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Destiny 2 Lore Vex Guardians! | Myelin Games

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Welcome back to another Destiny 2 Lore theory. In today’s episode we cover another new grimoire card in the Age of Triumph which I believe is hinting at the story line in Destiny 2. Hope you have been enjoying Vault of glass… however just remember the dangers of touching the vex next time you are there!


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Destiny 2 Lore Vex Guardians! | Myelin Games

Myelin Games


  1. infect the vex with siva 🙂 siva directive //hack the vex

  2. The Exo Stranger could have Ben infected by the Vex, but not completely when she contacts us on venus. She wanted us the destroy the Heart in the black garden, maybe she thought that would save her… Maybe in destiny 2 we'll find her under Vex control.

  3. hey myelingames, can you talk about the connection of rasputin, the warminds and the 9 and how the 9 could be actually the 9 other warminds but with physical bodies like exo's

  4. Where did the vex make and/or find the robots

  5. i like the idea that the exo stranger is a vex hallucination.

  6. Unicellular, wouldn't single cellular organisms be better?

  7. Seeing as the vex can manipulate time and move through it at will, this gives rise to the possibility that they can move between different realities and possible timelines. How awesome would it be if in one of these timelines, the cabal invasion ended the guardians and in an effort to replace us as a means of self protection Rasputin created the vex, and he is the conciousness at the heart of all vex. Just a thought.

  8. Im always wondered where did the Vex milk get the robot bodies from? Help me out here to understand this.

  9. i dont normally like a video or subscribe to random people but you sir managed to send an eerie feeling down my spine I LOVE IT subbed to you and liked the video bro

  10. I cant find minatour's juicebox… Any help?

  11. Who else found the background gameplay more interesting than him?

  12. Haha coming back to this video and seeing 'asher mir' pop up knowing he is a vendor like person on Io

  13. Very interesting.. 9:16 reference to Asher Mir, which is in Destiny 2 with a vex arm. 🙂

  14. So watching this now after destiny 2 has been released is amazing, we've met Asher Mir and there is an adventure on IO where small time capsules held in a dead warmind are used to send a message to us from someone. At a location of one of the capsules, there's a cex object to scan that tell us that it has been tampered with for the use of an EXO, in the message of the music your ghost tells you fragmented parts about not forgetting an ancient war!!!! What if the exo stranger is in fact still fighting a war that present day guardians have forgotten?

  15. Yo before I watched your video there was an ad playing guess which ad it was it was the fucking SpongeBob anime op

  16. I love the auto rifle you use, I used it so much and kept it with me throughout the game

  17. When it comes to the Exo stranger, who else wonders who it is she is talking to before she disappears? If she has no ghost, who else might it be? The vex collective mind, or maybe even the warmind?

  18. Just saying, I have yet to see anyone say anything about who she might be talking to before she leaves when you first meet her.

  19. Kabr literally drunk Vex milk.


    Couldn't he have drunk the tones of water all around VOG?

  20. "Tasted like the sea." Sooo… Salty milk, eh?

  21. I have always been fascinated with the Vex. I am willing to say that I'm guilty of doing Vault far too many times. I have a full set of every piece of gear. I have become obsessed with the Vex. Studying them. Learning them.

    I'm a Hunter. I have been wandering the caverns of the Vault of Glass on Venus. I've had far too many encounters. My limbs are becoming that of my enemy. My ghost is changing too. I'm starting to forget whether or not I came here yesterday, or years ago. I'm starting not to care. This is beginning to feel like home.

  22. Since the actually living entity of the Vex is biological, it would technically be infection.

  23. pretty cool that one grimoire card about the awoken with the vex arm got expanded on more in destiny 2 (asher mir)

  24. It’s kind of surreal listening to these stories, having been introduced to these characters and knowing more about these topics now

  25. Really creepy the vex are.

    Isn't there some lore tabs in the grimoire cards stating not to touch vex or as stated people wearing vex armor for awhile tend to hallucinate or hear unknown signals?

  26. If the next season is about the vex, the exo stranger will return. With much more

  27. Next video “Hive Guardians” 🤔

    Wait….oh god what is that? OH SHIT GO BACK GO BACK ITS HORRIBLE

  28. What if a guardian was infected by the Vex and then infected by SIVA

  29. Asher Mir was talked about in destiny 1, crazy

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