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Destiny 2 Lore – Neomuna, the Vex, and SIVA | Myelin Games

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The new Veil containment mission for Week 3 of Season of the Deep revealed some big information about the history of Neomuna, specifically about how Neomuna remained hidden, and SIVA.




📖 What is the Veil
📖 Dark past of Neomuna
📖 Nezarec lore

🏫 Episode 4 ft. Aztecross and Nohjaa
🏫 Episode 3 ft. Rick Kackis
🏫 Episode 2 ft. Traveldanielle and Datto
🏫 Episode 1 ft. ayyitschevy

Destiny 2 Lore – Neomuna, the Vex, and SIVA | Myelin Games


  1. I’d love to hear more on that last topic, bungie can’t be retconning the story in it’s 9th year like bruh

  2. The history of mankind is plagued by unreliable narrators – then why shouldn’t an epic story. Part of the thrill and motivation is in uncovering the truth. Why so much fear…….

  3. Enjoyed the video mate, interested in the meta commentary regarding retcons / clarifications as Bungie themselves have become more clear on the direction of the Destiny story as they wrap up the Light and Dark saga. Agree with you that it's a very fine line to tread

  4. Geez what a good video, makes me want to play the game… wait server issues, again 😛

  5. My theory is that this has all just been a simulation? The citizens of Neomuna uploaded their consciousness to the arc. The veil protects the arc. Arc is the software and the veil is the hard drive? Asher M. Is somewhere within the vex network. Clovis Brey transfering consciousness into exo's. We've all heard Saladin say "what If the Traveler isn't what we think it is" The Drifter always seems a step ahead in the know. is it possible that the crucible,trials,gambit,raids,dungeons, all the harnessing and wielding light and dark aspects. ALL training in preparation for the real war to come? Maybe our ghosts are just part of the simulation. We resurrect in the simulation until we get it right. Sloane told Saladin for her, time went by in the blink of an eye. Maybe the same is true for Cayde. In real life If Osiris was dead for months on Nessus his body would have rotted long before we found his ghost. Have we all been uploaded to a program? Will we find the"veil" is literally just that. A thing that serves to cover or disguise the truth? We have been running around through the Sol like we're guardians of the mainframe.

  6. Honestly, even if that line about history being contradictory is a 4th wall break, it is incredibly true. Ask anyone who's done research on Herodotus, or Egyptian history, or greek. I mean even the story about nero playing a concert while rome burned is disputed in multiple sources that claim he aided in the evacuation and containment of the inferno.

    So, fourth wall break? Probably. Accurate? Absolutely.

  7. I think that the voice maya heard was not the witness but her clones in the vex network

  8. I'm not fully convinced the witness knew much about what was going on there in the beginning, and think it might have been more of a case of his influence radiating from the veil somehow, or him sensing the minds of those pressent without actually being able to tell where it was, as if he knew that he wouldn't have needed to touchthe traveler to see where it was.

  9. On the topic of SIVA, I do miss the space herps. Remember when SIVA came out and there was this disease you can spread to other players? Fun times.

  10. I MISS SIVA! Want it back so bad 😭😭😭 Wrath Of The Machine>Any other Raid

  11. This lore should have been available in Lightfall’s launch

    it’s very clear to me that they had NO idea (and still don’t have any idea) as to where their story is going

  12. Unreliable historical records. Dude, seriously. I stopped reading so much lore way back when I found out not only the hive books were full of lies, but callus's lore books were something of a fan fiction garbage pile. It was really just an aha moment, but more of an oh no than an aha. I completely lost interest since nothing was reliable anymore.

  13. inb4 Myelin gets hired by Manscaped to effectively replace their entire marketing team

  14. Of course we knew Neomuna tech was evolved from siva. Old news. Siva was a nanite sort of tech that can be shaped into all sorts of devices. The Neomuna nanites are just significantly evolved versions of that. We also knew all the colony ships were loaded with siva.

  15. Bruh, every Exodus ship was sent with SIVA tech to help build new installations wherever they landed. It's mentioned plainly in MULTIPLE lore tabs and books. Come on, you're the lore guy, right?

  16. To all the siva lovers. It is gone for good. BUT Siva was like a prototype to the cloud strider tech Quicksilver is like siva perfected. What we were really trying to make to protect humanity.

