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  1. That graph at the beginning was pretty interesting.

  2. What do you think about akshan mid or top in pro play? I believe he’s actually so busted high damage and he can revive teammates like nothing happened

  3. sorry midbees but you make a fool out of yourself with these titles

  4. 4:35 actually no reason to push f keys other than just to look like he’s better than you lmfao. (which he is)

  5. Hey Midbeast Knight got clapped by CHOVYS zoe recently u can upload that next. knight is rank 1 rn.

  6. 10s of millions. Lol play 1 split retire or stay on T1. ight

  7. i'm all for midbeans, but did he really just compare someone like talon to bard
    that hurts, physically

  8. Showmaker-Chovy-Faker-BDD (Aria and Clozer as potential contenders for 3/4).

  9. Faker should just take the offer, once sheeple fall for the Metaverse trap League is history

  10. What is that predator on the essence reaver of Ezrea?

  11. Bro you're disrespectful with faker a little bit. Faker is the god of mid tbh

  12. why do they pretend to get any info when they f key for 0.05 seconds away. legit pointless.

  13. I literally cannot watch Faker but I respect him, I just don't want to be nauseous for the day lmao.

  14. Think Bjerg left/is leaving soon, may need to look for a Canyon/Blaber review instead, Blaber is pushing 400 lp masters

  15. I agree that they added some diversity, but i think mythic items were one of the worst changes ever implemented. It removes so much variation from play and turns a game you grind into something even more repetitive. Drop mythics ASAP

  16. the crown is actualy way better on vex because of her ultimate, you need resistences more than stuns, since you already have all tools to be a kite god because of your passive, i literally go in kill 2 or 3 ppl and go out in one TF almost every game on vex

  17. goat player, impossible to watch without getting a headache tho lol

  18. I would love to see you reviewing or at least talking about pro players with your opinions about them! :>

  19. Fakers use of the f keys looks to be more of a habitual action. The view isn’t even long enough for anyone to collect any information that could be of any use.

  20. That cleantech soul stat is ridiculous cause I have played against two teams that got it and they lost

  21. When pro’s misses really badly “did he try to predict a flash” 😂😂😂

  22. Hey @Midbeast Im trying to make a gamer profile for myself through all genres of games and I have a question for you.

    What was that graph or model you used to show all the different play styles of Pro Mids?
    What App and stats did you use to complete it?
    Is there any other stats for other roles you would use to make a same type of model but specific to different roles like Jungle or top for example?

  23. i really think riot should nerf ezreal. That champion is always in spotlite or somewhat decent, it is because of his stupid kit. Ezreal kit is really one of the most op and versatile kits in league. He can go ap, ad, tank depending on the game. To me its just absured how he is played and riot have not nerfed him yet. Also with how much his kits work with every item in the game. Before it was sunderer now it is queen, I have seen also people going immortal shieldbow.

  24. To be honest, it’s never faker that is lacking on T1, it’s T1 thinks they will win by getting a whole team of big names all playing soloque, rather than playing around your strongest player.

  25. Im both massively impressed and thankful for all of your hard work and (pls dont take this as an insult, because its not!) a child like enthusiasm that is highly contagious bro! You really get to the heart of any players style, preferences and matchups in great detail. Great channel for learning, keep up the great work!

  26. I would like to watch faker with an eyetracker. Now that would be pog

  27. Why were telling faker what to buy you should be taking notes on what he’s buying especially since y’all play the same roll

  28. Faker is #1 has been since he destroyed ambition's kha with his nidalee

  29. Who's here after Faker's Vex game today, too clean

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