Don't Neglect Your Keyboard. They're Very Affordable Now -

Don’t Neglect Your Keyboard. They’re Very Affordable Now

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I have this awful, old Cooler Master Storm Devastator keyboard. It’s membrane and only shines blue LEDs. However, for that same affordable price, there are many option available to us. Mechanical keyboards (even on the budget end) are surprisingly good. I matched up my old crappy one VS an off-brand mechanical VS a lower end Logitech keyboard to see which perform the best.

My Spotify:

Redragon Keyboards:
Eyooso (code “vex15”- $35):
Logitech (sold out now):


Windows 10 pro ($15):
Windows 11 pro($21):
Code: “vex” for 25% off!

0:00- Setting the scene
1:35- Typing test
2:40- Gaming test
3:45- Alternative at $100
4:05- Budget keyboard
5:13- Too small
5:45- Giveaway


  1. I went from a fullsize to a 60% and don't really miss the other keys tbh. I didn't use the function keys all that often, or the numpad for that matter. This still has all the same functions, just they are layered so you have to press an extra key to use them. Not a huge deal since I don't use them that often in the first place. It might matter more for people who do editing and need their function keys more often though.

    Also, I got a cheap mechanical board from Amazon for like $30. It's so much better than my membrane board and the switches are hot swap (though it's an optical switch, so limited in options for swapping them out, but also slightly better for gaming, so it's a tradeoff). I got Gateron Optical Blacks in mine because I'm a heavy typer but still wanted a linear switch. I'm pretty much limited to other Gateron Opticals unless I get a different hot swap board, which I might do in the future if I can afford it, but most likely I'll just tinker with this one and mod it a bit to see if I can get a better sound. There are so many how to vids on here for that sort of thing. (My board is a Tezarre TK61 if anyone wants to check that out, they sometimes go on sale for as low as like $20, but usually you don't get a choice in the switch if the price is that low, but otherwise, when I bought it, I could choose between blacks, blues, reds, browns, and I believe yellows?)

  2. This is actually really useful Vex, thanks! I'm prob gonna use the discount code and wait two weeks, I'm patient. Useful info on switches too 😀 Shame I'm in the UK or I'd enter the giveaway, I'd definitely use a 60% keyboard for hardcore / competitive games a bunch

  3. Hey, I’m looking to switch up my keyboard rn. I’m currently using a Huntsman TKL optical purple switch but there is an issue with it is that it is wayyyyyy to loud and I get annoyed everytime I do school work or I play without my headphone on. Do u think it would be a downgrade if I switch to other keyboard such as the one from epomaker (sea salt silent switch) since im using optical and the sea salt silent switch is mechanical. Also, I really like the feel whenI type or play on the purple switch except it is way to loud.

  4. i got the same 105 key logitech k120 (membrane) for 8 years.
    it is the greatest keyboard ive ever used

  5. Keychron is the ol' reliable keyboard brand with a wide variety of keyboards. They have ones from relatively cheap to expensive, 60% to 100%, low profile, bluetooth, 2.4ghz or plain wired ones. If you want zero hassle without needing to worry about quality, keychron ain't bad

  6. Just got EVGA Z20 month ago, man thats great keyboard (repleaced my old roccat 100), and that discount price was steal…

  7. So I was deep into mechanical keyboards for awhile until i got my samsung laptop and found myself enjoying that keyboard far more because of my ability to type faster and frankly the minimal travel and pressure needed to press the keys was just different. If you really need to make the clicky clacks to feel better, i get you. I just wouldnt knock out that slim profile that mebrane slims offer.
    Im currently looking around to see if i can find similar.

  8. I have two 150-200$ mech kbs, but I'm using a 5$ keyboard instead, because it's wireless. I don't give a sht, keyboard doesn't matter.

  9. wow a video about mechanical keyboards from a standard perspective instead of the people who make those expensive ones. as someone who is part of the custom mechanical keyboard community it's refreshing seeing these videos again.

