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Goddess Vexoria Reacts to “memes that you will regret not watching”

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It’s hard to understand Minecraft memes when you’ve never played it! Sounds like Vexoria will be playing it sometime in the future though, which sounds like fun~ Also, we need to get Vex a giant sword for the kitchen.

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  1. Did no one in that stream know that Hasbro invented the Ouija board as a children's toy. Like it's not some old occult tool, it's likely just a toy with not historical connection to occult practices

  2. Vex is great as usual. That meme video was fucking stupid.

  3. So much zoomer humour is just loud noises. I blame us millennials for thinking screaming wad funny.

  4. What if the Oujia Board summoned Vex, tho?

  5. Most of this shit is so idiotic it makes me think that idiocracy is quite a possible scenario

  6. I fully regret watching those memes, they were ass XD Vex is awesome though

  7. Hold up you are also doing ASMR? Damn now I have another Vtuber ASMRtist to listen to. I SHALL HAVE THE BEST SLEEP

  8. 0:07 now hear me out, that's intelligent as hell. Now you can enjoy more than one type of cereal, and you don't end up with a soggy mess at the end if you take too long, every bite is as fresh as the first bite until the milk stops being cold, and you can add an ice cube to prevent that problem.

  9. well i eat the cereal then drink the milk

  10. I swear, that Minecon clip makes me want to commit toaster bath cause the cringe is so bad

  11. So the age limit is eight?There's a Calvin and Hobbes comic where the titular characters are using a Ouija Board.Calvin is only six.

  12. Okay, Vex really needs to get adblocker or something.

  13. zoomer videos are just.. awful. So awful.

  14. Immediate click when I see snake momma, thanks for the sweet content V!

  15. That cereal one had me nearly on the verge of a breakdown

  16. Boomer reacts to confusing modern memes

  17. 0:07 to 0:11 made me yeet my pinky toe into a corner…I regret doing so. Screams in pain

  18. Yes!!! I was waiting for year for vexoria/snek mommy video😭

  19. 8:57 I think I saw an Ouija board at a Toy R Us when I was young. Now this makes sense which is scary that this age is not higher.

  20. So this is just 10 minutes of constant confusion and lack of context for why thing is funny to internet people.

  21. Title idea: "Snake mother Vexoria questions the internet's sanity from meme compilation"

  22. it's really interesting to see Vexoria react on modern memes even though these memes are from 2016-2017. It's fun to watch someone who hasn't been up to date with memes watch these things. Probably one of the vtubers I'd watch reacting to these kinds of videos. Looking forward if she watch the later compilations as she see our humor get more and more esoteric

  23. What is a solution to stop ads from appearing ?

    Use an ad blocker.

    If that don't work use more ad blocker.

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