How To DOMINATE Trials Like A 3600+ Flawless Player! (Solo) -

How To DOMINATE Trials Like A 3600+ Flawless Player! (Solo)

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How A 3600+ Flawless Playes Makes Trials EASY! (You Can Too!)

Trials, especially in this meta, is very tough and it is often even harder for those who don’t have a consistent team of three to play with. Hopefully, by listening to and following some of the advice given, you can zoom straight to the Lighthouse easier than you ever have before… or for the first time. Enjoy!

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  1. Jake I love your fashion! what armor and shaders are you using?

  2. Swear it was only a few weeks ago you were the first to go flawless 3k times.

    So you already been flawless 600 times since then lol crazy

  3. Remember Mr jake not everyone is as smart as you 😬 I did whoop your arse 8 years ago with your tlw sniper combo.. 👀🤣 you have got a lot better tho 👌🏻

  4. 120’s feel great on this map. Ended the week with 6 flawless’s with a 2.33/3.1 using my igneus/conditional

  5. You are a great player and a good guy, never trash talking or T-Bag. Help peoples, nice with community. Destiny have need players like you or ZK. Thank you and good games guardian. 😄  🤝

  6. Love the Vid Jake. Took away some good tips that I need to practice in my game!

  7. if your super isn't less than a 7 min cd in comp modes like trials, you're throwing for your teams in the long run

  8. I've being trying to get my first flawless while watching your videos. Since I still suck, I'm trying to get the triple 100 on that hunter revenant. Almost there! Know I feel more confident to bring this build in pvp and improving my gameplay. Thanks Jake, even though I'm not there yet, soon I'll

  9. Jajajajaj you made this look too easy I got 2 lighthouses in 7 years 😂😂😂 im coping that hunter stasis build is amazing

  10. Intellect in Osiris is like the car insurance, you will glad to have it when you need it

  11. Whats your take on the new sights on shayuras?

  12. 12:15 The shotgun secretly has harmonic resonance, which means it does bonus damage to guardians in their super (as well as lucent hive and tormentors)

  13. I think the shotgun is appropriate. Any ability should have some kind of weakness if not how is it fair? I personally think that it’s all about skills… that’s why immortal is a problem, any noob can kill you in seconds

  14. My best pvp build is 100 discipline, 100 recovery and 100 intellect with 30 resilience

  15. It’s so upsetting that the wormhusk ornament is not in the store!😢

  16. Great tips, Jake!
    And that ending was 🤌🏿🤌🏿

  17. You can’t freeze players in a well they can survive the whole stasis hunter super except the wiper usually destroys the well

  18. I don’t have any confidence to play trials. I have never played a single game, and I’ve been here since COO. I’ll probably never play it. Information can only take you so far if your just not good in general. Can’t bring myself to play any trials.

  19. Those are my boys at 7 minutes in!!! Yeesssss OOPS clan represent 👏👏😂

  20. This is good way to look At playing solo trials

  21. Im only 10 seconds in and i already see swap to invis nd shyurahs😂

  22. Gj do u know how to connect a ps5 controller to a Xbox one console

  23. wow he sure is doing a lot of variety streaming. destiny destiny and also destiny big variety

  24. Somehow I never got 5 red border drangs. I’m mad about it.

  25. Bubble is nerfed to the ground, it is not serving the purpose anymore

  26. I don't comment much but wanted to call out that this is a really good live commentary on how to properly play trials. Glad that a lot of the mindset is stuff I'm already doing successfully in trials. So many people forget to use natural cover and pressing advantage when you get a pick.

  27. Thanks a lot Jake for all the PVP advices and Thanks again for ur honesty

  28. All these tips are great and i love watching you play Jake, but most of the trials community are too toxic for neg players to care enough to improve our game play "we don't belong in trials" as they say. As a disabled gamer who really tries in pvp i cant take the harassment and abuse from top 0.5% or above players

  29. I got flawless solo completely on accident. People just kept leaving games.

    Now people think I'm better than I am.

  30. This is good, until a better player beat you and calling him a cheater😂😂

  31. I’ll definitely be sending this video to some of my friends. Does a really good job explaining some basic yet crucial techniques to be successful in trials. I do wish Jake used some different weapon types to highlight their intended capabilities. I’ve been trying to teach some of my friends what I’ve picked up since I’ve started getting better in trials but this seems to capture the main points.

  32. Down syndrome thumbnail. Lots of people wouldn't have played it that way. You do you, Corky.

  33. Wonder why some people don’t like you lol you seem cool bro.

  34. 22:39 I had no idea marksman dodge proc’d kill clip 😳 bouta try out so many different guns lol

  35. OP: This was a great vid on how to go about Trials on that map; I could have done with this before the Trials weekend just passed. lol Now, I shall save it for the next rotation! Perhaps you could do one of these for all PvP Trials maps as part of a series?! I, for one, would sure appreciate it! GG++ and Cheers!

  36. Community: how do I get good at trials? Jake: META

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