  10. i bought a SteelSeries mechanical keyboard 8 years ago, never looked back on membrane keyboards. After 7 years i started to get annoyed buy clicky switches and i decided to build my own custom keyboard. I spent 200$ for a keyboard but trust me, it's worth every penny

  11. I love Logitech mice, but their keyboards suck.

  12. I honestly hate these keyboards. Recently got Cooler Master CK352 for free with new CPU and only thing that saves it from trashcan is that I intend to sell it. That trash doesnt even have software to customise like my old cheap one does.

  13. damn, just subs your channel when u only have 2k subs as I remember.

  14. Mech keyboards are getting cheaper. No reason to get a membrane keyboard anymore.

  15. akko acr60,KTT strawberry switch,akko black on white key caps,lubed,stab is modded,pcb is tape already built your own pc,why not your own keyboard

  16. i played Dota 2, and never understand how people can play this game without even using Function button
    even i use some of numpad button to do command chat like "wellplayed", "get back", "push now" etc

    also i noticed that even though keyboard are getting smaller, i still see people (and even pro player) tilt their keyboard for the sake of giving mousepad, which i found it hillarious

  17. My keyboard is so cheap that I can't even remove the key caps 😂

  18. What you could do with that 40 percent keyboard is buy the function and number pad separately, giving you the advantage of customized placement on your desk. Also, you could save space on the desk by putting function keys and number pad away when not needed. And and and If you don't mind soldering! (Yay!) you can buy switches from Novelkeys LLC and try out tons of new switches and keycaps. Now please have a video about Mice, because I really want to talk about that next in the comments. Have a great day,

  19. I have the garbage keyboard you showed since 2014, still using it 😭

  20. Well personally i have a very expensive SteelSeries Apex Pro Mechanical Keyboard and it's absolutely amazing and way better than the very expensive razer keyboards that i used to have.
    I bought it for more than 200 bucks though but it is considered to be one of the best gaming keyboards out there and it sounds between the cheap mechanical keyboard you have on the video and the Logitech mechanical one but a bit closer to the cheap mechanical one though, it's very good also it has a little oled screen but it's a bit over the top imo but it's there though…

  21. I like a feel of my 15 year old membrane and it's quiet too. Every time I want to buy a new keyboard, I am disappointed.
    Barely any new keyboard has dedicated volume controls (+-mute) and I use them OFTEN. And a numpad is a must-have. Buying a GOOD membrane is almost impossible these days.

  22. Its sad for me that the giveaway is us only but I love to see your channel growing from 1.5k subs to over 18k nice. Best regards from Poland

  23. After maybe 15 years of pc gaming on a membrane keyboard i switched two years ago to my first mechanical keyboard. I got the Redragon Indrah K555 and have been VERY happy since then. I think it has blue switches that are extra clicky and make more noise, gaming on this is a massive improvement.

    Will probably never go back to a membrane keyboard, mechanical keyboard are now very affordable. Good video keep them coming!

  24. Is Ukraine already considered an American state?

  25. I recently got a KOORUI 60% Mechanical Keyboard RGB wired with brown switches, currenlty $30 on amazon (I paid a bit more in the UK) and I'm really happy with it and the features.
    I wanted a 60% to play FPS games, my full size keyboard hits my monitor stand, which I rotate sideways to make room for my mouse (I use low sense) and large mouse pad.
    The Fn key gives you convenient access to other keys like arrow keys, including some hotkeys for both windows and mac.
    The brown switches are lighter than my steelseries apex 7, but still feel great, and you get 2x blue, 2x brown and 2x red switch + tools in the box to try out or use (hot swappable)
    The RGB is on individual keys (which I prefere), although not controllable via software, there are several built in and controllable patterns, including brightness.
    Great little keyboard.

  26. Holy, that keyboard you've shown brought some nostalgia. I had a similar keyboard, which was the CM Octane. Definitely became as gross as yours, but at the time was broke and didn't knew much about keyboards. Mechanical keyboards were still niche, where Corsair and Logitech were the known go to brands at the time and costed a bit. Nowadays you can get a solid mech keyboard for a reasonable price.

    GL to US fans for the giveaway!

  27. Branded mechanical sound the worst to me. I've found out that you can get some nice prebuilt keyboards for 60-80$.

  28. Mine is the daskeyboard
    My oldest Keyboard is IBM Rapid Access II

  29. you live in australia bro, here are people from all over the world, limit the giveaway to australia or the shipping cost will give you a surprise.

