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Diablo II Resurrected Rune Words – Destruction (Vex Lo Ber Jah Ko)

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Hello Guys and Gals Today I am going to go over the Runeword Destruction

Destruction is the rune word ‘VexLoBerJahKo’ for polearms or swords

23% Chance To Cast Level 12 Volcano On Striking
5% Chance To Cast Level 23 Molten Boulder On Striking
100% Chance To Cast level 45 Meteor When You Die
15% Chance To Cast Level 22 Nova On Attack
+350% Enhanced Damage
Ignore Target’s Defense
Adds 100-180 Magic Damage
7% Mana Stolen Per Hit
20% Chance Of Crushing Blow
20% Deadly Strike
Prevent Monster Heal
+10 To Dexterity

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  1. I've made it in dual colossus swords for my barb. Quite crappy but very funny I suppose.

  2. The second most costly runeword.. needs a fanaticism aura! ❤

  3. I know the phaseblade is great becourse of no repairs , but my buddy and me both of us made it in a collouses sword got 146 – 316 one hand dmg on it.when the calculaters set in you want 146 – 316 not 58 – 146 or whatever the phaseblade is ?am i wrong ?skill inhanchers strengh aura etc. benefit little from phaseblade ( we are talking barbs exclusively , becourse in reallity i have little knogledge of the game.)we might share other things to (joke)

  4. It's barely an upgrade over the MUCH more cheaper Obedience. Just… why?

  5. Put this on your wind Dru merc and it looks really cool but there just isn’t enough fire damage from volcano and molten boulder without synergies but the damage is still pretty good.

  6. try this on a zealer with a phase blade it is crazy

  7. Has anyone ever used it with a fury druid? Pump synergies and use fury to proc.

  8. Never seen anyone make it, too expensive for something that has less than Obedience performance

  9. I don't think the on weapon skills get synergy from your skills, unless it flat out says + to skill so these fire skills do nothing. It also has no attack speed which is pretty bad.

  10. I ram across your posts and I like how in depth you are new sub.

  11. Would it work on a transformed druid? I was under the impression that IAS while transformed only comes from weapon. That's why people use phaseblade with 6x Shael for fire claw

  12. Test this stuff on higher level monsters maybe?

  13. Pro Tip: Cut holes in your pockets and you will always have a spot for the little one to crawl through and it will look funny lol

  14. You seem like a likeable fellow so you got my follow.

  15. You should try a proc zealer since the break points on the attack speed for D2R are broken allowing faster attack speeds.

  16. It appears you manager has decided you are done for the day.

  17. Good video. But I wish you suited up in full gear and spec'd into something and went and did something besides act1. Like go kill baal or something. Like would smite set off the procs? That would be interesting. Or using zeal

  18. Seeing Llama's take on the Riftsin, how would Destruction compare to Rift?

  19. I'd say rift is better if you are making a proc char, rift is a lot cheaper, better proc chance and it can be made into a scepter which can be used by all characters and it only requires str.

  20. You should do these item breakdowns on cow levels. Large health pools and larger mobs helps show off these items

  21. Thanks for the content! Was wondering if anyone has dared to try this on a frenzy barb with a Phoenix pb in the offhand, delirium, dragon armor, and carrion wind.

  22. do synergies from skill trees actually boost the damage of skills from chance to cast on weapons?

  23. I cant wait to get the runes to make this rune word! i have a feeling this will work wonders with my build

    Edit: every time you mentioned using this rune word with a paladin i starting laughing because im building just that type of paladin.

  24. ty for the video. do the effects proc with a ww barbarian?

  25. is that a squirrel, love your vids, you are the token dungeon dweller

  26. I would be interested to see a druid build that puts points into the synergies as well as werewolf and lycanthropy and a few into fury for an usable attack. The synergies should increase the weapons proc damage, correct? That would be an incredible amount of proc based damage.

  27. Also, what is the difference between "on striking" and "on attack"?

  28. Imagine rolling this over making a grief AND an enigma

  29. Been using it on a procsin. I love it but rift is the more rational choice. If they fix holy fire on the next patch i might do a fire paladin with phoenix shield etc

  30. Can you do a video on a riftsin using destruction runeword sword

  31. 12:40 take it to hell difficulty and go for a very hard skin monsters it will spam a lot more often.

  32. ….. Wow
    Just got an ethereal bonehue and was blown away by my Mercs DPS.
    But this thing is just silly.

  33. Now with 2.4 act5 dual weild barb with frenzy…. destruction with grief, vamp gaze, and fortitude is amazing.he zooms around the map just proccing destruction and beating up mobs

  34. Under the buttcheek! The best attack in D2.

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