Destiny 2 - THE STATE OF DESTINY AND THE FINAL SHAPE! New PvP Map, Gambit and MASSIVE Changes -


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Today Bungie released a massive “State Of The Game” article with over 6,000 words. In this video, let’s breakdown everything you need to know! From gameplay systems to the Final Shape and beyond!

State Of Destiny Article:

0:00 Intro
0:58 Ritual Updates
2:07 Crucible/PvP
2:50 New Vex Map, Relic Mode and Modifier
6:05 Matchmaking Improvements
6:37 New Iron Banner Mode and Pulse Rifle
6:57 Citadel Map Returns
7:07 Vanguard Changes
7:20 Vanguard Medals
8:15 Battleground Nightfall/GMs
8:50 Gambit: Cathedral Map, New Enemies, Etc.
10:17 Armor Set Rewards
11:07 Game Security
12:43 Stability Updates
13:18 Seasonal Structure
13:48 Huge Quality Of Life Changes
15:30 Sandbox Changes
15:35 New Strand Aspects
15:59 Exotic Armor Reworks
16:17 New Weapon Subfamilies
16:30 Weapon Tuning
17:47 Pathfinder System and Recap

“Destiny 2 State Of The Game”
“Destiny 2 The Final Shape”
“Destiny 2 News”
“Destiny 2 Bungie”

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  1. Why don’t they just hire more people ?

    “Oh yeah we have to merge teams to make more maps”

    Hire more people so you don’t have to merge teams and you can make new maps while adding changes to the core playlists

  2. So I’m calling it ..
    Titans bear theme.
    Hunters fox theme.
    Warlock some other bird.

  3. Lol what garbage rationale for the seasonal armor. "We gave yall ugly armor and it's unpopular. We figure it'd be easier to sell you nice armor instead." Dicks.

  4. My Clan of over 200 people was very active & quite alive just over six months ago. Now my clan has virtually no active players. I don't wonder why anymore

  5. A bunch oh QOL changes, a crucible map, and Gambit somehow gets even more annoying…. outstanding

  6. So they can’t make armour nice enough in ritual activities for people to want to use but they make nice armour that’s behind a paywall. Honestly after lightfall this games dead, it’s just a cash grab at this point. If something won’t directly make money it’s not worth improving in their eyes.

  7. State of Destiny tldr: We’ve checked out completely because we don’t have enough staff to keep making Destiny 2.

  8. The ritual armours have low adoption rates because they’re fucking ugly, not because people don’t want them. Bungie really gives me the impression that either:

    A) they’re concentrating maximum resource on the narrative of the remaining seasons and Final Shape, or

    B) they’re over it, and winding shit down to move resource over to Marathon and other projects

  9. New maps or bringing old maps .. if is new maps for pvp . Is 2 more like conjuction . Sucks

  10. What they need to do is have more of the hundreds and hundreds of armor and weapons drop and stop having Randy's throwing knife and positive outlook be the only things that drop for weapons and the gear we started out with years ago when D2 launched. Literally trash

  11. I'll tell you what gambit needs. You get to have a gaurdian cross over once and that's it. Let it be areal race and not a giant phuckfest

  12. Since the GDC and after the state of the game I am left feeling apathy.

  13. 13:41 how bout making more seasonable earning ranks then 100 like every season pass from cod over fortnite has 100 earnable steps but how about making it up to 155 or 125 idk

  14. I like to think that Destiny 2 feels shallower because they've already got a substantial squad working on post-Final Shape content. 🤡 I can dream…

  15. Love how they can’t make armor every year for the vendors but they make new armor ornaments every 3 months for eververse lmao lame

  16. Don’t plan on playing FS only interested in lore vids . D2 is dead ☠️

  17. I feel like Destiny could have benefitted from not having a games a service platform but a more traditional game release. A lot of the fluff could have been dropped, more focus on PvP, and encourage raid play. Every season seems more paper thin than the last.

  18. I think that light fall is the best destiny will get. If you liked light fall and how it delivered content you’re okay. If you want anything more than vendor refreshes on top of that, it’s just not happening. As a solo player it’s probably time for me to check out

    Not to say that destiny is bad. But it is a NINE year old game. Very interesting study about holy long a service can hold itself up

  19. they should add the option of matchmaking in gm nightfalls or raids

  20. That sucks about the playlist armor sets. Current sets helm and mark on titan are some of my favorite armor

  21. To me it sounds like Bungie is tired of Destiny and have checked out on caring about it.

  22. We will see what changes on August 29th when Season 22 starts, I guess.

  23. I honestly hope final shape flops Bungie is actively doing the bare minimum to the community that kept their game alive even when curse of Osiris was so bad it nearly killed the game. Bungie has under-delivered at every point and begs us to spend money in their cash shop more and more, on the bare minimum it's like buying a car and selling basic parts for it to function as optional extras.

