Destiny Qodron Vex Chronovore Guide - Level 34 Prison of Elders -

Destiny Qodron Vex Chronovore Guide – Level 34 Prison of Elders

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Here’s how you take down Qodron, both in under 30 seconds, and as it was intended!
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  1. Why does every game youtuber have the rising descending voice inflection style of speaking, really annoying.

  2. under 301 club. drinks to the right, snacks to the left, toilet to the front and the girls out back

  3. can you do this with 2 gallys and a hunger of crota?

  4. My party and I tried to do it normal here's some of the issues we encountered:

    – Even with Jailbreaker buff, stacking on top of each other, and using shotguns + machine-guns the bubbles take forever to take down and we die, or one of us dies.

    – The Eye spawns too far away and doesn't come to us, forcing us to go look for it and sometimes dying in the process

    Most of the videos I watch tell users that containment fields should take very few shots, but I don't understand what we were doing wrong. Could it be that the Jailbreaker guy was 33 and not 34?

    Nice vid

  5. how does your menu load so fast? im sitting there for 30-45 seconds waiting for my menu to stop showing me spinning circles and yours load almost instantly?

  6. The best way is going to the right, use icebreakers (it takes the bubble in 3 shots and you never run out of ammo) and it's the best to dps qodron.

  7. All fall before the Ghorn also are you going to review and go through the elder cipher weapons and bounty ??

  8. Can we do this with 2 Gjallarhorns and 1 Dreamwaker (3 Shots per round, target tracking, 331 damage)

  9. How to beat any boss on any difficulty: Fire as many Gjallarhorn rockets as possible.
    How boring is that. It's an overpowered weapon and needs to be patched. For those who have it, it's like an easy button for everything pve and quite nice in pvp. For those who don't have it, it's like watching everyone else eat icecream while you only have broccoli.

  10. It was a pretty easy boss fight once you get the strategy down. I recommend having 1 person as the designated "jail breaker" who will be in charge of helping everyone get out of their prisons. Max lvl invective works wonders. And everyone should help with ad control.

  11. Did you know you can get a treasure key by completing Petra Venj bounties

  12. I used an icebreaker to get out of the bubble without the jail breaker… However due to the lack of a G horn my team kicked me 😭😭😭😭😭😭 damn qodron
    How come "u" isn't after the q
    Vex need to learn vocabulary 😂😂😂😂

  13. Ty finally a guide to beat him without ghorn thx so much

  14. don't try this on a ps3, inventory takes around 15 seconds to load

  15. FML inventory doesn't load fast enough to synth of last gen consoles, so bad. I have an XBONE but I can't ditch my friends on 360. The reason why I am complaining is because the normal way of completing this fight is extremely difficult.

  16. Does weapons of light work on rocket launchers like the ghorn?

  17. what would you suggest to 33s trying to beat this. it seems near impossible

  18. We tried this with level 331 weapons (only exotic we're365) for hours and couldn't break the bubble not even with 365 level invective shotguns.

  19. Dont know if this was patched or not, but it does NOT work for xbox one.

  20. Yes…the containment field does not break.we used everything to try and crack it after the eye was killed and we died in like 5 seconds….very fustrating

  21. The right side is better in my opinion. One the left, Qodron's shot go right over the barriers and can do a lot of damage. On the right however, the blasts that do go over the barrier end up hitting the back wall doing considerably less damage. On the left, adds have easier access to you. On the right, they can only come at you from the left. We had one player focus adds, one player focus the eye, and one player focus on DPSing Qodron with this method and it was really easy.

  22. Hey are you on xbox one or ps4? or have you stuck to non-"next gen"?

  23. Why does it seem like something drastically has changed since the last time this was taking place with Qodron in May? I had no problem killing him back then multiple times. Yet this week he is very difficult.

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