  17. I do not agree with the 4th wall breaking. I think its more about what the neomuni hid for the sake of survival and progress. What they kept from their people to keep moral in a time where they new what they would undergo for cryo being possibly irreversible.

  18. Great video as ever… "Better than using your hand….been told that before" 🤣

  19. When’s the next siva 2.0 weapon secret mission😁

  20. Lol we always knew siva was on the colony ships

  21. On the topic of “retcons” and such, ur right, it is a fine line. But I think Bungie, for the most part, has done it quite well. The info we receive is usually from the perspective of an individual character n the story. The fact that these characters, when appropriate, aren’t omniscient (or maybe even aren’t honest) makes the story and said characters feel more real imo.

    Just reference real life for example. There is tons of information on the internet, on tv, in history books, etc that is incomplete, misleading, outright lies, viewed thru rose tented glasses (so to speak), out of context, etc etc. No one person has all the correct info or the correct perspective of everything or even anything at all in real life, so why would it be any different in a good story?

    I’m not sayin Bungie has done everything perfectly, obviously, nor am I the type to waste my time protecting huge businesses as if they were somehow a family member. Lol. I just genuinely have enjoyed the way they have walked that line, again for the most part, so far. There r plenty of complaints against Bungie that I think r quite reasonable (the abandonment of pvp and gambit for example), but I think the lore isn’t a great one.

  22. This really reminds me of how WoW tried to retcon the ordering of the cosmos and origins of the Titans by calling some of the previous lore a "biased account " written by the Titans.

  23. I see a parallel with Maya hearing the Veil's name as soon as she saw it with how Strand's appearance is dictated by The Guardian's initial perception of it.

  24. bro if the witness was speaking to her through the veil we wouldnt have been tryna stop him from linking to it literally all lightfall. she’s hearing her speak before she says it.

  25. Bro! I need a nice free flowing river like you have.

  26. What I don't understand is why would the witness need to do what they did in the first LightFall cutscene if hundreds of years earlier they were influencing how Maya and the rest of the survivors treat the Veil?

  27. where are you getting the mission I only got the first week

  28. On the last point of Bungie you writing the loreand changing it? They've done it so often that I lost hope in any coherent story that is told to us in the game. Like 80% of the lore that we are given can be said to come from an unreliable narrator. The warminds are great example and so is the method of killing a ghost which has been changed to where you need something paracausal to do it (which breaks the lore of crimson/reddeath since they also killed guardians and ghosts but are literally just guns), or even the existence of efrideet who I believe in D2 cannon is dead since she is never mentioned before season of arrivals or after. It's one thing to write a back door in your lore with unreliable narrators but to use that as an out so often when you want to reintroduce story points feels like insulting the fans and lore fans for even carrying about the story and the lore.

  29. You genius. How did you know we inserted that quote about history being contradicting to address the hard-core loreheads that would notice the change in the lore?

  30. All of the Exodus colony ships were equipped with SIVA to help the colonies construct whatever they needed. There might be SIVA in the dreaming city

  31. someone needs to tell bungie that people are ok with gay relationships and they can stop bringing it up in every conversation

  32. Isn't one of public event where shadow legion drills nanites from ground proves that tech exists?

  33. Omg the shower at the beginning LOL also hell yeah, a fellow martial artist!

  34. my feelings is, the veil is talking to people, like how oryx communed with the deep and how it might not have been the witness, what if the veil is the voice of the non physical universe and the traveler is the voice of the physical?

  35. I could see this being Siva if we take advantage of previously existing technology and knowledge. This may also relate past campaigns to the present one, connecting the fallen, the Exos, and the Darkness.

    I think if this were to be Siva, we would be imbuing the Nano Machines with Darkness and create a Psychic link between the Guardian and Siva. This would work in a similar way as what happened with Clarity Control and the Exos, being that they infused Radiolaria with Darkness. We know that Radiolaria is similar to Siva through Parting the Veil. This comparison was also in relation to the Veil, witch makes me believe that it is possible to create such a psychic link. This would fit the theme of Darkness as while Light is the power of Energy and Force, Darkness is the Power of the Mind and Connection. Even Stasis, witch you need to be strong willed enough to use.

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