Final Fantasy 14 Memes So Funny They Made My Head Shiny -

Final Fantasy 14 Memes So Funny They Made My Head Shiny

Xenosys Vex
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Xeno reacts to a bunch of Final Fantasy 14 memes and also some TV bloopers, pranks and funny videos. Come and laugh with Xeno at some freshly baked memes!

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  1. Ffxiv community must be the unfunniest community I’ve ever seen. Humour is so dry and forced

  2. I keep trying to expand videos in his video KEK

  3. "final fantasy humor is so dumb"HOLY GIGACHAD TAKE

  4. if xeno keeps rubbing that head it might get as shiny as a rdm lb3

  5. What if you’re getting wild🥴 in the bedroom and forget your shotgun is attached to your bed and you accidentally blow your ass off? 🤣

  6. omg the fireworks got me in tears, I feel so bad for it but.. damn, that escalated quickly

  7. ratJAM hold him down boys, I'll get the wig ratJAM

  8. ONLY in Japan! 🗾 That elevator video had me fucking dying of laughter over here! Thanks for the video Xenosys! I loved it! 😂 😆

  9. some of this ffxiv humor as funny as the streamer

  10. Japanese always have the weirdest idea but its funny af KEKL

  11. True story: elevator prank used a real shaft. Part of the prank was the funeral or hospital bill.

  12. 4:53 I dare you to listen to this bit with your eyes closed lmao

  13. 9:49 Remember this day. This was the day that Xeno lost all his viewers to blindness.

  14. This is the best content. React hardur strimmur!

  15. ffxiv memes are always and without fail absolute cringe garbage

  16. When strummer's scalp is brighter than your future…

  17. And I would proceed to search more falling elevator videos after finishing this one… Concern

  18. FFXIV memes cringey and stupid majority of the playerbase needs to take a break from watching anime.

  19. I was not expecting to see my LB3 video here. Thank you Strummer, love your content. I wish you a speedy recovery and do well next tier!

  20. Man this whole video full of fun little memes and all I can think of sitting here is, "Don't give your dog that burrito, Taco Bell puts onions on them!"

  21. that was my reddit post about ff14 immersion. Glad you enjoyed it.

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