Destiny 2 Shadowkeep lore - Discussing The Darkness, Oryx & The Vex with Broman! -

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep lore – Discussing The Darkness, Oryx & The Vex with Broman!

My name is Byf
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Destiny 2 Shadowkeep’s lore plays with some fascinating topics from The Vex to The Darkness to Oryx, The Taken King. On stream myself and Professor Broman discussed some of these topics in depth!
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  1. Yeah i agree with Byf, Savathun is based on deception, like the Loki of the hive

  2. One of these times i would love to get in on a conversation with you guys and discuss some of my theories because in the past a lot of them had come true. My brain retains information to the point that it scares me. I've been looking for people that have 200ish+ IQ, it would be nice to have an intelligent conversation for a change. When I expand my YouTube channel I'm making one devoted to finding people like me to let them know that they're not alone and bring them together.

  3. So I was relistening to this at the beginning of season of the splicer and holy shit we have kinda made peace with the two big warring factions being Caital and the house of light and this is we have made allies that can help push back against the darkness rather than being in chaos

  4. As far as I’m aware there’s three major hive factions I will just kind of refer to us houses just to oversimplify it. The House of Oryx, House of Savathun, House of Xivu Arath. Then there are many of the smaller fractured hive factions like the hidden swarm on Luna and the hive remanent on earth and the tangled shore traitors. All of them have a common fear of potentially a slight respect but also a great and overwhelming hatred for the young wolf. If Oryx is The chief DOD of the hive then the young wolf is the devil in the hive pantheon or at the very least the harbinger of death in simpler terms were basically the Grim Reaper to the hive into the hive there is no praise or insult and threats then death and beans like I said dance between life and death so casually and deal death in destruction so effortlessly gives the hive a great deal of jealousy and fear but this may not last due to the pyramids arrival and gifting beings the powers of darkness first stasis and in time poison/corruption a power that has almost infinite potential in terms of war and Death. I happen to have a habit of over analyzing things or over philosophizing a lot of stuff.

  5. So hear me out…
    The Pyramid ships in sol are not the armada of the darkness, but a puppet army commanded by Savathun.
    The ships are empty, nothing to fight inside them except for hallucinations and nightmares; a gameplay loops unique to this faction.
    Savathun is notoriously "camera shy"; she wouldnt show up in our system, she would already be here.
    "She will bow to me" line is a side effect of corruption put forth by Savathun using the anomaly on the moon to express a pity squabble with the Traveler; that squabble being this cosmic game they play(yes they're still playing the game, just look at them. According to the Emissary Player Character Kun is the only one who cant operate outside of "The Game"
    The darkness has no army, and this is a kinda big one. all we have seen are these ships and scales, but they dont carry soldiers or weapons, just linger. kinda like using brute appearance of a fleet, but all the fleet is just empty ships set in place by Savathun to get us to panic and kill each other off.

    yeah I know it sounds fuckin crazy.
    because it is.

  6. Ok kind of a random thought but you know how the end of the GoS raid is impossible to see from the beginning yet you can see the beginning from end? And how the massive stump of the tree of silver wings is nowhere to be seen in the end, even when it should be more clear than ever? So time works very differently in the garden (at certain points time literally goes forward and backwards merely a few feet apart) so I wonder if the artifact led you through time (or maybe even a different version of the garden entirely) to some point where the stump no longer exists and some new vex infused growth is growing in it’s place or something, which at its core is infused with darkness. I might be looking too deep into this but it really feels like that or something similar is happening throughout the raid.

  7. Watching the video while listening: There should be more exploding harpies instead of fanatics… 😕

  8. so something cool I found is that if you go to the moon in D1 you can see some of the darkness energy waves emanating from the fracture in the moon where the pyramid should be, the same ones that surround the pyramid in D2. Fantastic continuity.

  9. You can see both nature's of the light and dark through the queen of the awoken. She rejected her life and wanted to save it at the same time. Utilizing the full.power of the dark and light. But this video is old and you'll never see this lol

  10. have you guys ever thought the light in darkness may not have Wills of Their Own the light and dark maybe a tools for the writers in game. the writers are having a disagreement with each other and they projected through thow the game

  11. I love byfs first reaction to the theory about ikora

  12. How in the world can they talk and play that well at the same time?! Awesome lore video btw

  13. Here after the last DLC for Destiny is announced with the name "the final shape" and listening to this is just crazy how spot on you guys are

  14. Wow. So there’s a theory that the vex could be a failed attempt at the bomb logic. Wow

  15. I remember Mircea Eliade wrote in The History of Religions that in many creation myths, the creator god uses an extension of himself to create the world. Then, this extension becomes his assistant, his friend, and ultimately his enemy.

