Destiny lore: Dr Shim and Vex | Myelin Games -

Destiny lore: Dr Shim and Vex | Myelin Games

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Ever wondered who Dr. Shim is? New episode in Destiny Lore series that covers Dr. Shim and his connection with Vex. This is by far my favourite Destiny Lore episode and combines original grimoire cards with the new House of Wolves grimoire cards. I am hoping that The Taken King will bring the conclusion to Dr. Shim’s story!




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Destiny 2 Lore every week! Come discover the lore behind your favorite Destiny 2 characters, weapons, armour and events in Destiny! Occasionally, I upload other Game Lore videos so always feel free to provide suggestions.

Destiny lore: Dr Shim and Vex | Myelin Games

Myelin Games


  1. I'm not sure I understand. Were they in a simulation? And how did they "rescue" simulated people. I also can't figure out how simulations climbed the citadel

  2. Need to do something about the Pounding P's into your microphone.

  3. You can probably link Osiris´ interest in the Vex to Dr. Shim´s fate through the Watcher´s Gloves:
    ""The watcher does not just observe. The watcher defines the observed." —Parables of the Allspring"
    That could be a reference to Vex simulations, and how, when they observe a being and run simulations, they are in complete control.
    Of course, Dr. Shim´s Grimoire cards treat the issue in a more analytical and philosophical manner, while Osiris´ lore has a more dramatic and literary approach, but they could be talking about the same things.

  4. it is a good lore story but I still prefer the lore of the Fallen.

  5. I really enjoy these videos… I just put them on in the background at work, sometimes I have to go back to pay better attention to parts but always interesting.

  6. awesome vid! all the lore gives so much more flavor to the game 😀

  7. Futhermore, we are never told Dr. Shim's first name, nor is Dr. Shim ever referred to as a "he" or "she". The title, "Doctor", could be attributed to either gender, and to me "Shim" sounds like it's a combination of "she" and "him", the ambiguity of these details seems very intentional, Bungie are giving us no reason not to believe our guardian is Dr. Shim in one of the many simulations.

    It is a pretty cool theory to ponder. After all Destiny is just a video game, a simulation, and we are a Warmind, too complex for any machine to simulate. Thanks for sharing the lore.

  8. I never forget Dr. Shim because the heroic story is almost always The Archive

  9. Oh god i think im obsessed with the vex….

    GImmmeeeh more vex looore!!! haha

  10. "These proxy bodies are limited— they crash and need resetting every few hours, they struggle with latency, they can't hold much long term memory" … the exo?

  11. +Myelin Games,

    Did you found out more since the release of the taken king?

  12. just realized when you said they used the warmind as a firewall. i think the warmind the used was rasputin, the first mission of the sleeper stimulant quest line is called THE LAST FIRE WALL. the other 9 warminds are The Nine that xur works for

  13. There's also a Warlock relic added in TTK called "Specimen 12," with the description "Running hot with the effort of simulating not one group of scientists, but two hundred twenty seven."

  14. Dream quest of unknown Kadath much?

    The vex are definitely the most interesting aspect of this game. Shame they're being so criminally underused.

  15. So it is feasible the Scientists' simulated selves could have created the Stranger that(or is the consciousness of one of the Scientists), as you said, can phase/travel in and out of reality(time?) and thus change it. Not forged from Light, but from the Scientists Simulate Selves, after they gained the information on where the Black Garden is. When the Stranger communicates with her counterparts(explorers) at the end of the Venus cut-scene with the Stranger. Theory? 🙂

  16. what if your guardian is one of the copies that survived, only to die at a later time, on earth, on his way to the city, to present his gained knowledge of the vex. the traveler sensed you and sent the ghost looking for you, when you're resurrected you have been dead for a while and have forgotten everything you knew (your identity, your origin, how you ended up on earth)

  17. destiny should have a library where you can see the storyline from the grimores, but pay you to do the voice work

  18. Your videos are great man, they've inspired me to hurry up and get another job so I can buy The Taken King haha. I love the lore of Destiny, it's a shame the story is indeed so freakin' rich but barely touched on in-game. I look at a lot of things in Destiny in a whole new way now. Keep up the good work.

  19. Speculation, but could the exo stranger be one of those virtual copies within the vex network and that's why she can materialize just like (the same animation at least) the vex?

  20. I want to know why that A.I. in the story mission mistook me for Dr. Shim. That's not something that generally happens given the advanced state of the technology. .

  21. why do i have a feeling that ghost is dr shim or someone who knows dr shim?

  22. This is my fav. lore vid. about Destiny ! You are such a badass-nerd ! (In the good n awesome way) :))))

  23. This is dope, anyone know if there's more with TTK?

  24. i say doctor shim was evil or tryed making the vex good and the experiment went wrong and made the vex what they are now evil they are evil just pure evil i remember i still do the the mission sometime for fun and for some reason i get like a exoticd engram each time i do it in year 1 when i did it a got 3 gjallhorns im so glad its coming back #riseofiron #irongjallahorn

  25. One time I went back to do the Archive mission for Sleeper Simulant, and forwhatever reason, I COMPLETELY frogot about everything in the mission, and was creeped out for no reason at all by the mission…I was also confused about the way Ghost said "Dr. Shim? Never mind that…"

  26. God I hope you read this, what if the message that was sent to the Traveller from Rasputin was received while he was protecting the fallen and that's why he abandoned them, the Vex aren't limited by time so the Guardians could have sent the message throughout time to Rasputin causing a paradox

  27. So per the cards. They see the simulation, realize they could be in a simulation viewing the simulation of the vex in control, they contact a war-mind to test weather they are in a simulation, they then use the war mind to extract all 227 of their simulated selves that then decided to go back into the vex mind and explore? Is that accurate? also do we know if they were pulled from a simulation then or if they figured out they were the "real" copies?

  28. So if the vex think of a simulation, it becomes a real thing?

  29. So rad. Really cool story. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  30. I don’t get it. How’d the video go from. Them having a captured vex to them being the captives?

  31. I wonder what happen to the 227 copies and if osiris seen any of them?

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