DFM vs EG Highlights Worlds 2022 Play In DetonatioN FocusMe vs Evil Geniuses by Onivia - oramagamestudios.com

DFM vs EG Highlights Worlds 2022 Play In DetonatioN FocusMe vs Evil Geniuses by Onivia

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DFM vs EG Highlights Worlds 2022 Play In DetonatioN FocusMe vs Evil Geniuses by Onivia
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Hey guys, from now on you will see my face reacting randomly to video stuff so that we can avoid reused content and copyright issues…

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  1. EG played so bad especially bot lane 🫣

  2. NA aka “Near Airport” is known as the fastest region to arrive at the Airport. Since they gave up on the LoL Worlds Championship, they are investing in Speedruns. In particular they are current worldrecord holders in Airport Any % and Airport no wins.

  3. EG, also known as Everyone's Gift is known for its generous donations of free wins to all international teams. Others read the name as "Easy Games" – The true meaning of the name is still being debated among experts

  4. NA "Never advancing" is a wildcard region in professional league of legends. They are best known for losing to the Japanese wildcard team DFM "Defeated five millionaires", and paying their players too much.

  5. NA bros, how do we save EG?

  6. DFM vs EG vs Triple Ws – what a triple-threat

  7. HAHAHA na and failing when it matters. I didn't like na overhyping eg all year so seeing them lose to c9 and now possibly not make groups is great lol

  8. LJL beating NA? Nothing new here they've been doing that since 2021

  9. old man duo still got it :d. first and second longest active player coming in clutch /o/

  10. Both teams are low ELO, made too many mistakes

  11. Just some guy that wants something genuine says:

    Don't let this game fool you. Inspired and Jojo is still way better than Yagao and Kanavi

  12. Yutapon omega monkaS Onii-chan still my idol

  13. don't hate on kaori but, in this game and his position on almost every team fight was so bad :/

  14. I’ve been playing this game for 12 years and in the whole time of being high elo (silver 2) I have never seen a region that is NA can have the same skills level as me

  15. Love it, a team of players being paid like elementary school teachers beat players being afforded million dollar contracts

    Please win tiebreakers DFM

  16. EG mistake in baron they fall back instead of engage in baron chances 60%

  17. Every loss makes you loathe Danny even more. Don't sign up for something you're not ready to commit to.

  18. How does Evi live through all of that in the last fight…this guy :D.

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