Destiny 2 Lore - The Vex and the Vault of Glass! | Myelin Games -

Destiny 2 Lore – The Vex and the Vault of Glass! | Myelin Games

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Welcome back to the latest Destiny 2 Lore episode, in today’s lore video I am discussing the purpose of the Vault of Glass. With the Vault of Glass returning in Season 14, I thought it a perfect time to recap the Vault of Glass and the stories hidden within.

DeDestiny 2 Lore, What are the Vex doing with the Vault of Glass? | Myelin Games


  1. And today’s the day I’m over this page. Screw in video promotions. Defeats the reason I pay

  2. 15:23 – "Awfully Hot Coffee Pot joined"
    I never bore of peoples' creative screenname skills!

  3. Hell yeah, now I can hear destiny lore while walking or while driving to work/grocery runs

  4. Ahamkaras are probably the coolest thing in destiny

  5. “Most of those who [bargain] with me do not win” -Riven of a Thousand Voices

    Ahamkara always try to bend the wishes of others to their benefit in some way. And knowing that Ahamkara still hold power after death, it’s all but confirmed that Praedyth got trapped in time by his wish

  6. I love that the Destiny universe origin story technically makes the Light as the offending party that kicks everything into action. Wonder what the shapes that Gardener was complaining about never getting to see were. If everything annihilated in a primordial soup as the Vex origin would lead me to believe, than this universe's end state is completely unknown (unknowable?) to both of them.

  7. Have the Vex adapted? Some yes I'd argue. I'd argue that the Vex that worship and follow the Sol Progeny have adapted to a universe with concepts they simply cannot understand. Have the Vex in the Vault of Glass adapted? Who knows right now, but in D1 certainly not. They weren't able to take into account and shift their future based on the guardians and their paracasuality nature. Does this mean that with the reintroduction of VoG that the Vex have adapted and changed their plan of action against the guardians? Have they shifted over to just simply accepting the light and darkness and to allow higher beings to give them guidance? Does Stasis play into this as the Vex may have not taken into account that the guardians may have accepted darkness-based powers to retaliate against the darkness and vex? Can't wait to see the lore that will come from this.

  8. Don't nobody enunciate unfathomable like my man enunciate unfathomable.

  9. Still can’t get over how the darkness addresses Oryx as “my man.” There’s just something about massive and ancient forces talking in plain English slang that just kill me every time. I freakin love it. Its right up there with Savathûn telling some random thrall that she has a “real humdinger” of a plan. Absolutely brilliant.

  10. Can’t wait to crack open the Vault with my New Light buddies. Great memories.

  11. A bit late to the party, but another great vid! Honestly I only follow destiny through the lore anymore so this was pretty cool!

  12. Imagine that…machines searching through time because they are afraid of dying out. Afriad of no longer existing.

  13. Time traveling row-butts!!! Thx for the recap before the next internet lore dump.

  14. I just realized something… The Gardeners decision to end the pattern is the reason the Traveler resurrects beings from the dead. It goes against the natural order, and so that's why the Winnower chases it and destroys what it builds up. This is why the collapse, the whirlwind, and all other falls to the darkness happen! The winnower is trying to restore balance! Mind blown

  15. The Vex *ARE* the pattern. The rules (without light and dark) result in a universe in which the "Pattern" always wins.

    In the flower game (the game of life as Humans call it) there are patterns you can build that are self propagating. The vex is just a version of a pattern (a pattern is a layout of squares in the game of life) that grows and consumes everything in the universe.

    Which means "The Pattern" is another name for the Vex. Indeed, the gardener says "The Pattern" is "Vexing", they are named because they "Vexed" the gardener.

    Trying to say the vex were born out of the pattern, is like saying: "The human was the result of human-kind", it doesn't really make sense.

  16. How are them Halo videos going? Not looking too good.

  17. The vault is still the GOAT lore for me tbh

  18. To be clear, the Gardener becomes fed up with the Pattern because it consumes any other possibilities or interesting developments from arising, not "that which lives must die". The Pattern is unkillable and unchanging, even when the Gardener directly closes a flower – causing a death. The Winnower loves the outcome because despite everything it threw at it, it still persisted and (in its view) is clearly the most deserving then to exist forever in that case.

  19. I just miss the different Vex skins, remember in D1 when every vex in every location had their own special designs to signify their duty? Hopefully that returns one day

  20. That was a really long way to say we don't understand the VoG

  21. You failed to shut down your account and channel now that Cayde is gone. Whatever when is the next funny lore video?

  22. The music is always the best part of the video

  23. What if it's not a calculation or simulation machine but a place where time is like a torus. It is a closed loop bootstrap paradox generator. Much like the sundial. Things are real within the vault because they exist and have the will to exist. Darkness (or another ontological predator) is used for the loopy looping much like the sundial. Self- preservation of vex as the end purpose of the vault much like Saint-14' paradox. It pins time.

    This also suggests we need Athleon alive for some reason to close his bootstrap paradox hence we enter again. Gorgon's/oracles simply seal the vault denying an ontological existence to something because the only thing that exists and exits is real… and everything else was made unreal by messing up their bootstrap paradox.

    We saved the vex once before when they were doomed by a paradox and may be doomed to do so each time we enter the vault of glass henceforth.

    Atheon lost power from killing the black heart to loop. It slowed down the corruption by darkness in the timeline but… that if not how the vault works in design/purpose.

  24. We also see if savathun looped time to her outcome in the dreaming city. Riven would be at a loss for the last wish bargain since time was bootstrapped to happen one way and not another.

  25. Yet still the [Light] or the [Darkness] Stops|Leashes on the former [Final Shape] 'victors' of so many past omniverses….

  26. There is No 'balance'. the Cowards' 'reassured' mindset, yes? (10:54).

  27. the Vex are those pre-[T=0] 'Pattern' (above other Patterns (life) there in many multiverses). they were the same thing.

    it just so happens that after the [Great Struggle] the pre-Vex became….Lessened. Leashed. by the real [Two] overseers of the [Garden], not about the [Pattern] having a full control over those [old rules].

  28. Some would wonder? [grimly chuckled] precursors and marathon's connection with the greater main [Flower Game]….(12:45).

  29. '[they] Learned those [rules] because [they] were the [rules].' This is talking about the [Gardener] or the [Winnower]. not the Vex. for the [Two] Flow through those laws of realities, existences, non-[New Rule] powers (Psionics for example), etc. the pre-Vex victors non-Overshadowed at first by the [New Rule] yet just 'colonized' those [old rules] for themselves overtime unbounded compared to their existence at the moment, wiping out other competitors along te way in the pre-verses of Destiny.

  30. one keeps Trying to justify the Patterns yet you Can't even hug those Collective? [flat expression]

  31. you still dont get anything about The Vex , read unveiling again

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