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Diablo II Resurrected Rune Words – Breath Of The Dying (Vex Hel El Eld Zod Eth)

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Hello Guys and Gals Today I am going to go over the Runeword Breath Of The Dying

Breath of the Dying is the rune word ‘VexHelElEldZodEth’ for weapons

50% Chance To Cast Level 20 Poison Nova When You Kill An Enemy
+60% Increased Attack Speed
+350-400% Enhanced Damage (varies)
+200% Damage To Undead
-25% Target Defense
+50 To Attack Rating
+50 To Attack Rating Against Undead
7% Mana Stolen per Hit
12-15% Life Stolen per Hit
Prevent Monster Heal
+30 To All Attributes
+1 To Light Radius
Requirements -20%
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  1. imagine get eth 60p soket eth berseker axe

  2. Imagine equipping Breath & Phoenix together 😱

  3. On my single player I found a zod, then a jah in two different cow runs in one night. Made my enigma and am holding the zod for botd. Just had to brag cause farming zods and jahs off of cows was mentioned off hand.

  4. light radius is the most non-sensical mechanic in D2… not too many weapons and items give light radius and when they do it's not by much. i think higher level runewords and high level sets should have something like automatic +20 to light radius.

  5. I cannot find for the love of god a good base for this runeword.
    I got all the runes. Iam growing impatient. But I know I will NEVER
    find another Zod Rune in my life. Is there a way to get a good base quicker?

  6. will the 50% poison nova trickered when my Necromancer Skeleton kills someone?

  7. Iam kinda curious. I found a ZOD rune but I wanna also play with the runeword SPIRIT.
    I play a werebear, so is it better to use a polarm or an barbarian axe? Iam kinda lost +
    I do not wanna waste that special ZOD rune. Thanks for the help. Nice content<3<3<3

  8. can anyone tell me, how do they know the rune words? I've no idea about it

  9. Took me a year to get a Zod to drop on my PS5 version. Chams are too valuable to cube up in my opinion.

  10. Love my Grief PB /eth CB BoTD combo. It absolutely bodies enemies on my WW barb.

  11. The -20% Requirements combined with the fact that this is always made in a ethereal base reducing the requirements by a flat 10 as well does a lot to bring this weapon down to a reasonable amount. letting you equip it at ~100 str means that the +30 all attributes on it becomes a lot more valuable as well since you can equip the weapon itself at a much lower str amount than the 138 for a base berserker axe. That means the 30 attributes on the weapons will actually often play a big roll in helping to equip other high str equipment like your chest piece or shield. Gaining +30 strength at a 101 breakpoint is leagues better than gaining +30 strength at a 138 breakpoint.

  12. I just got my summoning druid to 70 and fire/lightning sorc to 72 on PS4 and I find your vids on these runewords more interesting, informative and just better than most others ive watched …cheers !!

  13. FIRST!!! haha Howdy GGM! Haven't seen the video yet but I know its good !!! LIKED* 😀

  14. probably not what you want to read but, would it be good on a merc?

  15. OK! BOTD I want one , ZOD rune here I come baby, lol Fury Druid and Frenzy Barb , These builds could use this Item ! Dual Wield on frenzy ??? 😀

  16. would BoTD work well on an impale-fend zon ? …i know it's not necesarily meta build but it kinda sounds nice given the indestructible thingy canceling out the degrading of the weapon from impale skill …not to mention the fact that if you do BoTD in an eth base pike ( i found one with 6sockets and 30-264 dmg ) rolling close to 400 ed + 750-800 ed from maxing out impale skill +a might merc it should reach an astronomical level of phys dmg … would it be good or is it a bad idea ?

  17. One of my favorite runewords, melts everything.

    Just last night I found a +3 Eth Mat Spear. I couldn't believe it. I cant wait to create a BOTD in it so I can start a Spearzon.

  18. Question: should I add slots first or upgrade the weapon class before inserting the runeword?

  19. sitting here, watching this video because I cannot find a Ber or Jah but have found a Cham and Zod in D2R

  20. Recently found a Zod in cow lvl… a day later a Jah. I just assume they have increased the drop rates insanely because all I ever found in D2 back in the day in three years was a Lo.
    Maybe I will try one of these builds, because it feels like a Zod is not worth so much.

  21. "There's absolutely no reason to make a BOTD in a non-eth weapon" Unless you put it in a hydra bow, in which case you have choice 😉

  22. I hope I live long enough to find a zod rune… as a single player person – I wanna make this and last wish some day 😀

  23. Poor guy killing 1 mob at a time. My dual dream shock tesladin/ zealer using botd kills multiple mobs at 1 shot. Bottom line. Just play zealer

  24. Heard you say "bookoo amounts of mana steal" and I thought you were speaking Vietnamese for a second… lmao

  25. I’ve never got to play around with this weapon but always wanted to.

  26. Just made mine in an eth zerker for my zealot. Doing 7.5k damage with a FORTITUDE. Mine rolled 385%

  27. love ur content. make things so easy, for newer players and some of us old men returning to our childhood game.lol

  28. Non runeword Ribcracker is so good on fury druid for prob super budget and fun BOTD is really good. Not many people use the Zod so prob fairly easy to trade. Doom could be fun with Cham and putting in a helm you see an ok amount for Merc is all I can think of. Maybe Pride also? Forgot about that one

  29. Thinking of making this for my merc. Fishymancer. Move my insight to an iron golem. Just looking for straight up damage from my merc. Thoughts?

  30. Can you not Upgrade the base after or before the rune word, or can you not upgrade an ethereal?

  31. the moment you said I wasn't going to find one, it dropped holy fk >:O the coincidence holy fk

  32. looks like it'd rock on a zeal/fanaticism paladin.

  33. Would BotD work well with Bramble on a Act 2 merc? I'm playing as a summoner necromancer.

  34. Do you have any videos that show off stuff you found yourself in Single player?

  35. Worx the breath of the dying runeword Equiped on a Merc If i kill an enemy?!?! Or have the merc kill the enemy for the poison nova?!

    I think about to use this runeword in a merc when i play a summonancer with full trang oul set

  36. I havent seen anyone else do this with every runeword before, this is a really great idea for a video series, and I really enjoy your sincere breakdowns.

  37. A good option for an etherial matriarchal pike for amazons, good idea to keep on the weapon swap in case of lightning immune monsters.

  38. Grief is slighy more dmg oriented when BotD gives much more survivebility. With this amount of of life and mana steel you actually do not need this on other slots. You can run f.e. botd zealer with ridicolous resistences and dwarf+tgods+raven and all elemental dmg will heal you. You can run easy max block with 50%dmg reduction and high vitality. And +3 reach.

    So BotD is like "I will never die weapon" with dmg only inferior (and not by much) to grief and last wish.

    Funny thing is I have seen lot of botd-hydra ed bows because of mana steel and ed. Hydra bows becomes ridicolous, but still bows can not be ethereal and still imho waste.

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