Final Fantasy 16 Dev Instantly MELTS a Hardmode Boss -

Final Fantasy 16 Dev Instantly MELTS a Hardmode Boss

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  1. that was so insane, him being able to clown that NM as a dev tells me hoe much he loves his job and how involved he is

  2. This is why games by Yoshi P. and his dev team always deliver, it goes back to when he asked the question of other mmo devs, "do they even play their own game?"…..

  3. Damn 😂 what a flex he was mad cooking that boss making it look ez

  4. Wow this combat looks like a blast never play a ff game might give this one a try.


  6. bro rly said to the boss "I brought you into this world, and I'll take you right back out"

  7. If the devs are actual gamers then you know the games gonna be good 😂

  8. When a dev actually plays their game lol

  9. who need game journalist when you can have the dev themselves to play their goddamn games and show them people how the game work out. every if not most of game journalist only write some with hidden agenda, fuk em all

  10. This almost looks like a TAS run at times. That was clean

  11. theres no fucking doubt hes the combat designer for dmc

  12. Could be a series in itself. Game designer destroying ultra hard mode of their own games.

  13. Me and this guy might be on the same level, I played the demo on the hardest selection they had, even uploaded some footage to my YouTube kicking ass. I look forward to this full release, great game… overall between combat and story..might not only be might be the best damn one in the series..we shall soon see.

  14. True gamer right there you can feel the passion in him

  15. When you are the dev, knowing all the boss attack and character mechanic, maybe playing while testing the boss AI…

  16. The damage number texts and health bar ontop of the enemy AND the UI at the top left all looks really bad tho.
    It looks too much like FF14 and PSO2, really generic. Hope they fix it.

  17. Kinda don't wanna be that guy, but how do we know there wasn't some sort of a script preventing him from missing parrys/counters if there's no camera showing him and we can't see his inputs?

  18. The only thing I saw was a boring ass fight…

  19. Man parry actually looks fun and doable in this game unlike dark souls and even elden ring.

  20. I like to see a blizzard employee complete the wow HC Challenge

  21. You know how a lot of studios say their games are "made by gamers for gamers", well this one actually proved it. This is the first time I actually believe myself not as good as a dev. haha, love it!

  22. It's so refreshing and strange to see actual believable gameplay instead of the scripted gameplay we used to see in a showcase/E3… this totally sold me the game.

  23. Wow most devs can’t do crap!! This is awesome!

  24. FFXVI Dev: *asserts dominance over a difficult boss
    For Honor Dev: *couldn't even parry a heavy

    That's how you know that a dev is actually passionate about their work and how much effort has been put into the game.

  25. This is pretty much expected from the guy who made dmc combat which is even more complicated compared to what he did with 16 lol

  26. I don't think anyone was listening to the commentary at that point, dude was disrespecting his own creation!

  27. Yea he played well but can we also talk about how cool the enemy was

  28. Dude combined neros gameplay with dantes royal guard. Im getting this game.

  29. the parry is just an eikon ability. people are so basic. pretty flashy graphics and they go woooooooow

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