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A nice part about games like Destiny, is the story always brings about more mystery. That can be annoying when it takes forever to get an answer, but that’s what fuels the interest and plot for upcoming releases. This game has done it forever and today we are going to talk about some unresolved plot threads and questions we still have regarding Destiny’s story. Who was Elsie talking to? Will the Fanatic return and the Dreaming city curse end? Let’s discuss

“Destiny 2 Unsolved Mysteries”
“Destiny 2 Lore We Still Need Answers To”
“Destiny 2 Story”
“Destiny 2 Lore”

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  1. Watch Bungie hatch the Ahamkara egg just to sell another plushie.

  2. I think Elsie was talking to you when you enter the portal?

  3. Probably ficrul is doing some Ritual from the witness to get Power LV of a disciple and we gonna see him as a raid ore dungeon boss again

  4. Will Calus come back as A Clone

  5. Plot Twist: Elsie was talking to a future version of us before being corrupted by the darkness.

  6. we still don't know about the light supressing creatures on drifter's ship, or what he wants all those motes for.

  7. Just wondered a few days ago what happend to Ahamkara egg from S15

  8. It would be cool if since Fikrul looks to Uldren as a father, if he were to side with us once he finds out Crow and Uldren are the same.

  9. Elsie was probably talking to a branch of the Awoken working with her. Neomuna probably wouldn't use a ship for anything (Besides erasing compromising data from Rasputin) but Queen Mara would definitely assign her some assets with how valuable Elsie is.

  10. If you research destiny its based upon sacred geometry. Im pretty sure since its all over the place. Engrams, final shape, all of the lore and more. So I think all realities are real. Imagine perspectives as individual realities, they are but so is the reality encompassing us. Like an egg before it hatches still makes a chicken so if only eggs existed then wouldnt that mean chickens exist just within a form of reality. Humans are like blossoming flowers and ideas and such are like the pollen giving birth to new realities within reality. When a person takes the constructs that they learn and understand from reality and use it to create something then a nother reality is born. The unreal is real its just not formed in a certain way yet. Like thinking of a plane and its details is the egg and then the whole plane is a chicken, does a plane exist when its an idea or when its fully completed and even when its completed arent there varaitions like multiverses. Its like how a reality can support a reality until it becomes a different form. Like imagine a game is just a super non complex form but its still been created so its like a window into a different universe connected by the creation and details. This may be why all gods exist because all different forms of god and gods and other things exist. Like how a flower can spread pollen and give birth to new flowers, reality can form new realities within and outside. In a way i mean that earth is one flower and it gives birth to many other flowers on and in itself. Humans the same with cells and virus and bacteria and food. We break things down and use the pieces. We break down our reality to construct thoughts based on the pieces, those thoughts are connected to the pieces even if they seem unreal or unrelated. Right is the current shape but there are many shapes inside, games, math, language, colors, so much and they layer in out of each other. Its a mixing of realities and this one we are in is a version but just as an inventor brings things out of the unknown and unreal so too do many others just not currently. Does something not exist because it hasnt hatched yet?

  11. since the black heart was an attempt to replicate the veil but only having a weak connection to the traveler, I bet we’re going to utilize it by the end of the season as a means to enter the portal

  12. Fikrul is a problem only Uldren Crow can solve. The return of Sjur Eido would be a boon to Mara Sov, and perhaps might be linked to solving the Dreaming City curse. Didn't that Ah'emkhara Egg have the appearance of being 'Taken'? Still think that big white glowing key like thing sticking outta the Witness's Pyramid Ship and pointing DIRECTLY into the middle of that Portal cut into the Traveler's Sphere is a thing.

  13. More big mysteries would be cool. Exo Stranger's identity was a very interesting plot point but I was a little disappointed that the community just figured it years ago, and then that was confirmed. I hope we get more of that type of stuff.

  14. 7:19 Maybe this scene will be part of Destinys next chapter after the Light and Saga Story is finish next year. With the Vex going back in time or different realities and Elsa chasing them around, maybe this scene is when she goes back in time and warm us about the Vex.Maybe she is talking to the new Guardian (US) from next Chapter.

  15. Also will we ever fight those rogue Guardians are have been mention in the lore so many times for so many years

  16. So we know what the big worm/leviathan thing on titan is ahsa. But isn’t there one on europa too? Could it be a sibling? Could it be with the witness?

  17. MSund12, Lakshmi-2 need to confirm kill, toland, Lysander, Who put the forklift on Haakon's Precipice? (and why), Praedyth.

