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Paladins (Champion) Ranked Gameplay! (Desc)

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  1. Very helpful content! I like how you point out good tips that can be used across all ranks.

  2. Bruh, watching this and hearing you talk about the Cassie being annoying at the beginning about heals, I play both damage and support and you can not blame your support for that, especially if you are just standing in the open.

  3. Agressive support – best supportGood supp must know both how to heal effectively and do dmg/defence yourself from flankers.

  4. really liked that video, i also was able to learn a lot of stuff, would actually appreciate more vod reviews 🙂

  5. i love this i already learn much by watching your regular vids but these are definitly helping much! thanks as always for making these awesome vids 🙂

  6. Watching someone in my rank playing, with a pro commentary in it, definitely helps me even more..
    I wish you keep doing it vex it's a good educational vid

  7. Great video. I always appreciate pro perspective on gameplay.

  8. Hey vex could you do some of these in your own games like, how to play aggressively and when to do so, how to make space for your team, how to live when your team wont help you? Feel it would help a lot of support mains trying to grind the levels

  9. i wish u could be my paladins teacher

  10. Honestly this is one of your best videos. It was super educational and it's nice to see you analyze how errors 10 or more seconds ago can lead to deaths.

    Could you post all future VOD reviews to YouTube too? It beats having to search through your streams for them.

  11. This is god tier content helpful for everyone not just the player being coached. More game reviews please!

  12. As others have done, here's another request for you making more content like this. Very educational! Thanks for the perspective 🙂

  13. Make a video to “teach” new players how tf to play. The hardest part about paladins is getting new people to play because after 1 week they won’t touch it again. Basic positioning and scenario breakdowns!!

  14. Would love to see more of these type of videos make more of them 😁😁

  15. Rewatching again to take notes and I realized something..

    Apparently, I know most of the mistakes I done AFTER doing them, and I just need a repeating reminder to keep them in the back of my head.

    I feel VOD reviews of similar ranked players would teach me more, because I get to see the more common mistakes higher ranked players don't make.

  16. Loved the video. As a support main I def relate to all of this. Great info Vex and as always keep them coming. I think more review videos would be great as far as others learning to play with more skill. Even tho I play on console many tips still viable and helpful. Thank you

  17. I think this VOD review was super helpful. Of course the player themselves was using Hindsight while editing. Definitely a great player and is willing to improve and ask for help

  18. When you win solo tank atlas against the best 2 tanks in the game

  19. Is it smart to constantly be reloading as Damba like he was so he can stun? Or is it better to just spam shots?

  20. more of this vex. really good insights for us supp mains

  21. I was in a team with TheNaveR before, they're very wholesome person to play with and i wish more people are like that in paladins.

  22. Just started playing again and really getting into it. Would love more coach/tutorial vids.

  23. I really enjoy game reviews like this because not only does it tell what I should be doing, it also helps me see what I'm already doing right.

  24. Are u still doing coach videos @vex30 I'm willing to pay 👀 i wanted you to look at my atlas play

  25. I'm ultimately subbing because you main Support and I appreciate the love and tips you bring about that class

    Keep up the great work
    Love the videos so far

  26. "Need healing!" "You are dYING FASTER THAN i CAN HEAL YOU-"

    – Every game

  27. Bro I be playing rei and my tm8s kept spamming “help” in chat acting like I can be everywhere at once with 2-3 ppl on me just killing me 24/7 and I was the only support on the team

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