Destiny 2: Vex Mythoclast Catalyst Guide That Isn't 4 Months Late, I Swear -

Destiny 2: Vex Mythoclast Catalyst Guide That Isn’t 4 Months Late, I Swear

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I said I would make a Vex Mythoclast Catalyst guide. I forgot. This is me freeing my conscious of that mistake. Watch it or don’t, I don’t really care. Because I am now free from what binds me.

Plate 1 – 0:30
Plate 2 – 1:31
Plate 3 – 3:03
Plate 4 – 4:06
Plate 5 – 5:10

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  1. Used this guide for my clan thank you Datto

  2. After 9 weeks of trying in a row I finally got the gun today

  3. It’s like you waited for me to get it. Thanks Datto! 😀

  4. This video was posted an hour before I got vex, so that's neat

  5. Great timing as i go on yt after I got vex to finally drop

  6. Thanks for this man. I just got the vex running the raid my very first time. This catalyst sounds amazing and well needed.

  7. Watch the time limit! I did not knew about it. If you cant jump that well it will be gone till you reach the portal.Go as close to the portal as possible before you start the Oracles. I wasted it with Warlock, was really pissed and for that reason I becomed Hunter main. Their jumps are much easier for me.

  8. ok so ill never being getting this one. I play almost solo all the time for lack of people to play with. There's no way I'd get this through a lfg group. RIP. Probably my divine punishment for getting the Vex on my very first D2 VOG game. There were quite a few salty people…

  9. Got vex 3rd try and yeah, I got called some names by my fireteam 😂 then my friend got it next run hahaha

  10. So basically it requires you to have friends, which is sad, because anyone who uses vex in pvp, does not have any of those.

  11. Don't worry my anxiety is so bad, I did my first raid and got fate head, arm, tail, and VEX so now I got 1 completion and a fate and vex a so this will help cause now I need the caty, 🙂

  12. Still waiting for the actual Vex Mythoclast to drop 🙃

  13. POV it took way to long for this gun to drop so the late upload didn't affect you

  14. sees that it requires communication

    Guess I'll never get this catalyst. My recently acquired Vex will never lay power eggs 🙁

  15. Watching this because I finally got the gun on my 47th clear.

  16. When you hop back in after 7 months, start a new clan, clear vog with people new to destiny, and then end up getting Vex….

  17. Got Vex today on my 58th run, so don't worry ma man, these two additional months don't bother me at all

  18. This isn't very descriptive in where the oricles spawn. Rather than explain and showing where the oracle 1 for the maze spawned.

  19. And 3 months later I finally got my vex so I guess we were both late. Thanks

  20. Just joined the game again and got vex after my fourth run, my raid luck will never cease to amaze me

  21. Do we need to redo this when if we don't get into the portal m

  22. I have come here after my 3rd run and got vex 😅

  23. Now the hard part. Trying to find a team who wants to do this

  24. Respect, doing vex as a hunter is hard, all the parkour. Most people go warlock or titan to make those tough jumps easier.

  25. Got Vex today. It's not too late, it's never too late, Datto.

  26. Me who had never even played this raid

  27. I just got into doing raids on destiny and I got this gun on my 3rd try

  28. Not late at all, finally got the drop last night

  29. Whoever decided the portal needed a timer can literally get fucked lol

  30. Does it have to be on legend or master?

  31. Just got mine last night! So your guide still came in handy!

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