Destiny 2 Lore - The Vex are NOT the enemy! | Myelin Games -

Destiny 2 Lore – The Vex are NOT the enemy! | Myelin Games

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Welcome back to the latest Destiny 2 Shadowkeep lore episode. In today’s Shadowkeep lore episode we are exploring the pattern…. THE VEX PATTERN! This may be the most signification lore that we have about the Vex with Destiny 2 Shadowkeep. The lore is from the Unveiling lore book.

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The Vex are not the enemy! Destiny 2 Shadowkeep lore | Myelin Games


  1. The lumina hand cannon lore tab seems to also mention the Gardner….random observation

  2. Maybe the vex future is also a refference to the third stage of the second game you mentioned in the video

  3. I see destiny becoming a choice based game

  4. The lore writers are nerds that are trying to act cool because they learned something new and obscure. I'm so sick of this ball of yarn.

  5. I must know, what is that beautiful soundtrack that plays in this video?

  6. Calus said that the vex were gardeners and farmers. Now that line finally makes sense.

  7. they may not be evil, but i like shooting them.

  8. I got excited when he brought up cellular automata lol

  9. Resonance of Illumination - Ambition of Void says:

    One must be very simple if one thinks the Vex are evil. But that is the thing with most people. Interests not aligned with humanity?


  10. So.. the Vex side with neither the light nor the dark but seek to nullify both so that the pattern may continue? One thing I've always wondered about was who the darkness had to fight. I mean we have Scorn and have and Taken. I wonder if the darkness has some good guys besides is to hamper their progress.

  11. Only good Vex is a Vex with a punctured milk jug. Asher would agree

  12. Matt (right?), I've got a question. Maybe I'm not understanding properly.

    In Conway's game of life, there are some initial conditions that will lead to infinite recursion. Other sets of initial conditions just decay.

    You propose that the final shape of the universe is one that has this infinite recursion. Yet, in keeping with the game of life:

    1. There are many solutions that have infinite recursion. So Ikora should say that the Vex are AN answer. And how do the Vex know which of the answers with recursion they are in, and why would they discount other answers with recursion?

    2. The universe could simply be birthed by a set of initial conditions that does eventually decay into nothing. So the final shape would be this nothing / Nothing / void.

    How do you address my points?

    Edit: I realise the flower game is just a super simplified model for the universe at large.

  13. "Vex are not the enemy"
    Say that to the Vex that attack me on the regular completely unprovoked

  14. I posit this: what if the Vex are as old as the light and the darkness? Closest analogy I can come up with is Palkia, Dialga, and Darkrai. You have two creating things while one acts as a balance. We know the light took a corporeal form in the Traveler, the darkness is hinted at having a form too. What if this anxiety balancer decided to join the game too and became radiolaria? It's fluid to act as a "weed killer." The traveler creates, the darkness destroys, and the radiolaria creates the cutoff line between them.

  15. I mean in season of undying IF SOMEONE STARTED SHOOTING IN MY PLACE i woud too be defensive

  16. Good and Evil are subjective. To us the Vex are evil. Simple as that.

  17. The only correction I want to make is that the Vex's INTENTIONS aren't evil. Their actions of murder, kidnapping, experimentation, and assimilation are absolutely evil. And considering their desire to assimilate everything involves cosmic-wide genocide…yeah.
    (And before some edgelord pseudo-intellectual responds: NO, intentions are not justification for cruel deeds.)

  18. DO NOT BUY IT!!!

    remember truth to power and cronicron!?

    for all we know, these lores could be nothing but lies just like with those to get the player to side with them similar to what medusa tried with truth to power & what calus did with that cronicron nonsense!!!

  19. They hold fallen in cages and told them to kill each other and the survivor wins tell me the vex is still not the enemy

  20. My guess darkness will come a defeat us which will be the beginning of destiny 3

  21. "The vex are not the enemy"

    The loot in garden and VOG says otherwise.

