Games to Play cuz GPUs Cost Too Much -

Games to Play cuz GPUs Cost Too Much

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GPUs do be gaming rn…

==Some Games I Mentioned==

Risk of Rain 2:
Lethal Company:

Stardew Valley:
Death Must Die:
Vampire Survivors:
Halls of Torment:
Hollow Knight:

Yeah, they are expensive and that kinda sucks. The thing is it can be very easy to get pressured into ‘HAVING’ to upgrade your PC, or it can be difficult to even join the PC Masterrace with we are in this situation. However, you don’t gotta do the latest and greatest…

Here are some games that ANY system can play, WHAT you CAN DO to get most games to work, and suggestions on what kind of fun is out there. If you know some others (because ik there are plenty) leave them below!


Alway Lackin:

0:00- the state of GPUs
0:52- What we doin
1:50- The Limits
4:20- Cheap GPU in Competitive Games
5:28- NO GPU in Competitive Games
6:25- Lighter Games
10:05- 100 dollars says your PC can run these
13:25- The Illusion of Pressure


  1. Mud runner is a very easy game to run i play it on my 7800x3d while i wait for the 4080 super 😅

  2. Still using 1050 for warthunder low setting

  3. I'm on Ryzen 5 5600G, hope I'll get my RX 6700 XT at least in late spring, cuz' prices where I live pretty high, I wish everybody to get their most wanted GPU asap, cheers!

  4. Man this apu is so great i play only at 24 fps in cs and raft sea of thieve look like shit in 1/2 540p in lowest setting just to be around 60 it will be so good to have this but for sure i save my money for a monster

  5. I'm running Ryzen 5 5600 X3D and a GTX 1080 @ 1080p. I'm perfectly happy with its performance. I'm enjoying Hollow Knight atm.. Thanks for Vid Vex!

  6. Yeah people are completely obsessed with GPU performance and playing the newest games, and they probably don't know any better. Right now I only game on an 8th Gen Intel NUC as well as a Steam Deck and they both do everything I need them to. The most intensive game I own and play right now is Armored Core 6 and the SD runs it at 60 fps on 1080p (FSR 900p).

  7. Ya i agree tons of games that are even made by solo devs, bad graphics, but the gameplay is top notch and have made so much $$$ Like you said, stardew Valley, lethal, phasmo, raft even other games like deep rock and risk of rain, etc. Good picks.

  8. Oddly I always blow my wad on RAM and GPU and lack on CPU, contrary to popular belief, At higher resolutions the CPU is not working too much vs lower resolution, Eventually I get a better CPU but its never my priority

  9. Nice video I'm just lucky with what I have but I feel bad for gamers in general yes I can afford the latest and I understand not all can and if GPUs price's keep increasing it will be less and less PC gamers out there and that's bad

  10. I just put together a pc for under $100. A Lenovo tower with an i7 860 and gtx 1060 6gb. It plays a LOT of games at 1080p. I also put together a $250 pc. A Dell i7 4790 and rtx 2070. It plays even more games/better fps at 1080p, some games play well at 1440p. Your eyes won't explode with medium settings. I own a 5800x3d and rtx 4090. You don't need to own that to have fun.
    The important thing is to have fun with the hardware you can afford to own.

  11. This is why I watch Vex. He cares about the average gamer. I know they're popular but I don't watch the Hardware Unboxed guys because everytime I do they're running a 4090 talking about ray tracing. Vex talks about the low and midrange. He doesn't make videos for the 10 people that actually buy $2,000 GPUs like Henry Cavill

  12. only thing missing from this list is factorio lol

  13. Darkest dungeon is a must play. Can run on anything and is super fun.

  14. I thought I was insane to play Genshin 1080p fully maxed out on a 1660ti… Then I tried it in 4k on an integrated Graphics (R5 7600, 2CUs)… Surprise it runs at 60fps! (So long as you use 0.6 render scale, but really that is like 1/16 of an radeon 7600) So yeah, if I didn't do AI, I wouldn't need the 3060. Honkai Impact, same thing (no surprise, same devs), but the third one… Nikke (if you know, you know) Well it runs on an old Mini PC with a wopping 1.8ghz i3 3217u and 4gbs of ram… At 60fps. It was only a bad experience because the mouse was bad. Which is hilarious because it hates the 3060, it doesn't run on it, somehow.

  15. Can integrated graphics play anything? Ryzen 5600g enters the room

  16. i have a 3060 and i get the same fps as that 1070 on The Finals ☠️

  17. I play remnant 2 on a gtx 1050 ti, using the fsr 3 mod i can maintain 60 fps 1080p and dont feel much input lag thanks to nvidia reflex

  18. 11k for a decent PC? So, only the most expensive PC in existence is decent? Why does my 3k PC play everything just fine?

  19. I would hate to see what you'd say if you grew up in the 80's and 90's… complaining about "under 100fps" and "only720p" lmao. I'm old enough to remember 30fps being God Tier, and 480p being the standard. Imagine having to use your brain and optical components of your inner self to interpolate the information you're receiving…

  20. 2 games I'll just casually throw out there for anyone wanting a little fun gaming on a budget:

    Worldless and The Pathless.

    One is a sleek sci fi metroidvania, the other is a very sick game that's a mixture of Journey meets Shadow of the Colossus.