  24. Im really hoping they add Crossbows to The Final Shape, like they added Glaives in The Witch Queen

  25. Whaddya fuckin’ know lads. Checkmate Crucible, where you can actually just play the damn game instead of sweating hard. What a concept. Crucible may be fun again.

  26. Can someone from community push this idea to bungie?
    I'd like an update to the collections, weapons mostly. As there is no point in seeing a random roll, they could show us the perkpool for each weapon, where you can see how the stats work with what perks. Also, adding a "source" field, indicating where you can get it would be nice

  27. I wonder why they didn't bring back the tangled Shore Gambit-Map.
    And also I'm quite sure that it was stated that in S22 there will be this exotic-mission rotator.

  28. The state of the game is I'm done playing.

  29. What I don't get is about Gambit is them saying its not played enough and that's why they aren't doing anything with it. But shouldnt you update it and make it better if you want people to play it? It makes no sense to me.

  30. Ony thing Bungie is good at is being woke and annoying. This game has gone down the drain, someone turned on the garbage disposal.

  31. Pvp maps and armor sets to hard to make. This is what happens when you hire a ton of people with degrees and no real life experience. Then take all the experienced people and put them on a different project. Destiny is officially a dead game. Limping to the end of its story.

  32. The state of the game is Destiny has burned so many of us that, not only are we not playing Destiny , but our group has already decided that Marathon is OUT! I will not spend 1 dollar for anything else Bungie sells. They have gotten enough of our money for next to nothing! LOL

  33. This whole state of the game can be simplified to only the Armor set rewards part. That is the crux of Bungie's vision with the game. Is it free? Not worth our resources. Is it paid? We will put some effort in it. Will it bring us money on top of normal paid content? We're not gonna talk about this AT ALL in the State of the Game, but you bet your sweet ass half of our resources are put into maximizing its profits.

  34. one last year for a sad ending farewell destiny, im waiting for new seasons and chapters and the end of the lore last time i played d2 in a month waiting new quests new lore new location and no farming or raid

  35. I did not have Joe Blackburn trying to gaslight me on my 2023 Bungie Bingo Card

  36. Finally, an unbiased content creator that doesn't just drag their audience through complaining about what Bungie said.

  37. We spend all that time grinding for meta weapons and armor so we can be competitive and comfortable and maybe finally catch up on all the years of backcontent and triumphs, and then Bungie says, "lol nope jk, start over". So infuriating.

  38. Nobody plays gambit because bungie doesn’t care about it so bungie cares even less because there’s no one playing it

  39. Bungie refuses to deliver a good product but has no problem charging people extra money from their micros. They can’t even provide new armor seasonally and just straight up said they won’t because no one wears it? Might be because it’s reskinned trash with 50pt rolls. They claimed major positive changes to gambit and the come out with this. Everyone should just stop playing and hit them there because they obviously refuse to listen to the community.

  40. they gave up on gambit, locking best gear on eververse reason why they wont make any of the "free armor" look good, cause they want you to buy the ornaments.

  41. i don’t want destiny to end but i think they know the community will keep playing as long as updates are still coming, destiny will continue for years and they know us destiny die hard fans will continue spending money and playing it

  42. I haven’t picked up Destiny 2 in a while. It sucks cause I used to play that nonstop but there’s just no reason to play, I can just buy everything if I want something new

  43. I want elimination back as a permanent gamemode..

  44. So now, every time I get a new ship, I won’t have to go and get a transmat from collections😅 nightmare entrance ftw

  45. The State of Destiny……

    A Dumpster Fire….

    Where are they taking Destiny? To the Toilet cause of what they said….is a Pile of Human Excrement.

    In other words, Destiny is dead and on the way to a 6 feet hole.

    Bungle is a perfect example of a Company with break throughts in the industry who became irrelevant with time. Bungie has become a Meme, a representation of bad Leafership and Management! They are too proud to tell the truth or even real to try to fix what THEY BROKE.

    I am kind of Angry cause I have played over 5000 hours between both games and this tells me, they don't value me nor value you as a Customer. I am not pre-ordering next DLC and neither should you!

  46. I just hope we get an update where they bring back the red war campaign. Because with how they completely erased it from the game and started making endless stories out of it that didn't have as much impact as the original destiny 2 story is just sad. In addition, no one cares about the fact that the game was paid for when it was released and they just delete it. It would be great to have the Red War campaign back.

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