Destiny 2 | Vex Strike Force Public Event: Where to Find It & How to Beat It. -

Destiny 2 | Vex Strike Force Public Event: Where to Find It & How to Beat It.

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Guaranteed Destiny 2 Exotic Gear Vex Strike Force Public Event- Supernumerary Blitz. How to find & how to beat it.

Welcome to #slynation and another #Destiny2 video! In this vid, we are checking out the Vex Strike Force public event, also known as the Supernumerary Blitz! This event drops GUARANTEED exotics and I will show you where to find it and how to beat the Vex Strike Force public event! Enjoy, and thank you for not only watching my channel Sly Nation, but also for supporting my channel! Thank you and dont forget to tune into my Day 1 RoN Raid attempt on March 10th! I will be livestreaming on Twitch and here on YouTube! Hope to see you there! 😀

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  1. I've seen it once, and was the only person that went to it when it was on.


  3. Can ı participate even if ı don't have the lightfall dlc?

  4. i’ve had this pop up five times and my game crashed each time😐

  5. Is it really that rare? I get it all the time

  6. I've ran into it 3 times today alone and it causes such a lag and kicks my friend each and every time multiple times. We went from about 9 people to 3 people and just random numbers after that like good lord what is going on.

  7. Another thing to note here also…don’t even try to do the event if your not at least near or at the soft cap because ALL enemies in this event will one-shot you, even the lowly adds.
    Was on a secondary character at lvl 1700 farming meditations and a freakin harpy one shot me, lol…

  8. Crashed 3x for me while almost beating it

  9. Hate this event with a passion because of the false hope it gives me. Every single time I get lucky enough to find it up, and things are going well for getting the 6 minos in 10 minutes it crashes on me and I get nothing.

  10. Def not easy exotics, all 7 times ive come across this event my game crashes on PS5. Alot of stability issues this expansion.

  11. Came across this 3 times now and every time we get to last flag my game freezes and get kicked…frustrating

  12. The hardest part of this event is the entire event crashing and you as the player getting booted. So far I've only been able to grab the chest "once" before everything crashes. Hopefully Bung-O will fix this along with many other bugs going on with this expansion.

  13. Reason Being The more damage u do the faster your super recharges

  14. Annoyingly everytime I have found it, it crashes 👏 good job bungie good job 🙄

  15. Played for 4 hrs on Neomuna straight, never leaving the area, and it never happened once. To this day, 2 weeks of playing, never seen it.

  16. Note: they changed super generation (Season of the Lost?) to offer super energy on dealing damage. The vex craniums offer a TON of damage ticks, hence why the super recharges rather fast.

  17. i would like the option to rejoin the activity when event crashes i dislike putting all that effort in to have the event crash near the end bungo needs to address this faster

  18. So is it me or did the stay frosty barrel flash effect get bigger??? 🤔 kinda annoying.

  19. Pretty cool event but when I see it I just move along. Frame rate crash every time usually on the final 3 bosses. Not worth the frustration.

  20. I found it last night and I have to say the lack of skill my teammates showed foe this event was staggering. We didn't beat the event in a few tries and a few of them just left.

  21. All this madness for a duplicate exotic you already have unlocked. i'll pass on that! your better of doing Legend Lost Sector to gain Exotics (You haven't obtained).

  22. I distinctly remember running by this day one and being one shot by the boss. I was just trying to get across the map

  23. This event is not worth the time and the effort. Rather solo farm lost sectors on master (neither hard nor all that time consuming for most of them), particularly after the exo drop rate there has been fixed and increased by the recent patch.

  24. I was lucky enough to walk right in the middle of it, the third phase actually.

  25. Do I need to buy the lightfall DLC to play it?

  26. I can never seem to have more that myself and maybe 1 or 2 other guardians in zone when this pops. My game also crashes every single time I get the encounter down tot the last set of enemies. This has happened 6 times now.

  27. Just had 2 to pop within 5 minutes of each other

  28. Has bungie addressed the vex strike force crash?

  29. What a buggy mess. I finally got into a strike force, and in the last phase, the enemies that spawn the craniums weren't spawning. When they did, it was right in the center of the three bosses, and nobody could get one because we'd get instantly stomped.


  30. Apparently this drops new exotics for you is this true?

  31. Bro I just went there and got it.. while I was watching this video 😂😂💪🏻💪🏻

  32. Figured there'd be an incursion zone tracker, 4 weeks in and nothing.

  33. Just spawned 5 back to back. Idk what happened or how I did it. There was a huge lobby, though.

  34. I had this appear 3 times in a row but I didn't know what it was

  35. Rank 50 with the nerd in Neuroma and I still haven’t ever seen this event pop up.

  36. I came across it tonight and we beat the event. I heard the chest spawn but couldn't find it!!! WTF? It was Ahimsa Park near the towers that erupt from the ground over a cave. Even checked in the cave… nothing!

  37. 1810 on all characters, +18 on artifact. Guardian Rank 9. Ive played this game A LOT.

    I havent seen this event ONCE. Oh and Ive spent time on Neo, I have 2 of 3 characters Strand Fragments fully unlocked.

  38. bro im 1661 😭 i gotta catch up with yall, does anyone know how? i dont have any of my dlcs because my xbox gamepass ultimate subscription expired

  39. The reason why you get your super back so fast, with Vex Cranium use, is due to the damage you're doing. Bungo changed super Regen to correlate with damage done last year.

    It's also why, again last year, you'd get your super back really fast with Scythe use aboard the Leviathan. Nothing special, just you doing a lot of damage.

  40. I like your instruction video, Thanks keep it up My Friend

  41. ps is you are not able to do legend lost sectors you can get the same exotics from this i never did a legend lost sector and i got star eater scales

  42. So besically if im only playing this game a couple hourse every other night theres no fucking way im getting these gauntlets 😂😂😂😂

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