Destiny 2 Lore - Where are the VEX?! Best explanation! | Myelin Games -

Destiny 2 Lore – Where are the VEX?! Best explanation! | Myelin Games

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Welcome back to the latest Destiny 2 lore episode, in today’s Destiny 2 lore episode we are discussing why the Vex are missing from the interference mission! In this mission we defeat Nokris and receive a message directly from the Darkness.

Come discover the lore behind your favorite Destiny 2 characters, weapons, armour and events in Destiny! Occasionally, I upload other Game Lore videos so always feel free to provide suggestions. Feel free to browse my archive on Destiny 2 Lore topics Website:

Where are the VEX?! Best explanation! Destiny 2 lore | Myelin Games


  1. Vex already chosed the Darkness
    Black Garden Heart , remember ?

  2. To me, the shadows in the room show how much of each race has been corrupted by the Darkness. If you look at the ground, there are multiple shadows for the ship, each one reaching more, or less, over the different races. We have, in order of largest shadow to smallest, the Fallen (with the coming expansion and maybe the Scorn), the Hive (whom I think most follow the Sword logic over blindly following the Darkness), the Cabal (with Ghaul trying to embrace any and all means to power, and maybe why Calus has fled from the rest of the Cabal), and Guardians (we have a few specific examples of us taking dark powers, but most of us wield the Light). I could be wrong, but it was the theory I came up with when I saw the room for the first time.

  3. I thought that 4th race were the krill. They don't really look human or guardian.

  4. I thought the Cabal were in the room since Calus has long been a follower of the Darkness now since he supposedly met with it and was transformed.

    I think he's leaving our system since the darkness isn't here to destroy everything like he though it was (yet), so he's heading home to deal with his daughter and reclaim his empire and the weapons the Cabal have supposedly put to use elsewhere.
    Either that or maybe he's going to do something related to Savathûn if the Crown of Sorrow has been purified and we'll see him in The Taken Queen.

  5. imagine this:
    we could choose the path of our guardian in destiny,
    Dark path -> dark distortion ghost
    Grey path -> no distortion in his voice
    Light path -> light distortion ghost (current ghost)

  6. Speculations from a new player;

    The light and the darkness are two sides of the same coin. Both able to give powers.

    The big pyramid “ship” is actually the dark version of the traveller.

    We will see “dark guardians” as potentially a new enemy/ally/playable character. (Perhaps youll take your existing guardians and convert it to dark [itd be optional])

    Just my speculations. Keep in mind that i am a very new player and i dont know even close to half about what im talking about.

  7. Everyone always asks what are the vex and where are the vex. When will we finally ask how are the vex?

  8. Darkness originally said they were our salvation

  9. In the menagerie, on nessus, mercury, Io, every where really.

  10. What is we take the light, the dark, and some power from savathun, and create our own power, create our own faction of gods, and create our destiny…. pun intended

  11. What if the Black Heart that Vex followed back in D1 was from the Pyramid Ship that was sent to us to "corrupt" us but Vex found it first? I feel like people forget about the black heart all the time.

  12. Why does it sound like a dying sea lion at the end of the video 😂😂😂😂

  13. Anyone else noticed that the fallen house on Europa is known as 'the house of salvation'? Kinda reminds me of how the darkness spoke of them being our salvation in the cut scene in the shadowkeep campaign.

  14. If you look deep into the lore you find that the vex are subsidiaries of the hive. When Crota made his throne world to mask his death the vex were born. (It was in Byfs telling of the full destiny lore) so they are not included in the main races. Plus they're a "hive mind" and in my opinion a single entity

  15. My guess is that Humanity made the Vex when trying to make Exo’s and since then they’ve inserted themselves into all different parts of space and time

  16. why do i feel like we could actually ally with the vex in the future

  17. Based on the rotation of the pyramids shadow in the vision the cabal will gain darkness after guardians.

  18. Anyone else interested to see what Fallen guardians looked like?

  19. Going back to my first weeks in D1, i always assumed the Cabal and Fallen were just other races trying to survive and had no ties to the Darkness, but always felt like the Hive and Vex had heavy ties to the Darkness.

    The Vex's absence here makes me think there's definitely much more to them than we currently know, and we really haven't had a Vex-focused DLC yet aside from Curse of Osiris, which didn't tell us that much.

  20. What are the gauntlets he was wearing when he was fighting Nokris called?

  21. So far, to me, it seems as though the females of each race have curiosity to the Darkness ships: Savathun and now Eramis… I have a theory but not enough evidence yet… but either way, the story is intriguing me!

  22. Am I the only one who thinks that Bungie is going the total opposite direction they should be with the darkness? This should be an all-uniting enemy to battle, but instead we are using it to fight enemies that are not nearly as powerful? Is anything, this should be the time that we team up with the fallen and cabal to defeat the darkness.

