Destiny 2 - Sounds of the Vex [Sound Effects Compilation] -

Destiny 2 – Sounds of the Vex [Sound Effects Compilation]

Aegis Mind
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Here’s something I’ve been up to over the last few months. I really love the Vex. I also recorded several other things along the way. Enjoy!


  1. Wonderful! Can you do one on the Fallen next?

  2. Brakion screaming in fury after coming through the gate haunted me in my sleep. Bungie creates the most amazing experiences in their games!

  3. Really awesome video!! LOVE the highly digitized sounds of the vex.

  4. Do you have any compilations of the Cabal? I can't find any on this site, and I really need them for a reference.

  5. Vex remind me of the Angel's from evangelion

  6. The vex are badass robot pharoahs of the destiny matrix

  7. Ahh, a fellow sunbreaker and exo, it’s good to see another of our kind

  8. I like the sound of Ultra Hydra very much. I remember Templer.

  9. It's always amusing to hear the goblins screech when they see you

  10. Would it be possible to have a short video of Insurrection Prime’s sound effects?

  11. 16:14 W H O M S T V E H A S A W A K E N T H E A N C I E N T O N E

  12. that first one is deadass a reaper from mass effect 3

  13. Heavy servitors sound interesting too! BEEP BOOP BOOP

  14. Thanks for making this, I've always wanted to hear noises from Destiny without much intervention.

  15. Is there a plan to do the Sanctified Mind sound effects?

  16. Aw, no cyclops death noise. It's my favorite vex noise

  17. I've been trying to describe 17:19 to my friends and now I finally have a reference. THANK YOU

  18. I can’t seem to find the whole Vex alert sound that goes like “RRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUU” like a vex alarm. I don’t think it’s in this video tho

  19. Ikora: "I'll hold it open for as long as I can!" Guardian: "Sorry, I'm just enjoying this sound design…"

  20. Do you plan to update this one day? Also, I miss mercury.

  21. 2:37 I always liked the teleporter sound effect, thought it sounded like a really distorted and slowed song

  22. Many thanks for putting this together. I will be using it for an upcoming lore reading! Great stuff. You have my sub.

  23. Actually the argos sound are from templar… I love that…

  24. Such a shame most of this content was removed from the game!

  25. this is a godsend

    trying to describe Vex sounds from memory then write about them has been the most frustrating experience of my life

  26. good on you for spending the time putting this together … wish the quality were a bit higher … but i think it's the sample rate / compression of the older versions of the code for those sounds specifically, because i can hear higher frequencies in some of the walking around / dripping / whatever ambience … would LOVE to see / hear a capture of the new subtle stuff from the first europa mission in current expansion … not sure if it's in the music or part of the BG sfx

  27. If I had a dollar for every time a guardian has killed me I would be rich

  28. Do you plan on doing the sound effects of the Vex in the Vault of Glass? Would be awesome to hear those sounds without having people yell in my ear or other sounds overlapping certain sounds (i.e. Templar, Gorgons, Atheon, etc.)

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