Glitching Final Fantasy 14 Housing System To Create My Perfect Vampire Room | Xeno FFXIV Housing -

Glitching Final Fantasy 14 Housing System To Create My Perfect Vampire Room | Xeno FFXIV Housing

Xenosys Vex
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Who would have thought that housing in Final Fantasy 14 is harder than Ultimate Raids and requires glitching and cheating (and for most people third party tools) to do. In this video Xeno masters the delicate art of floating furniture in FFXIV an continues creating the perfect vampire room for his character.

Housing tutorials by Girly Geek Media:

Thumbnail ESO (KEKW) house design by Darthgummibear:

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  1. I hope everyone that has a plot goes to hell. F'ing hate this game for wasting a year of my life to get no plot; should f'ing sue this company for all the false adverts. Fing LAIRS. Like all this makes me wanna do is hurt myself till DEATH

    WHY'D this show up for my in the first place?

  2. Fun fact: You can glitch to a second floor using fishtanks to clip upward in small homes, you'll just have to place stages and walls to frame it if you want to use it.

  3. Floating objects was harder in heavensward

  4. From Ultimate Raiding to Ultimate Housing…. Xeno has become the perfect gigachad FFXIV player

  5. Oh man, glitching is so annoying, use burning down the house instead of this messy controls provided by SE

  6. Xeno sees a candle “Yo this is lit”

    Yes, yes it is lol

  7. I personally don’t share his style, but I feel so happy to see him having fun and excited about decorating his house. I don’t know why.

  8. I have no patience for that.. I just burn down the house

  9. all these glitches and I use burning down the house so much easier lol

  10. it is very complex and takes so long , i literally paid 35 mil to have my mid size house decorated .

  11. Housing Ultimate is the best series by strummer that we didn't know we needed.

  12. my dog's friend's cousin told me that there is a plugin that lets you burn down the house :ConcernFroge:

  13. Now they just need "Decorating Legend" title. Hisssss

  14. Maybe go into first person view will it be easier? Every time I do this I get so annoyed it gives me like motion sickness lmfao

  15. You can tell Xeno raids when 500k is a lot of money.

  16. Tip: If you only put the audio on while software programming. It's almost like your subconscious is talking to you. 🤭😜

  17. My dog goes completely apeshit when he rings the bell. Lol

  18. I really hope with the coming UI adjustments they'll add some of the glitching tools that are supposed to make this stuff a bit easier. SE's anti clip mentality while still letting clipping be possible is so frustrating.

  19. honestly watching him put his first candles is way more entertaining than it should be X'D … also curtains behind the coffin would probably work well to show of the beams better and for the extra vampy vibes =)

  20. Lol. You guys must be laughing at xenos, im having some too watching this

    but damn i will have the same reaction like him too if i try to decorate my room for each breakthrough of Attach, position, levitate.. etc. This shit is hard and time consuming

  21. i can see why people hire other players to decorate their house

  22. first he man mode all ultimate, then makin dope ayaya portraits and now housing?? he's insaneee

  23. You really need to see my apartment, you will love it

  24. Housing system is shit. Demolished my medium and enjoying the vagabond life!

  25. The more housing videos I watch the more I'm glad I used Dalamud for decorating mine. What a nightmare

  26. I don't understand why, but watching him decorate his house was alot of fun.

  27. I'm glad Xeno is messing with content he hasn't done. Housing is by far Savage Ultimate with glitching. xD

  28. Floating without BDTH is a fucking nightmare lol

  29. Damn, why the hell are those torches to expensive on his server? They drop from one of the ShB dungeons (the well maybe?) and I got so many of them leveling to 80 that I just started tossing them because they were only selling for double digit gil on the MB.

  30. Someone please tell this man about burning down the house

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