Destiny 2 Showcase 2022 - Livestream -

Destiny 2 Showcase 2022 – Livestream

Destiny 2
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It has arrived. As we prepare for fate to unfold, the people of the Last City look to the stars—to us—for hope. And while we have triumphed in the face of impossible odds before, this time feels different. But if there is to be no escape, our story will be one of courage; one of legends.

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  1. This is reality show w/o the reality. Mega cringe. don't know why they make the devs do this.

  2. Please have guardian ranks apply retroactively, thanks.

  3. These developers actually are really cool. You can tell they really care about their game. Cheers guy, cant wait for lightfall

  4. I think we can ask agree that it would be a good idea for them to bring back the red war.

  5. That recommendation system is going to be abused Im calling it right now. What will stop people from just saying someone was a bad teammate to ruin their recommendation reputation?

  6. 1:49:31 "We're happy to announce today that we're not planning to sunset any more expansions. […] And we're gonna continue to do everything that we can behind the scenes to keep that possible, within our game engine." NOTE: 👀 There is a noticeable difference to saying "[…] we will not sunset any more expansions. […] And we will keep that possible."
    Hate to say it 🤷‍♂, but the FFXIV team states things in the latter way in their equivalent of these Showcases, known as "Letter from the Producer LIVE", the latest being a 3½-hour long Part LXXII, streamed on 22 Aug 2022. The FFXIV team makes definite statements 👌, not approximate promises worded with loopholes Bungie can later wiggle out of 😒. And all of the stories (plural) of FFXIV since the 27 August 2013 launch is playable today, in August 2022 👍, and will remain playable for as long as the game exists.
    WHERE IS ALL OF THE DESTINY STORY SINCE 2014 IN DESTINY 2, HUH 🤔? HOW DO I PLAY THE ENTIRE "LIGHT AND DARKNESS SAGA" (that's not a pompous expression at all compared to FFXIV's "Hydaelyn–Zodiark Arc", by the way) FROM THE 2014 BEGINNING TO THE 2024 END WITH ONE CHARACTER, HUH 🤔?
    Answer these questions in a satisfying manner, and I will gladly play Destiny 2. I LOVE ❤ THE UNIVERSE OF DESTINY, just not the game. It's a glorious universe ⭐, just mostly wasted 😞…
    As it stands, all Destiny [1] gave me was 1,900 hours WastedOnDestiny. Hence, I said "No" to Destiny 2.
    I do look forward to the Destiny stories in non-gaming media, though 🙂.

  7. Not to take away from any of this epic-ness, but man do I miss Deej. Sad that he's not part of this epic journey.

  8. I honestly was hoping for a more gritty, hopeless, dark, amd horrific expansion. I very much like what I saw, but it was definetely missing more darkness and destruction

  9. Desiree 🍆 I am Online 💋 F Uc_k me says:

    For probably losing the Traveler and the Last City in this expansion, this is far more upbeat than I was expecting. So hyped

  10. Why not keep the older expansions on the game?! T^T be able to show people from start to finish on the journeys those of us that started with had, so they can experience it for themselves?!

  11. it's funny all we asked for was matchmaking for raids, nightfall and all the other sections of the game that did have matchmaking and instead they give us guardian ranks to make things easier to find people to play. when matchmaking would have been an easier fix to code into the game.

  12. Does anybody knows the music that's used in 1:21:18 when they introduced Strand?

  13. Marketing: nice to see a Day1RaidBelt in Person
    Sam: put it away

    Edit: also Sam: gives maybe a hint that some of his ppl sold their Belt

    It's signed with your Gamertag so… yeah
    ppl sure buy all kinds of stuff they do not need

  14. After Stasis, one would have thought that there would be a new darkness subclass each expansion, but nope. Light re-works even took way too long overall. They are so slow. This game will forever be the case of what could have been. But hey, consume the season and be happy about it and get ready for the next season and be happy about it. Hope Matter is a banger while this epicness is lowered.

