Destiny 2 Lore - This changes everything about the Vex! | Myelin Games -

Destiny 2 Lore – This changes everything about the Vex! | Myelin Games

Myelin Games
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Welcome to the latest Destiny 2 lore episode talking about the Vex and radiolaria! Stay tuned as I will be making another video very shortly about the Bungie summit, I need your help!


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This changes everything about the Vex! | Myelin Games

Myelin Games


  1. It’s not that the radiolarian IS the vex, but rather that within it

  2. I can't wait to meet the enemies we see at the end of D2's story if it's the true vex or the darkness itself. I am excited for a lore heavy and very interesting race of new enemies rather that just a "type" of enemies we already know like the fallen with siva or the scorn stuff like that isnt nearly as intriguing as the hive or vex

  3. I don't know if this helps but the Drifter when doing the new Forsaken strike says that when Vex are isolated they form their own networks and don't eat.

  4. No mention of Kabr the legion-less? Surprised

  5. In many parts of the lore they are described as biological and infectious not only in the biological sense, but like computer virus or memes. I don't think Destiny have a stable enough lore to say the Vex are this or that, because the authors have yet to made up their mind, and one author can write the vex in one way, the next author have a different idea of what they vex are. Theres no true or false opinions about what are the vex.

    We can't also discard the card that the Vex are true alien to us, and words like virus, software virus, bacteria… are very lacking to describe them, that they are just too alien for us to understand what they are.

    I drop my card in the hat: the Vex are a idea, but also a biological wave. Like a meme traveling back in time using tachyons.

  6. Don't forget the description of the Omega Mechanos helmet is: "The Vex don't really want to kill you. It's just that one of the by-products of conversion is death. Shame, huh?" —Sagira

  7. Great video! You've earned my likes! Also, I must know. What scout rifle were you using in this video? It looks like its up my alley. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  8. This makes absolutely no fucking sense, why would they keep the fluid around in a jar and literally everywhere if hey don’t need it and why do they die when you shoot it like a headshot. It’s literally called vex mind fluid “M I N D” This is is just shitty bungie letting you make up a story again for them. We came up with theory for the vex in the first place because on Destiny’s release they had no fucking story hence why the characters from it said one line most famously “I don’t even have time to explain why I don’t have time to explain” and then just disappear and why he big ball that was so hyped up in the trailers never does anything. We made up a story to fill the games hey went errrr… yeah ok and now because nothings happened with the vex and we still know fuck all they have decided let’s just say there wrong and let them get busy coming up with new theories again.

  9. Okay… Not at all a reasonable collection of assumptions. The first quote, to me, sounds like sarcasm. “There are people who do the “pie in the sky thinking”

    He’s making you sound ridiculous.

    Second, the vex aren’t an infection or a reduction of previous like according to that quote.
    The quote is stating that the radiolarian fluid itself is the remnants of ancient vex. The last vestige (which you pronounced wrong) of what the Vex used to be as a species, not other life forms broken down.

  10. The Vex finished what the Dwarves in Skyrim started.

  11. So the vex are an ancient virus that evolved to be super intelligent and genocidal

  12. What if…the single mind behind the Vex created a construct with free will from it. It became self aware. Traveled back in time by billions of years and was perused by the darkness. What if the Traveler is Vex created.

  13. Ok so if the radiolarian fluid is just the liquefied person that every individual vex used to be, the why do they keep it stored in themselves? Wouldn't it make more sense to just convert the victim and throw away the extra parts? And if the fluid truly isn't the vex, like humans are our brains, then what exactly are the vex? We already know that they communicate through a hive-mind, it's just where does each individual vex do their internal "thinking". In other words, where in their bodies is their 'CPU' (or CPU equivalent)?

  14. Parasitic vex liquid infects bodies and uses them to construct stronger robotic shells to inhabit maybe?

  15. Well the Vex won’t ever have trouble with pronouns cuz they’re gender FLUID hahahahaha get it?? No ok plz kill me

  16. Perhaps the Vex after made of engram, an organism made of information. Organic material is converted to fluid and non organic material becomes machine

  17. Cool video, never thought of the Vex like that before

  18. I think the micro organisms that were the vex took on a robotic form to try to attain some sort of higher existence

  19. My jaw droped right now… What a mind blow, sir! Thank you for this video!

  20. Now this is just my opinion but you are one of the best destiny YouTubers

  21. would love to see mission in destiny when we goes to visit asher mir but he is now gone.. and we need to kill asher mir in vex form

  22. Maybe there is no more left of the previous life form and the milk is just the metal that has yet to harden

  23. What if the vex that we know now are the result of the failed experiments with Siva Proto types

  24. The Vex Are Evil Read the "Kairos Function Vest" From Brother Vance and Read its Lore. The Vex want convergance the universe to only benefit them and also leave the universe at its most meaningless form 0 humans 0 plants 0 animals just the ground and empty sky were the "warmth of the sun is gone" Just Nothing and Meaningless

  25. Imagine if Asher kept his personality after his full conversion.

  26. Let's take this theory a step further and suggest that the "milk" is a form of fuel possibly created from organic material… hence why the constructs completely shut down when shot in the storage area. It would also explain why planets with a high concentration of organic matter are targets for the vex. If this were the case, it would explain where the original creators of the vex have gone…

    Update edit: so the drifter somewhat confirms the theory that the "milk" is some form of fuel in his quest if I'm not mistaken. The quest step is called farm to table.

  27. Also on Nessus one of the first missions there, there is a pool of radiolaria and your ghost says “what is this stuff . . . Hmm it’s organic”

  28. I have always wondered what happen to people of Mercury that didn't make it off of Mercury during the collapse.

  29. I am not typing this.

    My brain did that not my body

    Also i have million of different bodies


  30. I don't like the idea of Asher becoming a Vex eh……
    he's an old codger, he's kinda nuts but he's still a guardian and he made me laugh a few times so yeah i don't wanna see him Cayde sixed….

  31. If the Vex pretty much control time and space then they can be anything from any point in time but in the future. Hence why everything that's been done has gone exactly how they've planned it

  32. I believe the Vex are dozens of races, which were converted into radiolaria, which was then directed into constructs and frames which then becomes what we call Vex

  33. When you want to have the Vex flu, but all you get is the corona-virus

  34. Radiolaria could be used as a q bits… making the Vex a distributed quantum computer, distributed throughout space-time. Perhaps a really brilliant computer used time travel to send a mission back to ancient times through a simple creature in an attempt to defeat an enemy before they could grow too strong. Just like the whisper game the details on the mission have been distorted through time.

  35. Firstly, thank you to all the new supporters that came over from DCP! Welcome. Apologies for the lack of uploads, I usually release at least one lore video a week, however the last two weeks have been very busy. Secondly, I have been invited to the Bungie summit, stay tuned, I will be releasing a video very soon asking for your help! I need your feedback regarding Destiny’s lore and story and how to improve it. As usual, it has been a pleasure. Myelin

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