Do not tell Pekinwoof about this Vex video -

Do not tell Pekinwoof about this Vex video

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Quantum plays Vex HIS WAY…

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Lourlo at the start 🙂

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Quantum (Nick) is a 26 year old Twitch Streamer and content creator! He primarily plays mid lane in League of Legends and has been Challenger since Season 4, peaking Top 10 in Season 6,7,8,9, & 10! He can be found playing champs such as Aurelion Sol, Veigar, Ekko, Sylas, Quinn, Swain, Diana, Kassadin, Qiyana, and Fizz!

He can occasionally be found playing variety content such as Pokémon, and horror games like Resident Evil, Visage, Cry Of Fear, Devour, Phasmophobia, and more!

I’m part of the official League Partner Program with Riot Games. You can read about the program here:

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  1. I think i will tell Pekinwoof about this vex video

  2. thank god for the title i was just about to tell pekinwolf about this game

  3. @Pekinwoof yes officer this guy right here

  4. Quantum is so underradet… Really nice guy ngl

  5. You know, if you REALLY wanna get under pekins skin, you should try that new Corki build he likes so much. That would be FUN.

  6. Love watching you smack lourlo quantpickle2.

  7. Always a pleasant morning. Coffee before going to work, watching Quantum.
    Suggestion: I would like a few longer videos though…

  8. Quant daddy, when you say “biiitch” it’s what I imagine the enemy team member is saying every time I die. It both makes me cringe and die laughing. #Doubledead

  9. oh close one! I almost snitched and then saw the title

  10. I remember when riot had a “heart to heart” with the players about the client maybe like two years ago. They made a promise that they would improve it and now my game wants to crash after every match :’)

  11. "Playing adc is so easy you only need to farm and stay close to your support"
    7:55 Jhin farming literally next to the inhib with naut even closer than the turret.

  12. Q: Any Jhins!??! :)))) one shot *maniacal laughter*.
    Also Q: Help me! Help me!
    Also also Q: Biiiitch!
    This is why I love you! Because everyone does this in LoL whether they admit it or not. Everyone gets confident and loves the game… then immediately regrets their decisions… Until it all works out perfect, then we act like it was planned. No other streamer acts human!

    Q is the hero we degenerates need, but do not deserve.

  13. I hope Quantum and Pekin aren’t fighting, I’d hate for my dads to have an argument 🙁

  14. Hey man. I’ve liked your content for a while but ima just say this budding shout out thing you and Pekín have is awesome lol

    So refreshing somehow to rep each other in a positive light

  15. it’s funny to watch vex and lee sin just chase down everyone

  16. When yall gonna have a T1 money match, would be so lit.

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