  15. when are they gonna give us a new race for once

  16. Amy 🔥 I WANT SЕХ 💋 F Uc_k me says:

    Wasn’t expecting this 80’s style but pretty awsome, seeing us being able to wield this new ability makes it like we are the powerful end boss lol

  17. Did they just turn the Titan into a Diablo Whirlwind Barbarian??? (>.<) Destiny is a game that gets better when you play with your friends???…so why did you make it so convolutedly hard to FIND GROUPS to run stuff (especially the raids and higher challenge stuff)??? Destiny has been very elitist on this…it is always KWTD…LOL!!! Suspect anti-bot and cheat program (flagged by Norton on occasion…weird) and noe to DL a not very well known App that give access to your phone and its data as an LFG tool??? – And a new way to troll and BE TOXIC to other players by "ranking them" Hwow…really Bungo???

  18. Oh and before I forget…YOU NEED A CREW…lol did they really just rip-off the "Warband" mechanics of Diablo…from Blizzard…(it's a miserable mechanics that creates divisions in a Clan…unless they can somehow improve the mechanics of what a crew is as it relates to clan activity). – Funny how Bungie is not really mentioning anything abou the upcoming "NEW" game currencies they will make you grind for or pay for…that will be the real surpeise. This "new" season had eyecandy graphics…but…is still a re-grind of "new game currencies" for the same routine game mechanics for "new" RNG perk items…wow who would have thought (>.<).

  19. Titans will be competitive in this new environment…LOL!!!…after ALL the nerfs you have done to Titans you now want to restore their melee ability to how it was??? What next???…rebalance Warlocks and Hunters after you find Titans became OP again??? Joing with EPIC…well I can't wait what kind of lootbox micros Bungie will be coming up with (I will still let Bungo take my money if they are fun nuff…but know that D4…is looming around…seems like D-I is its practice evironment since it is their game both on platform-phone-pc) – 😀

  20. As someone that has been playing D1 and D2 since launch. It is nice to see a new LFG system. I've been struggling since D1 to bring myself to pay with random blueberries. I've only been playing with family and they have since relatively stopped. So… I basically have no one. 🙁

  21. Bungie came through with our ideas LET'S GO!!!!◉‿◉

  22. For probably losing the Traveler and the Last City in this expansion, this is far more upbeat than I was expecting. So hyped

  23. again… destiny making warlocks weak… soo.. Novabomb (with cluster homing), but green. Nice.

  24. Stopped playing this game. It's too hard to do everything as a solo player

  25. Your company likes to smell poop & glimmer & the most important thing is xp , this game is garbage so hilarious how they scamm the entire game industry with nonsense loot all pinnacle rewards didn't level me up at all , most pinnacle reward is glimmer & xp so hilarious the raid boss died more then 155x times 6 players ! All 6 players didn't got anything then just glimmer & xp ahahwhahhw this company is never worth 3.9 billion dollars they scammed all Japanese & Chinese people 😂😂😂😂💩 so hilarious , didn't see any pinnacle reward claimed it but it's not in the stash & it's not in the inventory 😂😂😂😂 the dungeon deulity after the boss dies the entire room is glitching so hilarious & still no fix this company took the 3.9 billion dollars & they went to holiday they don't care about you or the game so hilarious they give you glimmer & xp haha a ghost shell that doesn't do anything ow wait it does something lol xp & glimmer , arc 3.0 is trash & you all know it just again nonsense powers lol 😆 i already told you all this game is dead raid are empty nobody is playing it they only made this game for their own friends its so hilarious these people need to get their head checked they keep the game alive by rewarding players with glimmer & xp wow man so amazing & on the top of that all raid boss died more then 155x times & the rewards haha glimmer & xp 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 so hilarious 0 exotic nice scam for keeping your game alive , again this game is dead since it came out not really worth your time or money ! The person who paid 3.9 billion dollars for this haha you got scammed good haha really good ! The hilarious part is that all raid are empty haha & this company made the raid only for them self's & their own friends you can see how happy they are 3.9 billion dollars haha haha clearly they don't care about the game maybe in their dreams 😂 so amazing a ghost shell that gives glimmer & xp wow man so amazing ! I was 1595 power level 😂 now I am 1575 ! Just again wasted everyone's time haha no thank you never again I gonna support this company , they still living under a rock thank fully I am over the 4500 euro in warframe , & 2300 euro in fortnite . 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤫 & in destiny 2 hahahahaha 0 euro !

