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Harvard-Westlake Robotics: BLZi Reveal | VEX Spin Up

Harvard-Westlake Robotics
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HW Robotics is proud to present the reveal of our COMMUNITY BOT called Bullseye (BLZ-i) for the 2022-23 VEX game Spin Up.

The purpose of releasing BLZ-i and the additional resources is for newer VEX teams to have a place to start when designing for this year’s game. We hope that teams will improve the design, add new features, and make it their own.

Last year, our robots AMOGO & DOGO received tremendous support and curiosity from the VEX community. This year we are adding Step-By-Step Build Tutorials, partial CAD ProtoBot, and a BOM, Bill of Materials.

If you build a version of the bot, we’d love to send you a BLZ-i sticker so DM us your name and address. Good luck this year!

– 4 motor drive 600 rpm 2:1 on 3.25″ wheels
– 2 motor flywheel 600 rpm 1:5 3000 rpm
– 1 motor intake 600 rpm
– 1 motor indexer 100 rpm

Music: This is It by Oh The Larceny

HW Robotics is a collaboration with Team 62, Team 462, and HW Robotics Alumni. Engineering VEX Robots is our passion, and as a collective, we strive to add to the VEX Robotics community by sharing our knowledge and resources.

For more information, look at our vexforum link:


  1. id it weren't for this drivetrain I wouldn't've made worlds. Thank you so much for this. It helped me through my first year.

  2. Where did all your links go?? VEX forum is 'transitioning' we can't find the dimensions of the polycarbonate ramp. please help!

  3. glad to see other teams doing this. first saw it on 62A a while ago. good job, good video.

  4. To see how any formula was written in any question or answer, including this one, right-click on the expression and choose "Show Math As > TeX Commands". (When you do this, the '$' will not display. Make sure you add these: see the next point. There are also other ways to view the code for the formula or the whole post.)

  5. amazing resource, reminds me of everybot from frc

  6. Reveals just get more hype with each season. Sick bots!

  7. Can’t wait to see an army of BLZ-is at every regional tournament job well done HWR & team

  8. god dam this is so cool for something of a better hero robot.

  9. Very nice step by step tutorial, but I already have a better bot

  10. Thank you soo much for the ideas! I have modified and built the shooter and it’s working great.

  11. Crap this was the design I wanted to do. Now everyone is gonna do it lmao.

  12. this was already going to be the meta you didn't need to make a tutorial lol

  13. Isn’t it out of speck though?

  14. Can you make a parts list that way I don't have to count out every single thing. Thanks.

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  16. What size drill bit do you use for drilling high strength holes in c-channels?

  17. السلام عليكم ممكن طريقة تصميم هذا الروبوت

  18. can i ask u about 2 motor flywheel 600 rpm 1:5 3000 rpm ? and what is it color ? i want to built it but i found some problems like kinds of motors and wheels 3 inch because i have 4 inchs what i can do to connect gears with tires 4 inch
    can u explain plzzz

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