DK vs T1 | HLE vs LSB [Full VOD]ㅣ2022 LCK Spring Split -

DK vs T1 | HLE vs LSB [Full VOD]ㅣ2022 LCK Spring Split

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✅Time Line
00:00​​​​​ Intro
18:10 DK vs T1
29:27 Game1
4:23:34 HLE vs LSB
4:31:22 Game1

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  1. why cant i get it live on youtube anymore?, i hate twitch

  2. you know zues and oner didnt like their perform on this game 3. Can see they didnt look happy even tho they win. @3:34:24

  3. Canyon : Ballin, but at what cost
    Deokdam : Jhin

  4. Faker is The Greatest LOL Player Of All Time & T1 is The Greatest LOL Team Of All Time ☺️❤️🧠

  5. Can we bring back streams to youtube? it's far superior to twitch, pausing is a blessing

  6. Faker, I’m so proud of you. Your dad is a good man, I’m glad he allowed you to follow your dreams. You are the best! You are my hero and I’m so happy when I watch you play. Go T1!!!

  7. Casters on the second game are so funny omg the champion in the mid lane 😂

  8. DK banning Ryze in game 3 gave T1 a favor.

  9. Gumayusi and Keria duo gives me the Bang and Wolf duo feels

  10. Fakers Vex, Kerias Thresh, Oners Lee Sin. ggez

  11. Faker has a 80% win rate on LB. insane

  12. I hope they separate the videos by games too

  13. DWG’s ADC has always been their weak spot. It was the same with ghost. It was almost like you couldn’t see him compared to the others.

  14. Atlus missed the chance for a meme. "Exodia has been *obliterated*"

  15. Demn…their kicks are lit…however I think Oner is a little bit down…but win is a win…

  16. Zeus just got camped so hard by DK and I don't blame him

    but faker Leblanc coming on clutch to save that game 3 .. but it's been a while since I see faker so skirmish like this beautiful to see clean Leblanc so far !!

  17. T1 S12 world champion. GO T1 ! GO FAKER!

  18. DK: guys we dont need our adc we have Canyon T1: Who is Canyon?

  19. “Jhin what the hell just don’t die”

    “Play safe under tower ffs”

  20. Cant understand that Renekton pick. Especially that DK really almost took the win with Deokdam and Showmaker who were out of this game.

  21. Game 3 DK strat would have worked if they didn’t leave deokdam to shit in lane.

    Zeus was already behind, camping him more wouldn’t have done anything since Zeus would just shockblast his way out of a deficit.

    I think funneling some resources to deokdam would have given his long range poke support damage a bit more oomph instead of just being a walking ward for faker to kill.

  22. Will be always waiting for Nuclear Family continuation every Sunday. The series is so good. 😭

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