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Diablo II Resurrected Rune Words – Death (Hel El Vex Ort Gul)

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Hello Guys and Gals Today Hello Guys and Gals Today I am going to go over the Rune Word Death

Death is the rune word ‘HelElVexOrtGul’ for swords or axes

100% Chance To Cast Level 44 Chain Lightning When You Die
25% Chance To Cast Level 18 Glacial Spike On Attack
+300-385% Enhanced Damage
20% Bonus To Attack Rating
+50 To Attack Rating
Adds 1-50 Lightning Damage
7% Mana Stolen Per Hit
50% Chance of Crushing Blow
+(0.5 per Character Level) 0.5-49.5% Deadly Strike (Based on Character Level)
+1 To Light Radius
Level 22 Blood Golem (15 Charges)
Requirements -20%

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  1. i think you you got a little confused on your math there, You said you were 16% shy of the cap when you were 19 %

  2. I just found a Vex while farming Andy on my ssf Zealot. Tempting to make this but at P1, RWs like these are a bit too strong IMO. Like "Gz, you won the game!"

  3. I have this on a paladin that is a 1 point smiter. I found COA with two sockets. Put 2 15% IAS jewels in it and had laying of hands on. So that's 50% IAS. It works very well on a zeal paladin. Ettin axe as well.

  4. I had multiple Gul and Vex runes that I wanted to use on something, so I just made this in a phase blade. I am quite impressed. It's killing speed is on par with Grief and I love the bonus chilling effect.

  5. Great video! Quick question: does this runeword work for online, softcore, non-ladder players? (I’m on PSN)

  6. At the start you are saying that there are runewords which are much better than it. Are they much better for roughly the same cost? Death is a relative cheap runeword and i'm nowhere close to rich in D2! Also, that sweet 50% crushing blow is the main selling point for me. It's one of the two swords (the other one being Kingslayer on a PB with the sweet 50% open wounds) i made specifically to beat Ubers. Wondering what else i could have made after your comment…

  7. Looking to make a frenzy barb with grief and death…is that a bad idea due to the 0 IAS from death? To me the crushing blow/deadly strike makes up for the lack of IAS especially when coupled with Highlords wraith. I'm having some trouble finding a Lo rune for grief though so maybe this will never happen

  8. So is colossus blade a must or is the slightly slower colossus sword acceptable? Asking for a frenzy barb with PLENTY of increased attack speed!!

  9. Does it make sense to boost Dex to maximize striking? Or is Dex just a defensive (max block) stat?

  10. Are Hephasto runs like Countess runs (guaranteed rune drops)?

  11. What about using 2 of them on a barbarian Merc? Would that be working 100% chrushing and 1% critical strike per level of the barbarian.

  12. hmm… isn’t it either crushing OR deadly? they can’t proc both as far as i know. so if it’s 100% crushing deadly would be worthless cause it won’t ever proc.

  13. Pretty sure Death in an eth Decapitator is now BiS for DPS on a Fury Druid. I run one on mine with a Fanat A1 merc to hit max frames. From Maxroll, I'm over 120k DPS on this. Insane runeword for Fury Druid with the changes to slower weapons now.

  14. Absolute kick ass runeword. I would put this in an ethereal Champion Ax sinceIt’s the fastest elite ax & use it on a Druid & absolutely rape everything with great efficiency. Really stunning & damaging runeword that I don’t think most people appreciate due to certain shortcomings that are easily overcome.

  15. Does crushing blow perform the 1/4 monsters health OR weapon’s damage; whichever is greater?

  16. IDk i've done a lot of testing on a zeal pally with fanat and I kill bosses and most things way faster with death than grief. the crushing blow and deadly strike is super useful to get I get a ton of attack speed from other places theyr'e both good but with death being so much cheaper its my go to for pally.