  22. The answer to defeating the winnower in the game is to use his method against him. The gardner wants it to be interesting. The winnower guarantees it will always end with death. By adding the new rule, our universe as we know it in destiny came to be. US as the guardian, are an anomaly that cannot be predicted, even the agents of the darkness know this. We like the guardians who tried but failed need to learn to master the darkness too, and become or create a new rule, making it interesting and besting the winnower

  23. idk dude they always shoot at me when im just casually passing by on my sparrow while on my way to kill them

  24. For me, it feel like guardian via traveler also cheating death by dying and revived constantly… Hive, scorned and some other dude Idk… jessss time for darkness to restore balance, I guess… Then wait a sec, don't that mean there will be no one wining and losing the war between light and dark as if it the darkness are here to cause second collapse and maintain the balance but not to completely destroy the light… IDK MAN

  25. Does that pattern have anything to do with the pattern in rasputins bunker?

  26. I haven’t seen the Vex as “Evil” for a long time.

  27. Watching this again when season of arrivals has come. When the stranger said they brought us here the vex. The vex want to cut and enforce light and the dark.

  28. I wonder if the Gardner or the traveller has run from its duties and the vex are there to fill the role

  29. Now the tree of silver wings is said to be a dark being. Planted by the gardener (the light?) and the winnower (the dark?) separates surviving from the failed. So if life is created by the lighter gardener by planting it and sorted out by the dark or winnower. If this is the case how do plants become corrupt and fail? Not from the winnower all they do is sort good from bad. In at irl garden what is the corruption. It’s the parasites and the insects corrupting and feeding off of the life. So would the dark not be the be the insects. Light being the gardener creating life would give pesticides to the life to allow them to fight of the dark. The gardener can not directly fight the dark which is operating with more numbers and under the soil where the gardener can not see them. But what is the winnower? Well it is a neutral being not biased just separate the prosperous from the failed. The winnower is the gray if you will. In this case the light and the dark can not fight directly. The gardener must provide tools for the life he has planted to fight the dark on its own. Thinking about it maybe the insect and the plants are both the light as they are life and the parasites are the dark hitching a ride on the insects and corrupting the other life that they come in contact with. But why is the parasite the dark after all it’s just a species doing what it knows how to do to survive. What I’m saying is that the winnower doesn’t seem to be the dark it is just a regulator.

  30. I feel happy and upset because I just finished the rothfuss books for the 3rd time last week. WE NEEEEED BOOK 3 😭

  31. 2019: “Vex are not the enemy” 2020: vex want to destroy the universe and shred a man into ribbons

  32. Is the Gardener is actually the traveler?

  33. Dude, this is why I love Destiny’s story and lore. That’s crazy on so many levels! The Vex have been so mysterious for so long, but this is probably the best explanation I’ve heard so far for them. Mind-blowing!

  34. You are right, the Vex aren’t evil. They can’t be evil, because evil is simply not a concept that exists within their labyrinthine minds. All they have and all they want is order. The entirety of creation will be made to fit the Pattern, and all that won’t comply will simply be cast aside.

  35. So the black garden is the land before time? Poor ducky, little foot, Cera, and Petrie… They didn't stand a chance against the vex… 😢


  36. So because the vex became of the lights anger, the darkness seems to level the table with light by inspiring death

  37. Season of the splicer would like to know your location

  38. "The vex aren't enemies"
    My deaths says other wise

  39. ⫷ᛞ SHEPHERD ØF MOTHER EARTH ᛞ⫸ says:

    Fuck the Vex! Let em come! The God's are with me!

  40. It seems less like they're trying to maintain the game, and more like they're just the purest form of the game, with the followers of the light and dark trying to only play one part

  41. I can only wonder….. if the flower game is nested in a computer program, what kind of computer must be built to nest the flower game within its own pocket universe? If the Vex are children of this Garden, then perhaps it involves some kind of “quantum trick.” I speculate it has something to do with things like black holes and perhaps even nanoaugmentation and engramic encryption. As a prerequisite, it might generally involve, in some way, shape, or form, the power to move between worlds…

  42. That makes so much sense as ikora says (paraphrasing) the garden asked a question and the vex were the answer.

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