Garena Free Fire - Game Malayalam Angry Review | Walkthrough Gameplay | VEX Entertainment -

Garena Free Fire – Game Malayalam Angry Review | Walkthrough Gameplay | VEX Entertainment

VEX Entertainment
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This is my Garena Free Fire Game Review in Malayalam by VEX Entertainment.

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Game Reviews are Vex entertainment Orginal show to make you all entertain everything about the Movies, TV-series and Games. Also, we do mostly Spoiler free Reviews so there is no tension feel free to watch. I don’t like to ruin any of my viewer’s experience.

The show revolves mostly around PC Gaming

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I don’t play games on Consoles so the reviews which you see are on PC gameplay. In my view before wasting money on something we need to understand what we actually dealing with that’s my goal. Because of that, you can always expect fast and accurate Reviews That’s my promise to every one of you my friends.

So be a part of our journey, 100 % fun guaranteed 😛 Stay safe, Stay awesome Punchessss !!!

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  1. Bro Don't compare free fire and pubg . Both are different . Free fire ( fantasy , battleground) Pubg ( realistic aan ). If u need compare fornite and free fire. And now 2021 there is free fire max . Above 1gb in stocks ,🤭but bgmi 700mb game

  2. Fortnite full Story line Explain cheyoo….please chetta

  3. njn kazhinja videoyill paranjirunnu nokkikko ith polikkum

  4. Hello bro 🤜 I am your subscriber. I full supot your channel

  5. Bro ARK SURVIVAL EVOLVED mobile review cheyyumo pls

  6. I Am Not A Fan Of Free Fire… But I Play Sometimes

  7. 5/10

    + Well optimization
    + Low storage Using
    – Small Map
    – No Details
    – No Recoil
    – Bullet Traveling Time
    – No difficulty
    – Bad Controls
    – No Logic


  8. Revieww of gta san andreas rhe legend plzzz bro❤

  9. Enthoo enganee free fire 750 million+ downloads

  10. I agree your rewiew except the micro transaction part. Freefire micro transactions pay to win anu. Paid weapon skin um charecters oke special ability und. Atu kond microtransaction bad anu. Cod mobile pubg mobile oke orupadu micro transactions und but atu onnum pay to win alla. So micro transactions are bad compared to codm and pubg mobile

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