  17. i have a grief and i m thinking to build this runeword , worth to put it together with grief on barb if i put attack speed gloves ? (i m using swords only)

  18. Is this good for a WW Barb? I can't find a LO rune for grief

  19. I can tell that this weapon is very good on a melee sorc, and the golem is very nice for a melee sorc aswell to have. Try it out yourself with a full energy shield build it's a GG build

  20. Yay another lesson in the School of Ginger! 🤩 I wonder what is your name? Of course I understand if you don't wish to share it. 😊

  21. Wow what an amazing weapon. Someday I hope to have one. Just need to keep playing. Great video thanks.

  22. It's a good weapon for a Frenzy barb too.. in the off hand (of course if not planning to get 2 grief )

  23. Two H Sword zeal death pally for P8 Trav….

  24. Just a note, weapon dmg and added dmg do not apply to kicks. Death is like Rift’s cousin, but sadly just worse for kickers due to Glacial Spike being significantly weaker. The crushing blow on it is nice, though.

  25. I leave things like clegaw gloves on the ground because they're far too common to trade and if I really wanted them I'd find them pretty quick.

  26. A day or two on countess using the cube to for crafting up. For folks wondering what it takes for Gul and Vex to be obtained quickly. You will need to farm her for keys anyway. 😛 A few past vex though takes luck or a long time.

  27. Team Death 💀💀 My favorite rune word.

  28. I feel Death is a bit underrated with people often going for BOTD or Grief, largely because of lacking attack speed. However… You pair it with 20+15% Andy and you can use it very well in melee, plus the frost aoe is really nice. Obviously it's good on some assassin builds as well.

  29. I used this back in the day in an Eth Colossus Sword with 15% ED on a WW Barb. I loved that thing as it, combined with Delirium, i could get in the thick of things without fear all the time. You were frozen, confused, or dead and it was GLORIOUS

  30. Deadly strike have a diminishing returns applied to items, more you stack less it gives, the math there is a bit more complicated. Also critical strike or weapon mastery mess it up a bit.

  31. Death is awesome for a fana zealer. You can use treachery armor or an ias socketed gris shield to accelerate it. Death is on par with Grief. Well, at least if you're not on p8. The glacial spike is really cool too. 😉

  32. Hi GGM, I have a WW Barb and currently rocking 2 eth Oath in balrog blades, looking for some dmg increase… considering this or BotD. This seems appealing as it doesn't cost much compared to the BotD, but is it any good for WW Barb? Also considering going Frenzy Barb for doing Ubers as well so I could use Death for this too. Interested to hear your thoughts. Cheers

  33. I wanted this for Smiting and didnt have a suitable axe base so I rolled it in a PB not caring about the ED roll. I got 384 ED =/
    And yes I know the DS is not affecting Smite, the CB and Glacial Spike are great on their own. Duration on the Glacial Spike is not an issue IMHO, they dont need to be frozen for long, with maxed Fanat.

  34. 2:45 this dude being max efficient with gaming and video making. HUGE DUDE DESERVES 100k subs+

  35. You are on point about niche gear. I am a timmy player. I don’t care if someone else can 1 shot 50 hell cows. I only care about how awesome it is for me to one shot 5 hell cows with my cool build.

  36. For Frenzy Barb to make Ubers works this weapon ?

  37. Since we have new PTR changes now… The Eth Death Decapitator/Glorious Axe is now insane on furry wolf or hybrid furry/summon wolf 🙂

  38. Appreciate these videos going in depth for these runewords and unique items. Never knew I would need more info on them lol

  39. My favorite weapon in all of d2- edeath decap on my tigersin, charger and leaper,ettin axe on my blade fury sin and others. Its absolutely brutal,not alot of showboat procs or funny properties but pure ds, CB and ed.

  40. It's great for a zealer I have 100% crushing blow 100 % deadly strike with death. The lack of attack speed doesnt really matter with fanaticism plus a ias jewel fixes it

  41. Eth death decapitator for shape shift druid.

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