be important. But as I climb higher I was curious if you think he'll hold up?

  10. Can you also do an Ahri guide? I'm addicted to these full in depth guides =).

  11. I have a question. Is corki still a good pick in plat/diamond. My challenger friend suggested me to drop the champ since the package, which was OP, has been nerfed dramatically. He also told me to main the champs: vex (i used it a little bit last season), sylas (i used to 1 trick that champ) and ahri (little to no experience). And only play to corki against champs i hate to play against. Otherwise he told me that i should get hard stuck around plat 3 or 2. What's ur suggestion?

  12. can you do a orianna or ekko guide !

  13. Awesome write up. What are the odds of getting a neeko guide like this one?

  14. I´d say ahri definitely counters vex. She doesnt have to get into your fear w range(easiest fear against other mobile midliners), she can dodge everything with her ult or even her MS buff on w and she can interrupt your ult with her charm. If evenly skilled i dont see Vex winning this matchup.

  15. Thank you so much for explaining. I did not skip through at all.

  16. Thanks! New player here needed a character to main stumbled on Vex.

  17. Many champion “guides” on youtube just have commentary over 1 gameplay which has some value but they dont offer extensive information that can be applied to numerous, different situations. Thank you for explaining different item paths, lane matchups, optimal style of play, power spikes, and what to do in the macro sense mid & late game. Honestly surprised your guides dont have more views

  18. Awesome guide, thank you so much!

    Hoping that it'll help in climbing with her this season!

  19. Who do u think wouuld work well with a build of hullbreaker, warmog, everfrost, nashor tooth, mejai, rabadon?

  20. I play Malzahar quite often and only a little bit of Vex.
    Vex's R recast doesn't make her unstoppable so she can be interrupted mid-flight. So when I see her zooming on me with her quite often I can ult her before she casts her W on arrival.
    I believe Veigar's E could block her incoming in a similar wave (put a cage on the path she's coming from).

  21. Im pretty new to league, and i picked up vex like a couple months ago. I ended up becoming an otp which is pretty annoying because I'm shit at the game, but I'm good with vex. Ngl in low elo like me vex is really strong because half of the time the enemy wont build mr etc. This was really helpful and I appreciate this guide so much because I haven't seen any guide this detailed. TYSM UR AWESOME <333

  22. also ive been up against an irelia top as well as mid a couple times and maybe its just because of the elo I'm in but all those times it was pretty free for me idk tho LMFAO

  23. Started playing vex and realized shes super strong for solo q. ( WDH Phantom #euw ) had even a peak of 79% w/r but kinda went down with disco nunus and stuff at 72. Anyway my experience ( low elo ) . Allways playing crown+zhona bcs im engaging fights to carry , ussualy tanks/bruisers are never doing sth. And i stick with barier bcs i play agro in lane and force enemy jgl to come to me bcs i can manage 1v2 with barier. I allways q lvl 1 wave and perma push taking prio and help my jgl.
    My conclusion is Crown+Zhona is best from my experience and lvl 1 Q .

  24. the problem with vex is after you use ur spells and the enemy doesn't die or the rest are coming to you and you don't have anything to do because of CD

  25. why is my brain so focused on you clicking lol

  26. What's your opinion on Dark Harvest?

  27. are you calling the the source shoes lol

  28. i absolutely loved playing Vex past few patches but i'm scared now, durability is scary… what are your thoughts on onetricking Vex to climb in plat+? And do you have any tips on builds or runes? Thanks in advance!

  29. This is what i really needed. I love video guides that explain the champion in more details rather than just covering 1 game and saying "this is how I played, look how fed I got"

    Love people who explain the actual purpose. Since everyone plays differently, and not every game is the same.

  30. Hey i really like your videos and i was wondering, do you think that after the corrupt potions nerf they are still better in most matchups than doran's ring ?

  31. I want to play vex now and i am aware of mexhanics, but i remember that i played like 20 games with vex not knowing that you can recast your R and dash🤡

  32. I just wanna express my thanks to you, not just for the vex guide, but for ALL of your midlane guides! I see a L O T of informative stuff, but your videos are by FAR the best!
    Thank you thank you thank you!!!

  33. Hey Shok, would you still go for C-Pot starting item? I feel like almost no one is building it anymore. Also about runes: I feel like the meta shifted towards Manaflow and Scorch. Do you still recommend Timewarp and Cookies? And thank you for the great work <3

  34. this is such a perfect guide, covered everything i was looking for answers on as a low elo player, thank you!

  35. watched this and played my first vex game and went 5/1/6! had a lot of fun with it, thanks for the guide 🙂

  36. I would love to know the advantages of playing Vex instead of Lissandra, both champions feel kinda of the same, but lissandra has more range and tools to survive during the team fights.
    Amazing content!!!

  37. Thanks for this indepth guide, as a returning player (after nearly 3 years) and after playing around 15 games I just found this champion. Tested her in a botgame and love her kit. Maybe it's due to my little games or that I'm ranked silver now but I haven't even seen her until finding her randomly while browsing champions for a decent champion pool.

    Honest question, why is nobody playing her while Talon, Kassa, Zeds (many dash champs in general) are played that often?

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