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Halo 4 Forge Maps – Vex

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Check out this awesome big team map on Ravine

How to download:
1.Press Start to open your Spartan Hub.
2.Go down to Settings & Files, and over to File Browser.
3.Select Map Variants.
4.File Share Search, gamertag “PA1NTS”.
5.Download “Vex”

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  1. Awesome gameplay, awesome maps, awesome awesome awesome! Liked + subscribed 🙂

  2. you should do run throughs just in a private match and go through the entire map, i found you only saw that one side in the video..

  3. Great series, it's not a competitive map though, it's a btb vehicular map 😛

  4. U tried to kill me before the game ended post pacman please loved that game u were my riaval there

  5. If you're having trouble downloading maps, send the creator a friend request. Then, while its pending click on their name and go to Halo 4 File Share. Once you're done, just cancel the request 🙂

  6. Big team may be come what casual but it's because it's set up for competitive gamemodes that he calls it that.

  7. I just started a map like this yesterday. Looks like I have some competition. Good job paints.

  8. Of course I'm the first one you kill xD Good games.

  9. The sniper from Halo 4 is the most terrible sniper in any Halo game ever 🙁

  10. Actually the Halo 4 sniper takes more skill to use than any other game -_-

  11. Hey so I'm not sure how many people ask you this, but I've made a competitive 1v1/4 player FFA map, so do you feature people's maps such as myself?

  12. lol no. I think you mean "any other game than a halo game". Sniping was harder in Halo 1/2/3.

  13. For some people. Playstyle can make a gun feel much different. For somebody like myself I find the sniper more difficult in Halo 4 then in Reach. (Not much experience from Halo 3 to say for that). A lot of it is due to how you like the game and how you think it should be played.

  14. true say, I agree with you that Reach was easier. It was probably the easiest of all the Halos, hence why I left it out of my list.

  15. PA1NTS is one of the gamertags that doesn't work DAMMIT

  16. If you're having trouble downloading the map, send me (PA1NTS) a friend request. I'll make sure you get to download it eventually. If my friends are full, send me a message and I will try and clear someone up for you.

  17. guys i do custom games really cool ones to if you want in just friend request


  18. add me my gamertag is MidriffHades453

  19. I think he meant a sniper spawning on the map rather than a personal ordnance drop.

  20. Am I the only one who thinks the Warthog's windshield shouldn't be able to stop sniper rounds? It would make sense.

  21. I'm starting a new thing where I get competitive maps and make them work for flood. I'm trying this map out for free roam.

  22. nice map but how long did it take you to make it

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