  21. Bro I get like 40fps at max at 540p in Lethal company lol

  22. Your preaching to the wrong crowd here man most of the people watching this video knows better than to over pay for a GPU Jensen can suck my Wang and I will still refuse to pay such a price I am keeping my RTX3080 until I could get a proper upgrade for the same amount of money I paid for my RTX3080 heck I would buy a used GPU next Christmas if prices are still as stupid as they are now. sadly there will likely be a bunch of Fanboys lining up to pre-order or on Microcenters every where to buy those stupid RTX4000 Super coming out in the next few days.

  23. Currently playing Dishonored and Prey with RX480 + ryzen 1600, at 1080p with >100fps

  24. My graphics card is in this video and I don't like it. 🤣

    But honestly – there is a lot of games that run well on it (I play in 3440×1440). Doom 2016 is very nice on it. So are the recent Tomb Raider games. Ace Combat was a blast. Pillars of Eternity runs without any problems, too.

    I am really miffed about the current pricing and performance to money ratio of graphics cards. But truth be told… I haven't enjoy modern games as much as older ones over the last three years or so. I've gotten a a lot more fun out of things like Arx Fatalis (played via Arx Libertatis), Need for Speed 3 Hot Pursuit (with the modern patch), the classic Doom and Heretic (via Doomsday Engine) or games like Noboy Saves The World, the Quake remaster, AoE2: Definitive Edition or the CnC remaster than I've even gotten out of newer games.

    I would really love to buy a new machine in the coming months – but current prices for graphics cards are just not justifiable for me. And as long as there are older games to play…

  25. When gaming on an iGPU it's a good idea to run your RAM in dual channel mode/two dimms because it will make a big difference to performance

  26. AMD ryzen 5 5600g apu(no GPU) valorant 150 fps 💀👍

  27. Console gaming is the play. PC’s are too expensive to build, too expensive to keep up with evolving technologies/engines, and there are a much higher percentage of pc players that use cheats and audio enhancements in multiplayer games vs console.
    Just buy a next gen PS5 and spend the rest on on a good tv or monitor and call it a day.

  28. may as well buy a used squier with the state modern gaming

  29. You should do a video on lossless scaling app frame generation

  30. great video with well message ^^ as long as the game is fun with the reasonable/affordable investments in hardware, it's all cool ^^

  31. Spend 1000€ but have at least something for the future and dont buy parts that are currently expensive. Prices fall down over time AM5 Mainboards kinda cost really much

  32. I started playing raft 2 years ago on a i5-4440 and a GT-640 gpu (No 8-pin power)… 35 fps later, was having a blast! now on 3080 and still playing the game!

  33. 1080 ti is a good starter gpu. You can get them under $200, and they'll play most anything, especially if you're a shooter game player.

  34. 4:24 I notice the game is drawing ~170W on the gtx 1070 which is ~20W above it's rated TDP, while AMD cards seems to draw around what they're rated for.
    I have also noticed it's mostly NVidia cards doing this.

    What is going on here?
    My best guess is it is automatically overclocking itself, but I just think it's odd it doesn't happen on every NVidia card.
    The big tech companies seem to blame each other last time I brought it up with them, so I wonder what the experiences are from the actual gaming community.
    and I think it's good to raise awareness for it, especially for newcomers to PC gaming

  35. There are a lot of plosives in your speech. You will need to address that

  36. I'm on the other end of this spectrum. I recently upgraded to a 7800xt from a 3050 laptop. And while it is amazing to play at such high framerates at 1440p, I find myself coming back to a lot of the easier to run games. I've been playing a ton of cs2, apex, seige, even stardew valley. It's actually amazing how accessible most fps games are. And there's a lot of non-fps games that are also accessible, but still. Glad you're showing that you don't need a crazy system to have a ton of fun

  37. I've seen your videos before but this one just gave me really good vibes for some reason, really like this (although I have a 6950xt so not really lacking in that department). These are the types of games I've found myself playing the most too though and I agree that they are oftentimes the most fun, especially with friends.

  38. Cyberpunk on fsr balanced 4k compared to 1080p looks like complete different game to me. Even on my 1080p rx 6700 card I play that game on 4k cause its just too beatiful, get about 50-60 fps

  39. I thought you will also recommend The Coffin of Andy and Leyley. Lmao

  40. If you don't mind being called an weeaboo, just play those wonderful anime JRPGs. My 1060 6GB ran those games like a charm. Don't try to race for the best hardwares which should all be outdated (for AAA games) in about 2 3 years anyway.

  41. Ryzen 5 5600G plays WarThunder 1080p mid settings avg ard 60-70fps.

  42. GTX 1660 Super still Holds Up extremely Well But the i5 9400 i have is too weak for this GPU even if i was to upgrade to a 9900K i would need to overclock it significantly to not get bottlenecked in fortnite

  43. Indis really are taking their strides small scoped games that are not trying to give you everything but give you a really well done concept. Also, will give a mention to Risk of Rain Returns which is a full remake of the original Risk of Rain it is 2D pixelated and will be much easier to run then RoR2 not to mention it has RoR Returns has a bunch of mechanics and characters from RoR2 added to it.

  44. Happy Gaming! Hope this helps

    Links to a lot of the games I mentioned in this video are in the description! (not sponsored or anything, I just like them)

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