Destiny 2 Lore - Exos Made from the Vex Explained!? | Myelin Games -

Destiny 2 Lore – Exos Made from the Vex Explained!? | Myelin Games

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Welcome back to the latest Destiny 2 lore episode, in today’s Destiny 2 lore episode we are discussing the Exos and the Vex! The new Beyond Light trailer had a scene that showed a Vex and an Exo in some sort of chamber… what does it mean!?

About Myelin Games: Destiny 2 Lore every week! Come discover the lore behind your favorite Destiny 2 characters, weapons, armour and events in Destiny! Occasionally, I upload other Game Lore videos so always feel free to provide suggestions. Feel free to browse my archive on Destiny 2 Lore topics Website: Destiny

Exos Made from the Vex Explained!? Destiny 2 lore | Myelin Games


  1. I thought the Black Armory created the Exo science. Black Armory wepons talk about one of the creators saying that they had developed Exo science. Ada-1 was not created at the DSC
    So my question is did BA create the technology of exos and then Clovis Bray stole the tech and then comnined it with Vex tech to get the Exo's that we know of today?

  2. "They buried their war with the Vex beneath a sarcophagus of secrecy."
    Sarcophagi, or coffins, are generally housed in crypts.
    Exo have dreams of fighting through to, or merely traveling to, the Deep Stone Crypt.
    The "sarcophagus" is some Bray installation or other which sits atop or inside of the Deep Stone Crypt, the Crypt being Vex in origin. This sarcophagus acts as a repository and bunker position for Exo minds and is used as a beachhead/choke point for incursions into/defending from Vex territory. The "Long, slow whisper" is a means to harvest full fledged personalities for this war from Exo units in the physical world; i.e. remote upload of the unique individual after every wipe, or a means to lure Exos in to be harvested and reset (Cayde-1 harvested, Cayde-2 initialized).

  3. So ive been running this theory for a few months now but i didn't have the lore too make me up till today thanks Mylin!

  4. Hey Myelin! I have a question! How Exo Guardians, after being revived without memories, know ther Serial Number? I know that Cayde had their journals but, how Saint, for example, know that he is its 14 version?

  5. I’m totally expecting them to just come out and say the man Clovis Bray put his mind into Rasputin

  6. In d1 my main was an exo warlock, he always thought there was something about the vex, then in d2 I had other thoughts and my hunter became my main, but still the vex always concerned me and had me wondering about exos

  7. Clovis is definitely still alive as an exo, and he probably has some shady deal with the veil

  8. What if Clovis Bray transferred himself into a Exo and uses the rig to gain access to the vex network to gain information and knowledge from them since they can simulate almost anything and are pretty much all-knowing

  9. I know we are all here for the lore… but look at those crispy snipes!

  10. When i saw the trailer i thought the vex were uploading themselves in the exos cos lets be honest the exos are superior technology when it comes to movement and shit

  11. I think you explained it really well!! AHHHHH I can't wait!!

  12. Look at what they did with saint-14 an exo, i mean they made a mausoleum for him, one of two of the greatest threats to the vex, and us, we get a marble coffin that's in a vast emptiness of marble white flooring.(Though with the death of cayde it might not be our grave{or it's not a grave at all but just a stasis chamber that we sleep in and rest for a time until something happens). i have some other thoughts but I'm not Shure about them.

  13. the crypt exists on Europa and withing the vex network, like a breach allowing a foothold in their territory. that was one of my fabourite titan marks. the vex/exo hooked up together is the creation of exostranger. great video!

  14. Wasn't the exo core that Elsie acquired the one she used in the construction of the Worldline Zero?

  15. Incase anyone didn’t understand what he was saying in the video, here’s a simplistic version of it: Big corporation steals vex knowledge from other corporation, tries to combine vex with exo, vex get mad and start fight, exo stranger.

  16. So, this aged pretty well lol based on all the leaks that just came out

  17. I was thinking while watching this, what if the exo is in the chamber with the vex but they are both stuck in a simulation to see what stage the exo's have to be at in order to win the war against the vex on uropa?

  18. Did the new beyond light collectors edition change your entire perspective here?

  19. Also, knowing that you uploaded this a month ago, you should be aware that Europa created a certain faction of EXO, but not all of them were created there. Ada was made by the black armory. Felwinter was made by rescue. We didn’t know until the collectors journal came out that Ishtar had their own version of the EXO’s.

  20. The funniest thing would be finding out Clovis Bray didn't become an Exo, he became the Warmind itself

  21. OK HEAR ME OUT ALRIGHT? I think that The Exo Stranger was indeed a guardian but she used Stasis and that essentially made her no longer a Guardian in her eyes, which is why she said that she wasn't one when she met The Guardian and that the little floating thingy in the trailer is in fact her Ghost and maybe her Ghost is who she was talking to over her comms the first time we met her, and thats why she went to fight them, to protect her Ghost!

  22. Found a lost sector in which my ghost commented on bray experiments with very tech and what vex fluid does to people

  23. I dont play destiny alot but does the game story interactive with the characters race

  24. Are you a prophet or do Bungie writers watch your stuff for inspiration? I know I'm late to the party, but your last 3 vids have been spot on with predictions. Can you predict that Bungie will make a loadout/subclass radial menu to swap supers/gear on the fly, penalty free, quickly, and seamlessly for maximum efficiency? (PVE only)

  25. nothing here Hrm. nice attempts there on such Earth methods of 'control'. [Sighed in Disappointment at these simplistic wolves]

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