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FFXIV Endsinger Extreme (Endsinger’s Aria) – Xeno’s First Clear

Xenosys Vex
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In this video Xeno clears The Minstrel’s Ballad: Endsinger’s Aria (also known as Endsinger Extreme) for the first time. This is the new Extreme Trial released in Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker Patch 6.1.

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  1. I love how unanimous the world is on how we got cucked with the theme on this fight so we just replace it the way it should have been

  2. Honestly kind of disappointed how this fight turned out. Thought it was going to be ALOT harder. Seat of Sacrifice EX still reigns supreme as the best EX ever made 😀

  3. You know I really like how normal you are Xeno. Not that your “normal” but I like that this person I watch on here actually feels like who you are. Thanks for the content and streams

  4. Song is a banger, my endsinger doesn't sound like this 😅

  5. Very disappointed that makers ruin didn't play at all. Apart from the intro I guess

  6. Did you guys also thought there was going to be a phase 2 with the wings of hope song too

  7. Like killing bosses with summons in Elden Ring, this kill doesn't count.

  8. Pretty fun with some more unique mechanics but I was hoping for a transition with the final boss song. I think WoL still holds the crown for best final boss EX.

  9. This is the only fight in the game that literally gives you blue balls

  10. That's a lot less exciting then I was expecting tbh. I expected like final phase new form type stuff, like with Hades. It's aight, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed.

  11. I dont get how that 123 mechanic works with the rotating heads

  12. my endsinger don't sound like this! how did he get this sound track????

  13. killed it fairly quickly with a blind progress pf group, it was a really fun fight. GG

  14. oh my what a great bos battle, almost wipe out and limit break save the day !!

  15. Carried by healer lb3 Madge Clap but congrats. I guess you "earned" it.

  16. Yo what are these shenanigans makers ruin playing in the background for xeno but for everyone else it's big fat tacos time xD

  17. i just cleared this, damn they are pumping big deeps

  18. was kinda disapointed with the fight tbh. look back to hades shadowbringers 5.0 final story trial, it was literally new mech after new mech the entire fight besides a few but there was a ton. this one compareble patches 6.0 feels like you see 3 mechs and the fight just loops. the average pf group has seen every mechanic b the time the boss is at 50% hp.

  19. big disappointemnt as a final boss of the .0 ex, doesn't hold a candle to hades ex or shinryu ex

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