  23. Can’t wait to see the temporary bubble of activity from the Destiny community over the next month followed by the standard come down,
    Before they inevitably turn toxic again trash talking this expansion while comparing its short comings to the taken king expansion in destiny 1. As they binge play everything upon release, max out and over play the new content to a point where it becomes a chore again.
    And the next content drought begins, lasting just long enough for them to be willing to repeat the cycle again and fork out, for whatever 10 second trailer Bungie throw up in 6 months time.

    Cycle cycle.

  24. All of this reminds me of stuff said in lore books about the Sword Logic which sounds a lot like survival of the fittest.

  25. I cannot remember the quest step, but when you were being forced to fight the other factions while the darkness was giving narrative on it. It seemed to me like it was equivocating the actions of those bosses with the actions of the traveler. Like how Gaul stole the traveler’s light and failed meaning that the traveler had possibly stolen it’s power from the darkness? I’m probably the last person to draw this conclusion, but it would explain other symbolism and actions which drew the pyramids to this system in the first place. Also , probably from being late to the show, but didn’t Rasputin damage the traveler to prevent it from abandoning earth too?

  26. I’ve had this thought for awhile now and nows probably a good time to run it by lore enthusiasts. Does the fact that there’s a Dark Vex Future in CoO mean that before we permanently killed the Undying Mind, the Vex defeated the Darkness and the Light? The Vex were aware of the Pyramids, so I’m sure they were factored somewhat into their simulations.

  27. That was great the story of destiny is its back bone, thank you

  28. Very true, but I also think the Vex weren't there because most of them are now enthralled with Savathun through her manipulation of Camoria Blade Transformed. Another reason could be they're neutral.

  29. I thought the Vex already followed the Darkness? Their god in the Black Garden was a physical manifestation of the Darkness, and the best evidence we have for their origin is that they were the favorite pattern of the Winnower in the primordial garden, the final shape that always won the previous games, inserted into the new game as one of the Darkness' pieces. Further, when the Vex discovered the Hive, they came to the conclusion that worshipping the Darkness in return for Paracausal abilities was the key to Vex Supremacy. That's why the signal at the end of Shadowkeep led to the Garden of Salvation, because the Vex are the closest to being the Darkness' followers.

  30. Never accept a sponsor from raid shadow legends

  31. This entire video is invalidated by the recent trailers lol

    Also, come on Myelin, you of all people should've known that that the Dreaming Mind is Quria and its talent is the ability to Take.

  32. 🤯🤯🤯 Holy shit you blew my mind I never looked at it like that

  33. The Vex. Evil so dark, it despises other evil." Exo Stranger said that in D1

  34. Guys I've only used GG sense D1 Beta I won't turn to Darkness ever.

  35. Seems more likely that the Vex are there. All the races in the statue room look rather like earlier versions of themselves. And the "humans" all look rather robotic. It is fairly conceivable that the Vex evolved from Exos that were created from past-traveling Vex. It's simply an I'm-my-own-grandpa plot twist – just for a time-manipulating biomechanical hivemind race with bedazzled belly buttons.

    UPDATE: I was clowning around. But, when you do the BUNKER E15 Lost Sectors, you release several groups of EXO Security Guards to assist you. And damn if those EXO guards don't look like the figures in the statuary. It is becoming clearer and clearer that Clovis Bray's EXO creations become the Vex in an alternate timeline.

  36. any one else notice he said Taken King instead of Queen at 4:09? anyhow sure it was a slip up and great video meant to watch this weeks ago when it came out but forgot to get back to this till it popped up in my recommended.

  37. I thought the darkness created the wave on Fundament and blamed it on the traveler

  38. I have a theory that the pyramid ship "race" was the first race the traveler enlightened and eventually left.

  39. pretty sure Nokris is not dead i mean he is a Necromancer he could technically revive himself if he has an Illusion of himself still "Alive" as it has the Knowledge of how to revive someone so he could use it on himself and the Illusion would still be there even if he dies its the same thing with the abilities a titan shield wont go away because the titan died it would still be up so would be Nokris's illusion/s

  40. The Pyramid ship moves against the clock i think first the Hive on the right then the Fallen after that the Cabal which is a recently event with the Cabal Homeworld and i think its our turn in Lights Out. And to proof my little silly theory the Hive where the first to be Corrupted by the Darkness the Fallen where next in Beyond light the Cabal are right now the Victims of the Darkness by losing their Homeworld by the Darkness and we will be next maybe in the Witch Queen or Lights Out. I think it symbolises which Race is next on the Radar of the Darkness to Corrupt/Destroy or Break

  41. What if the dreaming mind is pointing towards the player ?? I mean our guardians basiclly sleep when we arnt playing aka Dreaming and then when we log in the wake up and we’re orbiting earth ??

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