Glacial Augment Vex Support - Is it OP? -

Glacial Augment Vex Support – Is it OP?

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Glacial Augment Vex Support in League of Legends

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  1. I do really enjoy vex support, but she is so low rated or considered off meta Im scared to pick it in ranked. Caster supports vibe hard with me, even AP seraphine. Still not sure what to rock tho.

  2. Me: addicted to the glacial augment rework on supports
    Bizzleberry: posts another support with glacial augment
    Me: say no more clicks on video

  3. So my border showed on loading till I changed my avatar border from the standard ranked one.

  4. what works really nice during laning phases is using your E to land a fear on the enemy (since it's the easiest ability to land safely) and following up with a Q while they're feared to get a guaranteed hit on your Q

  5. Maybe picking the tank support item so you don't need to poke for gold, then you can save the fear

  6. Man if u are doing off meta supp rn give amumu a try. Him with glacial and evenshroud is busted

  7. Bizzleberry makes every champion work as support

  8. me being a vex main knowing really well that you can kill him with a full combo yelling at my screen go in go in

  9. lol, a few sec ago i thinking about bought vex and test her skills. and now i just refresh my youtube page and find your video. so, lets go

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