Destiny 2 lore - The creation of the VEX! | Myelin Games -

Destiny 2 lore – The creation of the VEX! | Myelin Games

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Welcome back to the latest Destiny 2 Season of Dawn lore episode. In today’s lore episode we are explaining the lore behind the black garden, specifically the Kentarch 3 fireteam who went into the Black Garden and seemed to become DARK GAURDIANS!

About Myelin Games: Destiny 2 Lore every week! Come discover the lore behind your favorite Destiny 2 characters, weapons, armour and events in Destiny! Occasionally, I upload other Game Lore videos so always feel free to provide suggestions.

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The creation of the VEX! Destiny 2 lore | Myelin Games


  1. Oozeballs. Sound like my ex-wife! Ha! Ahaha! Ah. ahem this thing on?

  2. what I've learned from these lore books (and your videos mostly) is that the light is in the wrong here, right?

  3. nice to see that this channel is still around, been a while since I checked out 'fundament origin story' that snowy holiday season three years ago! <3 fond memories. don't play destiny that much anymore but your voice has always been a lulaby

  4. If you play the flower game: you must imagine that the gardener is the one is who places the beginning organization of flowers. Then at the end, when either the board has cleared or everything has evolved into the stagnant "pattern", the winnower cleans up those that remain. But the winnower is not THE pattern, it is just one who upholds it. From the way the vex are described, they are literally the Physical amalgamation of THE pattern. Which to me makes more sense when it explains their agenda. Just as the gardener pushes down his seeds i.e. the guardians, light, etc…the winnower waits for his time to come clean up. But the Vex are not waiting to clean up the pattern like the darkness is, they're the ones making it. They try to assimilate everything, just the same way that in the flower game, eventually every random starting organization gets assimilated into the pattern. They don't care about what they lose, they dont care about what they win, they're just doing whatever is necessary to play out the pattern. Because before in the flower game the pattern always prevailed but in the real world who knows for them. Only time (Literally) will tell them how its done. I believe that is why all the vex are not aligned with the darkness is because they arent completely on the same side, they're actually different factors of the game.

  5. We might not realising this now, ( or maybe we do) but this lore is VERY important. Just as much as all the events we play. Similar to crota oryx red war. This finally tells us what vex really are and how they were made. Something we didn’t know for sure and wondered since the days of vault of glass.

  6. Hey you paused the memberships? Everything ok?

  7. The lore entries mentioned worms leaving the garden as well. Maybe also where Ahamkara/worm gods came from?

  8. Sooooo, the Darkness is Puerto Rican? I AM BECOME DEATH!

  9. I think when the darkness says 'they are not all mine…nonetheless they have found their way home' because of the context I think this has two meanings. The first as you said the vex have gone back to the garden. Secondly the sol divisive have been known to fight with other vex collectives. This tied with the fact we have seen them worship the darkness offers a second meaning and that the sol divisive belong to the darkness and that 'found their way home' could actually be talking about the darkness itself.

  10. And they’re called Vex because, according to entry “The Flower Game”, the Gardener was vexed when that pattern kept winning the game over and over again.

  11. The Vex are probably my favorite enemy. They make me think of The Traveler though. Vex orbs/launchers look like The Traveler. Vex milk, energy, light, not like Travelers. Singular eye. Ghosts have the same singular eye. Traveler converts the inert deadness into life, Vex convert it to..mechanical Vexness.

    I imagine that if we were to go inside The Traveler, it'd be like the endless hallways we just went through while travelling. I wish that zone stayed, it was tranquil. Once you killed the Vex, I mean.

  12. It's a bummer byf got all the fame, your content is so much better

  13. The Vex are amazing. They're my favorite aspect/enemy of Destiny lore.

  14. This puts the name "The Black Garden" into context

  15. My man used golden gun to kill red bar ads.

  16. When it said "I caused it" I don't think it means they literally caused the Cambrian explosion. I think it's more of "I caused it" as in "my principles, my ideology, the rules that I follow, caused what you consider the basis of life, and yet still you call me an evil, mindless destroyer. Simply for following the rules"

  17. Ok so with the new leak that was just put on 4chan naming the fall expansion “the collapse” it talks about how the city will fall and the darkness leader or mother ship is called “the winnower” this kind of confirms the leak

  18. So the darkness basically started life on Earth, leading to humanity, and then the light took humanity back to fight the darkness…and now the darkness is going to return and try to convince us to join it. Interesting circle.

  19. I wish the lore books wouldn't just be word salad and explain things like a normal book.

  20. So does that mean the black garden is literally the birth of creation itself?

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