Destiny 2 - SIVA EASTEREGG & FRIENDLY VEX! Nessus Secrets, Friendly Harpy Explained, & Future DLC -

Destiny 2 – SIVA EASTEREGG & FRIENDLY VEX! Nessus Secrets, Friendly Harpy Explained, & Future DLC

Rifle Gaming
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Captain Jacobson, & the friendly harpy explained. Also, at the end of this video I show a Siva easter egg!

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  1. The one line you couldn’t decode was the final proof. He said shared mind. So he is sharing a mind with the vex. He is the harpy Indeed

  2. The harpy and captain Jacobson share a mind that is what it ment by "captain Jacobson. Yes come. Share mind"

  3. The we share minds part seems pretty explanatory to me, but perhaps I'm wrong. It seems he was trying to tell them that it was him, the captain, but through vex mind sharing.

  4. But the friendly harpy does not tell us any information that it was not just told by failsafe. It would also make sense if the empathetic mind was doing an experiment to try to commune with us.

  5. The vex and the captain share minds or something on those lines.

  6. Soooo… Are the Vex emotional beings capable of compassion, or are they just mindless killer robots? I don't get it!!

  7. 6:10 I think it's trying to say come and share your thoughts or come and join our mind

  8. Don't know how I missed this videos, well Youtube I guess…

  9. I think that when the Harpy said "Captain Jacobson. Yes. Come. Share mind.." I think it acknowledged that it is/was Captain Jacobson. The come part i think may reference you following it around for answers. And the share mind part may mean how the Harpy and Jacobson share one mind, or how the Vex themselves share one mind, or it could be a reference to the Empathic Mind you fight later on in the mission

  10. The captains brain waves are in the harpy however it say Share mind so the captain has taken over the harpy but sometimes the harpy take over. share minds

  11. ok I know i'm from like 9 months late from early destiny 2 but what i'm guessing from saying these "Machines." maybe aren't SIVA or the vex what if it's the descendants you know the vex from vaults of glass and the 1st mission of the Curse of Osiris DLC but maybe since captain Jacobson's memory was put into the harpy what happened to his knowledge of the machines during the golden age maybe using common technology combined with the vex technology that's how the vex made that shield so maybe just maybe all the things that the vex have been creating they must be using Captain Jacobson's knowledge of golden age tech plus there tech into making new weaponry and different machines but as a die hard Destiny fan I think this is a pretty good theory of the "Machines." that took Jacobson. P.S. no need for likes but you can go ahead if you like.

  12. the harpy means share my thoughts by "share mind".

  13. The second message is “ Yes, I am captain Jakobson. Come share your memories.”

  14. It could be yes come share captain Jacobson’s mind

  15. He mind was transferred into vex mind fluid that’s inset the harpy

  16. Osiris does not know anything about captain Jacobson

  17. Why I think that harpy is captain is because exo are humans who got transferred into the exo's so I believe the vex could have done the same thing with the captain. It could have been one of there test's like how they did test's on his crew member's

  18. Captain Jacobson yes come share mind = yes Captain Jacobson we share minds

  19. The harpy or caption says share mind so like maybe it means share your brainwaves with it

  20. Mabye it's trying to say Captain Jacobson come share mind yes

  21. The vex share a hive mind and captain j is a apart of the controlling that harpie but because he's human all his memories weren't transferred

  22. Hey Rifle Gaming, I just got a theory that’s crazy enough to be true. So, This goes back to the highly plausible theory about Jacobson’s brain waves being in that harpy. I fully believe in that, but I have something to add on. So, Jacobson’s crew slowly died before he went to the array. What if (when Jacobson left), the crew got overrun with Vex. Remember Jacobson’s log at the end of that mission? I think that’s also what happened to the crew AND the colony they brought along. When the Harpy says “Loss, we will test loss”, I believe that the Vex the Harpy summoned are just some of the crew and colonies overrun by Vex, but they were corrupted and became insane with the shared minds. This put led them to becoming almost fully Vex. I also believe the memories you have to collect in the Quest before the Friendly Harpy shows up is the rest of the crew. Like the others, they went insane, but they actually held on to the belief that Captain Jacobson was actually coming back. This can be supported by the last Crew log, where Jacobson said he would come back for his crew.

  23. 6:08. I think that when the vex digitise brainwaves the human one has the share with the vex mind so that may explain why he can't speak normally and in 3rd person because he is trying to fight for control.

  24. At 6:07 I think the phrase means that the harpy and the captains shared their minds in the way it was digitised then transferred to the harpy

  25. The harpy was saying that they share a mind. Because and I quote "captain Jacobson, yes come,

  26. I think when the Harpy says yes come share mind it wants you to become a vex because the vex are like a hive mind as in they share thoughts and it tests you to see if you could even begin to try to become vex

  27. As for the 'come, share mind'. I mean, it's probably fairly obvious that Jacobson either 'shared' his mind with the Vex willingly…or unwillingly, but is otherwise floating around, sharing his mind with the collective while otherwise being fragmented off in the harpy. Also possible that some of the other crew members are floating around in there.

  28. The captain/harpy was telling our guardian to follow him, to share mind’s. The vex are “one mind” a group of minds that were once living creatures….

  29. Do a lore on harpies an what are there purpose.

  30. Ok Soo iv'e completed the story with my Hunter, then got a warlock did the story, but I didn't get the sword for my warlock also I had did forsaken with my Hunter than did the warlock but no sword……HALP!!!

  31. Oh he the harpy is saying "share mind" to share the information about the harpy in the conflux

  32. Can someone please tell me why the hell do harpies look so creepy

  33. Do you think in Destiny 3 we’re gonna be able to play as Vex and Fallen Guardians as a new Race choice because they’re some friendly ones in the game

  34. When he said come share mind it is saying harpy and caption are sharing a mind

  35. I have wish they added the consumed shell into d2

  36. I think the harpy means to say yes let’s share minds because maybe the captain was hooked up to a machine to put his brain into the harpy

  37. The harpy and captain Jacobson shared memory's and despite the fact harpy being the primary personality it still has the captain's memorys

  38. Yeah I’m pretty sure it’s called the outbreak perfected

  39. 6:13 I think he wants to show his thoughts if his brain and memories are digitized, it could be possible for it to be projected.

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