EVERYTHING You NEED to Know About VEX in 60 Seconds! - Skill Capped #Shorts - oramagamestudios.com

EVERYTHING You NEED to Know About VEX in 60 Seconds! – Skill Capped #Shorts

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LoL Vex 60 seconds info and counter guide #shorts
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In this guide learn about vex league of legends. You will learn Vex abilities and how to counter vex. In just 60 seconds you’ll learn how to play vs Vex!

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  1. Counters kayn harder than any jungler. Interesting.

  2. You can R1-QR2 and the Q will do damage (and possibly fear) to everyone you pass through.

  3. Another amazing video Even if its only 60 sec Ty For the videos Gj keep it up

  4. She doesn't easily die to ganks bc most jg have gap closers and if they try to use them i w them, stopping the dash, fearin, and gaining a shield.

  5. She doesnt easily die to ganks if doom is up and she has her W. Otherwise she does

  6. Vex: hate dashes and gap closer
    also Vex: she can jump on ur team from half map away with R

  7. Another midlaner that will go 0/17 in my games nice.

  8. played her few times already, early she is a bit weak but late game holy moly, also that wave clear aint no joke

  9. She's gonna be so banned by toplaners… and yasuos and irelias in general lol

  10. it's 59, is this some kind of scam or something like that <(")?

  11. ive been oneshot ny the aoe shield so many times its not even funny…

  12. Woah this explained everything in 60 seconds

  13. Champions become more and mor overtuned. Passives have like 3 parts. Each ability has like 3 parts. Like I'm reading a book when I open up their tooltips. Old champs just cant keep up

  14. I absolutely COOKED vex with Pantheon. That was really easy and really fun. Just have to sidestep well.

  15. Our mid: wtf why she has so much dmg.
    Me: dude, care for shining ears, dodge and dont dash too much.
    Our mid: Ends up 10/2

  16. close to everthyng nice explain by the way

  17. "Long cooldowns and… *Low damage*."
    Excuse me, what?

  18. You made that thumbnail on purpose and you know it, and we all know that’s why we all clicked on it xD

  19. Riot: we made vex's ult dash slow to slow counter play. also riot: we also made her unstoppable during the dash.

  20. She die easily?? She is very difficult to kill during lane phase
    even with ganks she just fear you and walk away…

  21. Hahahahahaha you guys released this to ruin her

  22. I really need these for each champ and a super quick combo guide and best time to use each ability. It takes way too long to learn basic things like this and half of the “tutorial” videos on youtube are full-length games

  23. For me she is quite hard to gank.
    Maybe it's because my mid never has cc or dashes in kit. Also they never engage or bait spells. Ending up in me getting feared while she walks calmly under her turret.

  24. Nice video but you didnt exactly explain everything like always. You forgot to mention runes/build along with her early poke damage which is very strong. Just like any champ regardless of damage you want to watch your surroundings and not overextend. Another video where you curve the narrative instead of giving all the information.

  25. People always forget about Vex when they complain about not getting simple new champs

  26. Unstoppable except Shen taunt will stop you

  27. as a vex user it depends which champ your phasing with it, in early she can be op, specially late game too op that she's impossible to kill, but it is true that early vex is weak, late game vex impossible to kill

  28. what I hear :
    gloom? doom gloom gloom doom doom! gloom doom gloooom!

  29. she easily dies to ganks…

    as a Vex main u got my sub bro.Yes vex is almost OP in 1v1 early or late game doesnt matter but if you had a rough start bc of their jungler keeps ganking and ganking you all the time,YOU.ARE.GONNA.BE.IN.TROUBLE

  30. I really like Vex but she has two basic attacks and both pretty telegraphed, it's hard to surprise enemies with such slow skills.

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