  18. 5 seasons to conclude Dreaming City curse, give Shax his own spotlight (only tower npc not to have one), actually show Xivu in game, bring back Brother Vance, resolve Erasmis loyalty,
    and beat The Witness among other things

  19. can you go live for the show case ? see it all together ?

  20. I still think it's funny. At the end of Destiny 1 OG story we were told FORGET ABOUT ELISE her story is OVER.

  21. i think it would be cool to have a season themed around hunting Fikrul after or during the final shape

  22. I wonder what happened to Riven after we de takened her?

  23. Yo bungie! Just answer this video's questions and we MIGHT forgive the tom foolery you've been giving lately

  24. Wouldnt Elsie have been talking to clovis? (The one that was banshee?) The did fight vex all around the timelines for a long time before she settled on europa

  25. Bold of you to assume Destiny's current writing team is either capable of willing of resolving any remaining plot hook in a satisfactory way. Remember when the Worm Gods WEREN'T doing everything they did because their mom got kidnapped by a guy we casually gunned down right after meeting? Remember when the faction leaders all just bailed?

  26. So, here is an odd theory for ya:
    I think we've met multiple versions of the Stranger (Elsie Bray).
    Her behavior with us in Destiny 1 compared to her joining us in Beyond light in Destiny 2 to teach us Stasis, her motives appear to be different. When we first meet the Stranger all her concern is on us finding the Black Heart and destroying it (a Vex attempt to simulate the Veil). Then in Destiny 2, we get nothing from her until Eramis steps onto the stage and we step in to show the Eliksni there is a better way (House of Light).
    Now, obviously we're talking about two different games over many years apart in development, but narratively this difference has made no sense to me since just after Beyond Light. What I'm speculating is that Elsie Bray has traveled to the past multiple times. Each time with a different objective. This could explain her apparent difference in motives since the main campaign of Destiny 1. It would explain why she seems less cautious and more involved with each moment that brings us closer to the Final Shape.
    When she is talking to that other persona over her coms that we never get to know in D1, I've always had this suspicion that who/or whatever it was speaking to her on the other side was a time traveler too. Now, who else has time traveled in Destiny lore that we know of that may be friendly to our Guardian? Maybe if we can figure this out we will have a much better idea how she was able to travel back in time in the first place. Are we going to Mercury again tomorrow? (season 22?)

  27. It'd be pretty cool if they bring Shin Malpur back into the Sol System and seem him reacting to the current affairs of the system

  28. One mystery/story thread I would like to see expanded upon is the Aphelion. A very interesting yet mysterious creature!

  29. Maybe Blorbo IS the Fanatic as a screeb

    Also what is MSund12

  30. What about the droid attack on the Wookies?

  31. What happened to the savathun song narrative?

  32. My question is how did the light and darkness come to be

  33. What does "but the helmet stayed on" means with Mara and Shaxx in the lore is the most important clarification we need!

  34. I don't believe that Cayde's message "it's on Enceladus" was a abandoned story about the Deep Stone Crypt. The message was to Petra Venj so why would him go after the location of the DSC and give it to Petra? It doesn't make sense. Bungie may have had other purposes for this message but they still can give some conclusion to it. Maybe something related to Sjur Eido. She is trapped is some kind of maze…could it be related to the Vex like the Infinity Forest, Pyramidium and the Vex Network it self? Sjur Eido does not have the knowledge that Asher Mir had and have to integrate to the network so she could get stuck someway in there for a reason we might discover in the future post Final Shape.

  35. where is and who is Fenchurch really……
    the floor patern in the wrath ofthe Machine raid..
    seweing our own grave in the time spire season of osiris.

    how Titan IS fundament

  36. Does the fanatic have the same smokey glow as cayde in the FS trailer? Do we need to do a Ahamkara wish to get through or get him back?

  37. what iu the witness absorbed the fanatic? after all he failed his task he might even be part of some pyramid ship for all we know 🙂 edit: could be elsies ghost we don't c her when we meet her
    cause what if those ghosts weren't made by the traveler? what if clovis made em n made it so as to make it look like the traveler did it? after all we got no clue where they came from

  38. I don't care much for all the mysteries. Everything now up to Neptune I was hoping for more military, invasion, siege type gameplay and story. When Destiny 2 first came out and we played through the Tower falling, that sort of combat was awesome. I just spent the last two days grinding out Season of the Deep and… Though I love the aquatic theme. The end result was lack luster. Also, am I the only one that is little tired of fighting Hive gods?

  39. Ahamkaras, being shape-shifters, can still exist.

  40. I remember there being a secret code in the Asylum map in Destiny 1 that no one has cracked yet.

    There is also wish 15 that we don’t know about, as well as the Galaxy Pools that can only be found when glitching out of the EDZ

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