  30. So a year ago, I decided to upgrade a few things on my setup and one of those things was the keyboard and boi, I didn't think i would uncover such a massive rabbit hole XD.
    But anyway i went for a ~60€ used Full size mechanical keyboard that has hot swap PCB and decent shine through keycaps (but no RGB, only B L U E). To be honest it is one of best purchases i did since i was a "membrane pleb" all this time with my last one being a slim profile one.

  31. I have a 15 year old high end razer keyboard, still works as new, well worth the money…

  32. I use a $30 mechanical keyboard with black switches and tape mod and it feels and sounds decent with a detachable braided USB C cable with pudding key caps and very little rattle

  33. I wish Cherry MX Silent wasn't so rare, I've been using this old Corsair STRAFE for ages now and have had to replace the keycaps a couple times because I've worn through their lettercasing on my WASD keys multiple times now.

  34. Mechanical keyboards are overrated, membrane is fine and better IMO. Most of the time my keys dont register because I didnt lift it high enough its so dumb to have such deep keys when the actuation point is half of it, it shouldnt even be fine to sell keyboards like this i hate it. High end mechanical keyboards is where the good stuff is but still not all I think. As soon as u release the key even by 0.1mm it unregisters and is ready to be pressed again, thats what every keyboard should be like. Buy those type dont spend money on trash.


  36. Nice timing of video my MSI Vigor GK50 Elite arrive couple days ago

  37. I've had the Razer Tarantula + Lachesis ever since 2009 and they both still work perfectly fine.

  38. i bought cherry brand keyboard for 55, one of best keybaoards ever, even with membrane buttons its so low key and battery holds for 3 years… these rgb gaming keyboards are so overated …

  39. Bro a lot of people don't need media keys and numpads. It's just wasted space on the desk for a lot of redundancy.

  40. very affordable doesnt mean its good. i have tomoko since 2019 mechanical keyboard, just 3 months later letters a s washed away. no they stay the same in 2023 now, but worst thing is blue switches, next one i will buy with pink, those are more responsive and silent, where blue are most loud. still its mechanical keyboard and i can push 101 keys at same time, where logitch for 10 pounds vs 25 i paid for this one, can only push max 3-5 and loses rest of keys, pressing "W D space" in dreadnought game i could not press F2 to call shields on ship

  41. with amazon there is plenty of noname shit and they are more mechanical than good, lot of rgb shit that you dont need. more focus should be on what color of switch and if its certified MX switch, when you buy gigabyte keyboard more likely you will have good original switches. also lot of forums have reviews of them, cos dont ever look on amazon or ebay reviews. you cant trust them, they are majority fake. like rgb shit now raises price of fans. 85$ for 3 rgb corsair fans

  42. I also have a rather cheap mechanical Keyboard, a SPC Gear GK650K with brown Kailh switches and puddin style keycaps. Feels nice to type on and also works great for gaming. It's a full size Keyboard with a Keypad and I bought it when Mindfactory had a 50% off Sale on those keyboards, so I only paid 40 euros while the normal price for it is 85 Euros.

  43. the problem with cheap mechanical keyboards is that they often run at 125hz and additionally have a long debounce delay so they can easily double your button to pixel latency compared low latency keybards.

  44. Im a firm believer in logitechs romer-g. My ancient orion is amazing and no keyboard i have tried even comes close.

  45. I have a Sharkoon SGK3 right now. It has Kaihl switches. It was 60 Euros and it's now a couple years old. The black on the keycaps is coming off and some RGB LEDs either don't work or they're in different colors. Oddly when the lights are set to red everything works. It was a fine keyboard I guess, albeit not premium, besides the mechanical switch feel.

    The only keyboard I'm considering as an upgrade is the Wooting Two HE. It's an upgrade in every aspect. Better materials for keycaps and housing and the unique magnetic field switches that are the most reliable and most versatile you can get.

  46. Am I the only psycho who vastly prefers a cheap membrane keyboard for more tactile feel and less travel and better overall responsiveness? I enjoy typing on proper mechanical keyboards, but all in all, low profile membrane is probably my favorite all around.

  47. cheap mechs have a problem with key presses sometimes they dont register

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