*FULL BUILD* LATE GAME VEX IS AN ASSASSIN | 850 AP ONE SHOTS | - oramagamestudios.com


Azzapp LoL
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  1. Loved the full upload, found myself watching the whole thing. Would love to see more Vex gameplay! Cheers

  2. Oh mama the burger flip invade was fatter than my McDonald
    Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese.

    Can't wait to play this champ in game. Finally a champ that fits my play style.

  3. Watched live, keep it coming azzapp

  4. morgana never got the who streams answer very sad 🙁

  5. i was about to comment "riot should make more champs that start with "Ve" this far they have been quite nice" bit them i had a flashback of being oneshotted by some small dude

  6. Awesome to see u excited about this champ!

  7. i enjoyed it a lot which is not what i usually feel bout new champ videos, nice one

  8. "Damage numbers are so akward. U feel like one moment you don't do any damage and then one moment u just oneshot. It feels inconsistent, because it mostly comes from passive" – literally Velkoz descripton

  9. I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure w max 2nd is the way to go. Maxing e increases the damage and ap ratio by a little bit, but increases mana costs by 10 per level and doesnt change the cd. Maxing w increases damage by 40 per level AND shield by 30 per level (for some reason this has a 80% ap ratio, holy, but i'd argue she needs it). Also, cd going down by 2 per level is crazy, too

  10. Riot not releasing a champ that can do everything and outplay everyone by being picked?? What's this season 5 or something?

  11. I didnt notice this before but the E Q Combo on a minion wave also lowers Passive CD bcs it procs the E Gloom. So the Stun CD in lane isnt as horrible as i thought

  12. "she has limit,if you miss any skill shot you're useless"🤔🤔🤔
    ight, custom 1v5 till i know every single detail,max range and limit she has. From 600k vel'koz to EZ clap by yordle 😂

  13. not one person has used dawbringer vex . sad

  14. 10:02 Be carefull what you wish for. I once wished for face coverings to be in style and look what happened! Not exactly what I had in mind…

  15. I still don't know how the hell do they call her a battlemage. She has a single long range poke skill she uses to bring targets low enough for her all-or-nothing combo, which can be deadly if well executed, but kills her if misplayed. She's a fragile glasscannon with one pop of a synergistic high damage combo. Where's the battle in that mage?
    Edit: Oh, just checked and even they admitted that, barely after release. Well, it's a pretty good champion, so who cares if it's more of the most populated mage class?

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