  16. "But ultimately the Hive do have a capacity to do stuff you wouldn't expect them to be able to do, they suprise us all the time" Ya you got that damn right, fucking Savathun

  17. The people, who are hidden in the bottle sealed so well? They are inside the traveler.

  18. When I saw the shape of the darkness crafts I have wondered when we would see a sqare diety directly in between them.

  19. Hearing Broman say “ The Final Shape is laid out” after knowing that the last chapter of D2 is called “The Final Shape” is kinda freaking me out right now. 😳😳😳

  20. Imagine this, I feel like this would be an extremely bad ass moment in Destiny if Savathun successfully resurrected Oryx from the dead and he says this to her, “I should not exist.” And then he kills himself with his own sword. I feel like this would be a great character moment for Oryx to show he stays true to his convictions.

  21. 1:25:12 this is exactly what Crow is contemplating rn in the season of the lost. What he said actually kind of scares me to think about.

  22. Do you think we can trust Calus for what he said about the vex during the Menagerie, that even the mightiest of vex we have faced so far, are only farmer’s and construction workers, or could he be possibly be deceiving us?

  23. I need another one of these before The Witch Queen!!!!!!!

  24. I’m with Byf, I’d side with the light. It never steered me wrong yet !

  25. Oryx comes back: "Ha, you're in trouble now!"

    Me and the boys stanced up with six Nighthawks: "….."

    Oryx: "Haha, I'm in danger!"

  26. @mynameisbyf Love this! Don't know if you get notifications on videos this old but would love for another to happen with all the updates we've gotten these past years.

    As for something in the video, I'm gonna play devil's advocate for the darkness for a sec. Towards the middle, you guys talk about how the Darkness' account of the game in the Garden can't be trusted because they're explaining it from they're point of view. "The game was fine because it was simple then the Gardener messed it up." Essentially explaining reality according to their views.

    It's fully possible the reverse is true. The Gardener and Winnower had their roles at the beginning and through their experience of the Game crafted their views on the nature of reality. In which case, their experience of reality shaped their views. They wouldn't need to lie, tell half truths, or present it with any agenda because reality is what it is regardless of what views you hold. To deny this is both pointless and leads to chaos. In that case, why wouldn't I trust the account of the Darkness? No agenda but to explain the nature of reality to the "misinformed" (us guardians).

    If this is the case, the Darkness is still incorrect. Maybe not wrong but definitely not right. It's view limits it's ability to see what's possible in the game. Ultimately I feel like this is the difference between the Light and Darkness. The Light always focusing on what could be possible and the Darkness always looking at what is possible which also extrapolates to their respective logics. A sword is a weapon to cut down enemies. Several parts and items around you could someday be assembled into a bomb but at current, is probably pretty harmless.

  27. Listening to this two years after when we were talking about the vex specifically those that joined or worshipping the darkness ur theory is they decided to join it because they can’t see a easy way to beat such a paracausal force which is fine I think it makes sense but why would a vex division be separated that would follow the light for the very same reasons as mentioned for the sol divisive

  28. ..44:39…I think there is a chance we become one of those tools….😣

  29. This will probably get lost but at 2:14:00 you talk about how the door is opening and all that. With the trailers for the Witch Queen have been released could that possibly be Savathun saying that she is mobilizing and the masters (hive with light) are approaching or is it something in the lore that i already missed?

  30. Seems like more and more there easing us into the idea that maybe the tracker / the light isn’t all that we have worshipped it to be and that light and dark are a balance so to speak of good and evil on both sides . I mean just because something is usually seen as good or justice it all matters on the context like pride ego forcing views onto others or promising things and not finishing etc. etc. I mean the traveler just straight up abandoned the fallen and caused mass suffering and genocide on their people.. that wasn’t cool

  31. The story around 1:09:00 is very similar to the storyline in which call of duty zombies adapted around the black ops 3 zombies era

  32. "being lost in a vex construct will never happen" well that didn't age well

  33. Guardians are gun logic. We want new and interesting ways to kill new and interesting things.

  34. The box
    It only becomes real when you open it…..

  35. Oh man… This is pretty relevant right now….

  36. Forever bringing out the best videos on these kind of topics. Always

  37. So if I’m understanding correctly around the 40-55 ish minute mark, if the darkness found an object it can shape the universe with, then this whole “Your pale heart holds the key,” statement from the witness has a lot more to it than when I first heard it. Maybe the traveler took this “key” from the witness and is constantly running to keep that weapon/object inoperable

  38. Remember that oryx told Crota to learn cunning I’d bet he never had to before himself

  39. AxxXA a ZzzzzzzzzzzzzzZzzzzZZZZZzzzZzzzzzzzzzzzzZZzzZz

  40. took me nearly 2 hrs 1:48:53 to realize they were playing AND speaking at the same time, i thought it was just audio looped over gameplay lmao, man to be able to go into deep thought at the same time as playing. Kudos.

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