  26. We all know that strand is just an excuse for bungie to make whatever they what

  27. Can't wait to see how more useless & ugly the Warlock class gets in Lightfall. I mean it's already pretty useless & really ugly. Worst jump in the game floats slowly to the ground while enemies unload on you instead of dropping like a stone. Or better yet removing entire subclasses of their abilities bc they "won too much "

    But the most I'm looking forward to is how ugly they can make their fashion. I mean Warlocks look so terrible now i can't believe it can get any worse, but i have faith Bungie. I have faith that your hate for Warlocks is stronger than my skepticism.

    You may think I'm being hyperbolic but if you only go to the forums on your own companion app that Bungie doesn't even veiw then you would see post after post after post of Warlock mains upset at how useless their character is. They are already the least played subclass in the game by your own analytics, & i believe that you can get that number even lower. I think you can make everyone not want to use Warlocks entirely.

    Arc 3.0 has made Warlocks pretty awful but i believe in you Bungie. I believe that you can make them even worse. Prove me wrong Bungie i dare you.

  28. Ice breaker what happened to that snipper

  29. Lightfall soundtrack gonna be 🔥🔥🔥🔥!! Cant wait !!!

  30. Is it just me or did anyone else notice the trust hand cannon being used at 1:25:40

  31. Will strand at some point be available to paying players

  32. A nova bomb like super for warlock, a behemoth like super for titan, and a brand new unique super for hunters. And the fact you guys openly admitted you were going to only give hunters a unique ability before deciding to give it to all 3. Can you guys just try a touch harder to hide your blatant Hunter bias already?

  33. New destination looks incredible, Definitely a step in the right direction!!!

  34. El Lore de destiny es algo de otro mundo (como se nota que Activision metió mano) y es de los mejores loot shooter de mundo abierto, mezcla todo muy bien, pero en el dos lo tiraron todo por la borda

  35. Not a fan of how Bungie locks all there guns behind a pay wall. You don't release any 540rpm Pulse rifles for free but will lock It behind a Paid for seasonal event. You'll take an amazing gun from destiny 1 (Eysluna) that you could earn from free and the market it to your players for like £20. Are you nuts??? What's is this greed. All the weapons your can earn for free in this game are terrible. Not everyone can afford to buy things over and over again, Me included. I took a break from D2 back in season 9 and have recently come back and I'll be honest I'm not impressed with how the content of the game is being handled. Also why is Trails locked behind a pay wall????? Wasn't it free in destiny 2. You also took the ability to earn bright engrams everytime you levelled up. What is with the GREED…!!!

  36. Best showcase you guys have done so Far!!!

    So excited for lightfall and LFG for those long nights grinding dungeons

  37. An you all said playing with string wouldn't be fun

  38. Where is the so called "anti-cheat" in Destiny, all you focus on is the content but not the players?

  39. I have a feeling that bungie is going to be working on another subclass in final shape and another light subclass

  40. seeing the people who run this show makes it pretty obvious why the art direction is going the way it is now..

  41. Important question, all expansions are free for a week. So if I complete all of beyond light and unlock everything for stasis, can I keep stasis. Or will that go away next week

  42. If bungie pushes back the release date of this, I will be happy because I know that means they are taking more time and putting in more effort into making the best version of this game. Keep up the amazing work! 👍👍

  43. Ugh, the round table conversation was so cringe. I could barely watch that.

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