Destiny 2 Lore - The New VEX explained in Beyond Light! | Myelin Games -

Destiny 2 Lore – The New VEX explained in Beyond Light! | Myelin Games

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Welcome back to the latest Destiny 2 lore episode, in today’s Destiny 2 lore episode we are discussing the New Vex featured in the Beyond Light Trailer!
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The New VEX explained in Beyond Light | Destiny 2 lore Myelin Games


  1. It might be a one off nod to the animation they chose.

  2. Who the Vex are afraid of the most?

    Brits. They'll take that Vex milk and turn it into Vex Tea

  3. Me: a shit we are fetting new enemys
    My Warlock: they where civilians? Every minotor, every hydra, every mind was but farmers? Even the mighty Champions were only civilians
    Today i have nothing to belive now cause of the darkness and now the vex…..

  4. That is… Extremely terrifying to think that huge vex bosses like the Sol Progeny, Penoptes, fucking Aetheon are all not even top dogs in the Vex. If those guys are the equivalent of workers and farmers… What the FUCK do actual soldiers and commanders in their own armies look like?!

  5. I've always wanted a Terminator like Vex. Humanoid looking but also Agile not the same as the Vex with their Clunky Movement.

  6. Idk if the Vex would appeal to the Darkness, not voluntarily. I can imagine them finally going on the offensive, not bc of us but bc a real threat has arrived. I can also see them play this game of tug n war to influence n siphon from the Pyramid just as it is likely to do them too, not for power tho.. the vex greatly lack in paracasual logic, but as they did with us.. it will study and adapt

  7. Why the hell am I getting a notification for a video that came 3 days ago, TODAY?

  8. Is anyone else slightly triggered by how he's using the Hush in the background, or is that only me?

  9. I think you meant "reskinned" Vex. There is nothing new in this game anymore.

  10. They are more similar to promethean fro. Halo universe

  11. I don’t really see the Unveiling lore book being “written by the darkness” as evidence of misinformation personally. As it is an entity like the traveler I don’t really expect it to stoop to lying to us. It is probably confident it can convince us with the truth. It probably would prefer that as the Traveler and The pyramids are still playing their great game right? And we are the Travelers final arguement as it tells us. I trust most of what is there even if maybe the darkness could of not given the whole truth/both sides I don’t think anything it said was false

  12. The Vex we have fought are basically civilians with guns…….I don't know how to feel about that, them Minotaurs are on fucking point with their boomers, but I do know Americans would be proud of how the Vex view their 2A rights :D.

  13. You know in patternfall it sorat sounds like how complex life started, through single cells swiming around in a bunch of mineral or chemical rich liquid

  14. Does that Harpy have legs or is it just happy to see us?

  15. For that little thing at the start of the video…

    You saying killing Atheon isn't impressive?

  16. I think the harpies with legs will be called “Gargoyles”

  17. Legs on a Harpy seems like a downgrade. Hapry can fly.

  18. Waiting for someone to refer to them as "thicc vex"

    (these new units look really cool that, they have the fancy digitigrade zig zag legs and cooler heads, judging from the trailers ive seen they also look hella tall-)

  19. I don't really think the Vex are going to undergo a "Change" of any kind like the Taken or whatnot. That entry doesn't make any allusion to that. It merely states exactly what it means in my eyes: that we've been fighting the workers and now the actual warriors have come.

    Kinda like the Tyranids from Warhammer in all honesty and their explanatiom that what they've been fighting was just a scouting force.

  20. We been killing farmer's. Im ready to fight the real warriors

  21. When we gonna side with the vex? to restore balance to the force-
    wrong universe

  22. With recent findings, it's been confirmed that the Vex sent a strike force to Europa. If that's the case, I doubt it's Vex with the Darkness but actual combat units. The Vex are the complete opposite of the Darkness and when we defeated Oryx, we stopped his plan of defeating the Vex.

  23. 0:01 Can you imagine if Hydras looked like that in beyond light?? Black with red having hands that shoot arc energy and energy blasts. Especially since, supposedly, the vex we usually encounter on patrol or missions arent combat platforms.. scary.

  24. But how about the part that the cex took over the exo facility

  25. Life is the rule that they added to the game and when life gets too prosperous the darkness has to hold it back

  26. I still remember a thing about Vex when it came to Adventure lore in Nessus. Simply, Vex attack Guardians because it cannot understand how Light work. The Vex can suppress the light and remove all they want, but they will never come to understanding how it works. We are a 'crack' to their understanding and if we can somehow have them understand that factor, it'll develop interesting results of both good and bad.

  27. Has anyone considered that the vex seek power from the light? And maybe they are using powers of light obtained from somewhere we dont know yet?

    The vex were not in the end room of the final interference mission. Where as the fallen are there being pointed at by the ship (beyond light). the hive are there, assuming that they were pointed at before (taken king). The cabal are to the left, next in line to be pointed at. (Perhaps to be revealed during Witch Queen) and the guardians are last in the room (lightfall)

    The vex are not there. Whose to say the vex are not the next to receive the light? As they have never had it before.

    Maybe the traveller isn't a good guy like we think. Maybe it does what it has to to survive. It abandoned the fallen, it tried to abandon humanity but was stopped by rasputin. Perhaps this war between dark and light is actually a war between all of us and both of them?

  28. Seems like the different races will be fighting for control of the darkness, or to become it's champion just like Guardians with their light. But the other races don't stand a chance.

  29. Or the vex see the darkness as a multi timline threat and sending actual battle platforms to contain it.

  30. The thing about 'balance between Light and Darkness' is that, truthfully, it's a paradox that by the nature of Light and Dark can't truly exist. The pattern that always developed from the flower game should be the perfect equilibrium of order and entropy, creation and destruction, Light and Dark… but only the Gardener found this equilibrium to be a bad thing. The equilibrium meant stagnation, and while the Gardener, the Light, found this grating, the Winnower and the Darkness were content. Because the Darkness IS stagnation, the stagnation that comes when growth is only controlled by the most ruthless and cruel interpretations of social Darwinism. So, while Light and Dark were in Equilibrium, the Dark still won- and so they were not in balance.
    Now, within the new Reality, we find what Eris realized back in Shadowkeep- that the Light needs a little Darkness to truly thrive, just as we need apoptosis to prevent cancer. But we should not embrace that Darkness. So, as we discover that we need to use the powers of the Dark to better serve the Light, we do not use the Light to serve the Darkness. We find again Light and Dark in equilibrium… but now, the Light will still win. Because it has to.

  31. "My man Oryx"

    Based Darkness says trans rights

  32. We've only faced one warrior-Vex and that was the one that stripped Saint-14 of his light.

  33. Why don't the Vex have actual Soldiers? As a 4ibotic race if they just worked on a new format for defense they would be quite hard to handle

  34. What about Atheon? Maybe we didnt fight a vex army but we defeated the "times conflux". That seems like a pretty big deal.

  35. Imagine if ur in the crucible and u use up super then all of a sudden a titan appears and goes, hmmmmmmmmm yes let me use my freeze super. Well now your living glacier congrats

  36. So Im guessing we are forgetting about the “Sol Divisive”?

  37. Has the traveler ever spoke? I hear these entries from the darkness but never the traveler. Also, how are the two gods of the multi-verse both machines? Who built them? Is that the whole point, a machine with no builder?

  38. I feel so big brain looking at this from the future

  39. okay so why did people make auch an "theory" out of a new type of vex which could just be from the future before theyr new designs question solved

  40. Feels weird that praedyth said the vex won't spare the city, and now they are draining the city of energy with the help of a certain taken blade construct

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