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Diablo 2 Resurrected – How to get high runes like Ber and Vex – Find and farm them here Top 2 areas

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Here gamers are my favourite 2 areas to farm for high end Runes.
If you are trying to find or farm high end Runes like Vex,Ber,Sur,Jah and even zod thes 2 places are currently my favourite in Diablo 2 Resurrected.
I find these the best for farming and finding high end Runes so maybe give it a try if you are after some nice Runes.
Wondering where the best place is to farm high end runes and how to get them this video will explain why these areas are so good for finding them high end Runes.

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  1. Farmed hundreds of chaos, baal and cows and never found anything higher than Gul.

  2. I was about to play D2R and the queue was a line of 245 people. Waited almost an hour and couldn’t get in so I gave up. These server issues are awful. Other than that, great video!

  3. Any saints know how/if to change player count on Switch?

  4. First you need to beat the que boss which had me on farm the last few nights. Then when you get in you farm for 10 minutes and your game crashes.

  5. Found a Jah in cow level today anyone know the value ?

  6. Found Ber today. Died act 3 last waypoint and had to decide to save the game or try to get my corpse and maybe loose more exp… well… my decision Was right 😉

  7. I got Ber rune in the Swampy Pit located in the Flayer Jungle.

    I got an Ist in Chaos sanctuary 10 min later.

    I've gotten Sur in the outer steps in act 4.

    Those are the best runes I've ever gotten and thats where I got em.

    So act 3 – 5 (Hell) mass mudering is the best way to get runes.

  8. If you want high runes just do what these youtube guys do don't have a job and play 20 hours a day.

  9. I have been through chaos over 30 times no hrs 🙁

  10. runes are stupid rare i have a 93 sorc, 87 javazon, 80 hammerdin and highest rune ive seen was a vex i had to tele swoop during a baal game

  11. found a cham rune in cows on my own. im not topping that ever

  12. Got Lo and pul from countess. Not from her but enemy’s around. Always try n clear out

  13. Found a eth 5 socketed cryptic axe in the cow lvl today and made a really nice Obedience weapon for my Merc , he wrecks things now

  14. got my cham/jah/vex on cow level…the highest rune i got outside of cow is gul…

  15. Did you blow up the health bars? If so let me know how you did it I guess options or I’m just bugging out

  16. I found a vex and a jah in the cold plan. never found a high rune in the cow level.at this point I would like to recommend the cold plans to farm runes.

  17. Just came outside for a smoke after getting a ohm from cows and noticed this video

  18. Jah im chaos sanct, and ohm from Andy from start, millions of cows killed and 0 runes and 0 good items 😂

  19. Secret to getting high runes: Play the game and kill lots of monsters.

  20. Inb4 blizzard or whoever adds new ladder only runewords and 1 of them has "Rune Find +500%"

  21. I got Lo from cows. I got another one from one of the ads in travincal. Neither from champion packs. Just normal ads. Just fyi

  22. I have done 200 chaos runs and 100 cow runs and not a single hr 🙁

  23. A video about farming HR showing us a Sol rune and nothing else. Amazing content.

  24. we shuold farm with low magic find to find runes right ??

  25. Found jah and ber three runs apart lmao . One from eldritch, one from LK. Brings me to 2 ber, 1 jah, 1 sur, 1 ohm and like 10 ists lol

  26. Thanks so much for the tips. Changed all gear for the best time kill possible and did notice a faster rate of rune drops. Started getting Amn runes first, but later runs in Cow level got an UM and a Mal in the same run. Also got a Superior Monarch with 4 sockets in the cow map and a Gheed's fortune Grand Charm in Stoney. 14% reduce all vendor prices, not bad. Best night ever. Thanks for the video and all the help.

  27. I spent about a week going travincal – >Durance of Hate level 1 -> level 2 -> mephesto. Throughout hte durance of hate, I popped every chest and poppable I could. between Launch and a week ago, I had not found a single rune above a Ko. In the last week, I have found Ber, Ist, Ist, Ist, Ist, Mal, Mal, Sur, Ohm, Lo, Vex, and Vex. I've spent a good deal of time doing this though….

  28. yep, cows do well for gems and runes. i didn't know you could kill the king in D2R however. good info. also like sweeping the A1 pit, travincal gang, and lower kurast superchest(s).

  29. How do I get back to the cow level? I only did it once and can’t go back again…

  30. unless u are streamer u never get them even playing 6 hours a day forn2 months.

  31. How does this work on consoles?
    Without a third party app. it's essentially a single player game with no commands… It's Ruff.

  32. Going to start a barb soon and also one item going I am sure I will spend a long time farming for is a good self replenishing throwing jave

  33. what add-on do you use to be able to use other keys for your spells / attacks ? thank you new sub here

  34. Recently got my first ever jah rune from a trash mob in the throne of destruction.

  35. My favourite places for my sorc to farm is the maggot lair, Lower Kurast and the arcane sanctuary all have a lot of superchests to pop, Just farmed them for about 2 hours and got a mal and an um rune.

  36. Is this single or multiplayer that you are getting these runes?

  37. I had one Vex drop outside pindleskin the other day, super random, almost quit the game before i saw it.

  38. thanks for the vid. how do you keep your merc alive?

  39. So u can kill the cow king now ? For some reason i cant get a portal to spawn i beat the game on that difficulty to

  40. tbh when i run around i just kill everything i see, why play if not to slaughter?! just need 300% mf and you're good. for windy i recommend rolling mf gear and focus on getting skiller gc. it will make up for the lack of +skills while maintaining full mf. just a few and my hurricane is almost 2k dmg in mf, nightmare runs are great for farming them and with my mf and dmg i literally run through most areas raining death and dropping grand charms. this weekend i dropped 6 skiller gc, 1 um, 3 pul, and a tgods. added bonus, druid elemental gc are CHEAP!

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