High Rank Commentaries #3 Reality Check Gaming vs. Team VEX - League of Legends - oramagamestudios.com

High Rank Commentaries #3 Reality Check Gaming vs. Team VEX – League of Legends

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Welcome to High Rank Commentaries! Where I commentate over footage of games from diamond, and challenger rank players and Teams!

Team VEX vs. Reality Check Gaming

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  1. NERF LISSANDRA ULT and do you think that nerfing lissandra would be better than nerfing say jax

  2. jax doesn't need a nerf, he already got nerfed pretty big beginning of s3, lissandra's ult isn't annoying or op in any form.

  3. thats what Riot does..find a champion who's solid and people enjoy playing and nerf them because they are "OP" ..its the player not the champion..I've seen a poppy do more than some kha'zix in game before

  4. liss ult is < than fiddle ult + zhonya, and… if anyone here can give me advice how to deal with fiddlestick, its like silence+fear+drain+nuke-ult

  5. how com i always have full retards in my team, please explain 😛

  6. World of tanks is a fun game with every game being the same

  7. Should be required watching. shows junglers not to hold hand of 1v2 lanes, 1v2 person to ride it out, farming and teamwork. at level 27 I get queued with people who don't want jungler and freak out of they get a 1v2 lane. Jarvan essentially gave up jungling for a long time, so team lost xp and gold. great commentary.

  8. is there any point in it?
    what are the benefits

  9. Why nerfing Nautilus, if they dont want me to die than dont nerf nautilus
    <3 Nautilus

  10. No Kha needs to be nerfed, his W shouldnt proc his passive and thats what theyre doing.

  11. Your should live commentary one of the Games from Super week next weekend on your stream!

  12. No that's not true, it will basically make his passive useless in late game team fights. Kha is already a squishy assassin, no need to nerf him whatsoever.

  13. "We got Zed you know…..killin' plants because you know…nobody's mowed in awhile."
    That's just gonna happen.

  14. If push comes to shove you can still post full games just cut them into parts, what are the odds that your counter claim goes thru?

  15. I hear Mordekaiser is number one… huehuehuehue

  16. Switch blue/purple team heath for blue/red … colorblind people will love you!

  17. question: what is ranked pick order or call

  18. i still don't know what the fuck is elo xD can any one explain please … ?

  19. The Elo rating system is a method for calculating the relative skill levels of players in competitor-versus-competitor games such as chess. It is named after its creator Arpad Elo, a Hungarian-born American physics professor.

  20. i like split pushing because you can have that awesome one like the Cloud 9 VS…. i think it was TSM recently in i think week 7 🙂

  21. may i ask wth is a justice rating and accuracy

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