From 0 to Hyped: Reacting to Ateez's 'Guerilla'🔥🫨 -

From 0 to Hyped: Reacting to Ateez’s ‘Guerilla’🔥🫨

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From 0 to Hyped: Reacting to Ateez’s ‘Guerilla’🔥🫨

What up its Vex! In this awesome reaction video, my friends and I are diving headfirst into the incredible world of Ateez with their mind-blowing track, ‘Guerilla’! 🎶🔥 From the moment that beat drops, you’re gonna witness our genuine reactions, crazy dance moves, and possibly a whole lot of fangirling! 😂 Get ready to join us in this epic journey as we vibe to the music, gasp at the visuals, and basically lose our minds over the sheer talent of Ateez! 🤩💃 So, grab your snacks and hit that play button because we’re about to go on a rollercoaster of emotions! Don’t forget to like, subscribe, and ring that bell to stay updated on all the awesomeness coming your way! Let’s make this video go viral, peeps! 🚀🎥 #Ateez #kpop


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  1. It's Guerrilla, like as in warfare. I saw something once where staff member/manager said the original name was Coup d'etat, but that sounded too strong.

  2. Thanks for reacting to Ateez again 😊 looking forward to more Ateez reactions 😁👍

  3. He really should react to the concert Version of Guerilla

  4. Take your time, this Group has a lot of lore and information. They come from a small company and are basically legendary to the upcoming groups in k-pop. Even though, they are young themselves. They have only been in the industry almost five years and have changed the game. There's 8 members and ALL are incredible Performers, vocalists/rappers & dancers. They are called the "Standard of Performance in K-pop". There's only 1 English Speaker (he's still Korean), but the members try to learn English.The oldest- with the motorbike in the elevator is Seonghwa (pronounced Song wha), he's a vocalist, insane performer and kinda like a mom (but bullied most of the time) to the group (we love him tho 😭), he's also a lowkey rapper.Hongjoon- the Captain, he's the one with cruella hair do (Lol) he started the song with the rap(Ateez & Atiny don't call him Leader). He writes, produces for Ateez and leads the group. (Short and Intense) Yunho- Lead Dancer (love his movements), Performer and Vocalist (very stable even when doing choreo like wtf) (he's our big puppy and the tallest at 6 feet). He was in the room with the tvs.Yeosang- (dirty blond with the yellow jacket) hes a Visual but also a unique (Deep and soothing) Vocalist, Performer (stares into your soul and is so stunning), likes to be called a doberman lol.Mingi- Rapper (upside down doing the rap with the deep voice) Writes with Hongjoon and an absolutely dirty Performer ugh🤪San- (the blond with the bag and on the tv) Vocalist, Dancer, Performer and Part of the Demon Line. Woo young (pronounced oo young)- (leads the dance a few times, dark hair with the baggy hoodie) Dancer, Performer, Vocalist. (Rebellious but loyal)🤭 Jongho- the best 4th Gen Vocalist (I said what i said), Performer and youngest (he's the one belting out vocals) and is our haribo gummy bear☺Our fandom is call Atiny, which is a combination of Ateez and Destiny. Thank you for the reaction. K-pop is known for lots of beat switching and lots of pleasing visuals but Ateez didn't rely on that, especially when they first debuted. They also switch up genres a lot, rock, punk, sea shantys (lol) even softer songs.Hope you like the song and check out their albums or past songs. I would recommend Don't Stop, Desire & the Precious+Treasure Mix, but please be careful when choosing lyric videos,they mess up who does the vocals a lot. Instead, try the user sanie's uploaded videos of the live performances for an even insane-r experience. Again, thanks for reading this and getting into our Pirate/Cyberpunk/Anarchist/Boys lol🏴‍☠️

  5. I proudly say that guerilla was my first ATEEZ song

  6. He vex can you do super by seventeen next please 🙏

  7. Highly recommend reacting to "Inception" and "Fireworks" by them, some of their best songs!

  8. Now that you mention it, this song describes the US government perfectly🤔

  9. they have lore as well, try digging into it. ateez is one of the groups that have interesting and amazing lore in kpop.

  10. Yoooooo This hype brings me back 🔥🔥🔥

    Check out their lil’ bros XIKERS too!
    Tricky House MV, Xikey (b-side), and KOONG Performance video (comeback track)

  11. Ateez has a very complicated but interesting lore. This is World Z (they have alternate universes) where emotions are regulated. They are trying to free the children from being controlled as they were before they broke free. They are fighting to bring back art and music. Their new Album The World Episode 2: Outlaw is a no skip also.

  12. Ngl I don’t understand all of Ateez lore but I understand this mv bc it’s kinda apparent in the name 😭. If you know guerrilla (guerrilla warfare) is the act of rebellion/revolution against the government & or political party that’s in control. It’s typically organized by the ppl (civilians in miliary terms lol). This is like a combo of the movie the giver & like divergent or something. But typically in guerrilla warfare, civilians gather weapons & intelligence, in this case music which explains their choice of a stereo, infiltration of the broadcasting systems, and hacking software, to rebel against oppression. Their lyrics explain their actions & how they’ve been confined to conformity so they did this to break free from it. Like “this is how we fight” They’re gonna be loud, play their music, & are essentially recruiting more people to partake in the rebellion. It’s like this song is like an actual recruitment. “wake the world up” Like remember that scene from captain America the first avenger, where they had him perform all around America to sell bonds? 😂 this song is like a anthem to get ppl to revolt, be unapologetically be themselves, & break the wall.

  13. please do an ateez guide video🥺🥺🥺🥺

  14. The little clip at the end is the next song preview ^^ i recommend it, its name is "Halazia"

  15. I love your laugh. It put a smile on my face 😅

    You pretty much nailed what’s happening in this video. It’s a continuation of where they’re at in their story line/lore. It’s very George Orwell’s 1982. A dystopian world where the government controls everything and the people are not allowed emotions of any kind. ATEEZ are on this world to help Halateez (their doppelgängers from this world, named from the MV ‘Hala Hala’) free the people. It’s Guerrilla warfare.

    This song leads into Paradigm (a one-off single), which then leads into Halazia. Both songs and videos are based in this dystopian world. From there the story continues into Bouncy (the latest single)…but I won’t say too much about it …yet.

    Sorry this got long. I could talk about ATEEZ all day. I love them so much lmao

    Guerilla means a war/rebellious/revolution against governments.
    Even though you don't really know the whole story behind this MV, cause their storyline as a whole is very unique with many twists in it, you really understood it to the fullest!!!

    They have a "series of several songs, together with "HALA HALA", "GUERILLA", and "HALAZIA" (and maybe another one if I remember right) where they talk about how the government is trying to brainwash the society and make them "grey" as you said, numb to feeling and music in general, and they are like a rebellious group that works together to fight for the people to get their feelings and emotions back, to feel and have their emotions back so that they can fight back and be human with conscience again!

    They want to wake people back up, and bring them back from feeling numb and emotionless world.
    This song is based on a book from 1982, called 1984(if I'm not mistaken by the name of the book) that's talking about how the government is trying to suppress human emotion to control them as one).
    ATEEZ are trying to give power to the people and give them their voice and emotions back.
    The next song to this one is "HALAZIA" where they sort of break those government rules, and bring people back.

    I love ATEEZs lure and the whole story in general, they are really amazing as a really talented group, their storytelling, and the messages in their music.
    Sorry for the long comment, I can really talk about them all day, and it still wouldn't be enough to tell you everything about them and their background story/stories.

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