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►THUMBNAIL by: theklonas:

00:00 Coda- Tires On Fire:
02:07 K.K. Slider – K.K. Cruisin’ (Funk Fiction & Tee Lopes Remix) [Animal Crossing]:
05:52 F-Zero – Big Blue [Remix]:
09:11 Street Fighter 2 – Guile’s Theme [SNES] Remake HQ Music:

#Elite500 #Challenger #Rank1Vlad


  1. I miss these thumbnails, they r so sick

  2. hey calvin wanna possibly enjoy some wine?

  3. just saying that letter you said was Epsilon(Ε) is actually Sigma (Σ) . Great ViΔ btw

  4. POV ur chilling somewhere and watching elite500, plays Vladimir all day

  5. You are solo cool got gank by nunu so many times and didn't tilt. Respect man!

  6. I wonder why no one puts their twitch chat over the map as map cover…

  7. bruh I thought you were against vex not nunu ? upload a video when you play against vex next time.

  8. I'm so glad you punished another fan of picking op champions. Nice chill vid as always, thank you for content

  9. its great to talk to old coworkers, and they just unleash the horror stories that you missed by leaving

  10. The soundtrack timestamps are from the last vid. Ignore those pls

  11. *Playing against the new champion Nunu" would be more accurate.

  12. who is the chinese left hand trill guy he's talking about

  13. how is this man so calm while playing league?is he drinking some x3 powered tea or something

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