Destiny 2: How to Level to 1810 in Lightfall (Leveling Guide) -

Destiny 2: How to Level to 1810 in Lightfall (Leveling Guide)

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You knew it was coming. A new expansion means a new leveling guide. Except the new leveling guide is basically the same as the old leveling guide. Not the most thrilling day 1 content, I know, but I’m working on the more complex stuff over the next 2-3 days.

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  1. What skill if you use a Warlock on PC as a cheat and live vicariously through the game? At least your using a Totan here and not well. With the almost a year of actual in game time and intricate knowledge of builds, one would think you'd be better at thr game. Now I am forced to give garbage randoms commendations for pinnacle weekly gear in the Tower. This has gone too far. So if they suck, don't do the strike, match or Gambit well or are just complete jackoffs, I am forced to commend them because everyone gets a trophy for trying. Bungie upgrade fail. 100 dollars plus to see 2 fancy Boyz on Neptune and pat for light level and season XP. They didn't even have a dungeon ready. (I never move guns to another. That is more cheating.)

  2. It’s a struggle towards the end even as a veteran player solo

  3. Since datto doesn’t have to change his video on how to level up means it’s still a grind and still boring.

  4. Datto rehashing old content for a game he gave up on years ago just to milk the old fanboys for more money. Nothing new.

  5. I really wish they had different icons for powerful vs pinnacle rewards. Maybe a 4 point vs a 6 point star

  6. How did you get your activities back for Gambit/Vanguard/Crucible? I don't see an activity popup there anymore even after completing the campaign

  7. As always Datto, you are the man with the solid advice! Thanks.

  8. I already completed the campaign on classic difficulty cause I didn’t know there was a gear set. If I go back and replay on legendary will I still get rewards?

  9. I reach level 1750 by completing some of lightfall quest im stuck on step 15 and I just want to skip the the campaign how do i do that

  10. Could you just have 3 of the same class and get a higher level faster because you can use all equipment on all 3?

  11. Thanks for helping me bite the bullet on not optimizing so much. I was taking too long trying to even out my power, said screw it and turned in my powerfuls. Helped a bunch!

  12. So I'm an average player, not a super sweat. And I found the only hard part about soloing the legendary campaign was the calus fight, everything else felt easier then witchqueen solo

  13. Vanguard now needs 5 completions. You get 20% Progress for every run

  14. Solo legendary campaign people, get use to the new exotic bow. Things cant hurt if there frozen 💀

  15. I love how three of my pinnacles literally all drop in the same armor piece so it was a massive waste of time and mentality

  16. Whats the point, no content will have you at 1810

  17. aside from the narrative, I'm enjoying the gameplay and content in this expansion. Overall I'd give it a 7/10, its okay.

  18. whats the best way for legendarys at your power level??

  19. A tip for 2nd / 3rd character levelling : buy an exotic armour from xur for your different classes as it will be at the character you bought it on's light level

  20. I do wish that we could infuse other class armor onto another class 😓 like in d1

  21. I did the legendary campaign and only got 1750😮😢

  22. @Datto I haven't played destiny 2 in a few years. I want to get back into it. Would I have to download all the add ons that I missed in order to play Lightfall? Thanks for any info you can provide.

  23. so sick of grinding levels….getting high level gear for legendary cmpgn was a gr8 move still not enough lol

  24. Some random guy on my friends list is 1816 and already hit elite rank…. This guy is definition of you need to touch grass

  25. A friend of mine is 1757 of Light, and the Cabal still appear with the sword symbol. In other words, I don't know the Shadow Legion's official logo.

  26. This legend campaign is 100x harder then witch queen. So dumb

  27. 2:46 in the chat box bottom right “my clan banner is so erect” 🤣💀💀😭😭😭😭😭😭😭👀👀👀🤣

  28. i will say the entire campaign i just used wither with a calus mini tool and hothead adept and stompees with arc subclass was pretty fun honestly

  29. Heads up, Hawthorne is bugged right now for some people. Game wont allow people to redeem the pinnacle gear even though it's marked as complete.

  30. Do the legendary campaign with one other person. A 3 man fire team makes it worse than solo

  31. Doing the vanguard playlist only gave me 4% after 2 strikes.

  32. one thing datto forgot to mention is if you finished doing all of your activities on one character, you can go to xur and buy the exotic armor pieces for your other characters at the same level that your character is on. that way, not only can you transfer your weapons, but you can also transfer one piece of armor to make levelling on your other characters faster

  33. So, I'm a Destiny Vet, but I want to make sure I got this right, as this has always been a point the game kinda hides: the gear score the game uses to calculate drop levels is based off of the highest gear score possible across what a character has equipped and also in their immediate inventory that would be possible for them to equip. I don't have to ACTUALLY equip the items, just have them "on" me, as it does not count items placed in the vault or on another character. Gear belonging to a different class is not factored.

    Does that about cover it?

  34. You can get around the class armor thing a bit by using Xur. Use your highest light character to buy the other class exotic armor at Xur. My Warlock/Hunter haven't started Lightfall yet, but already have 1700+ pieces in the vault waiting for them.

  35. I haven’t played in years and just came back I am so fucking overwhelmed. I am enjoying the campaign but I know once I beat it I may just put the game down because the grind is too long to get to end game.

  36. Damn, you really phoned this one in, man. Missing & incorrect info isn't your style, D. Where's the love ?

  37. Datto says eh most people don’t have the time to optimize properly and then I’m like oh yeah well that’s gonna change

  38. Power level progression is the single biggest reason why this is the first yearly expansion I didn’t pre order and still haven’t bought. The grindy weekly loop of Destiny stopped being something I enjoyed back in Beyond Light and in Witch Queen I played the campaign and haven’t been on since about a week or two after that. Power being so unrewarding and gating content makes it feel like can’t just pop on and casually enjoy new stuff. That may be an incorrect assumption but every time I get on to experience some new stuff and see if I wanna jump back in, it’s like a barrier that demands a minimum commitment to just use my available arsenal.

    I’m sure to any current consistent player this seems like dumb complaints but it really feels like this game walls out people who aren’t currently invested in the game.

    The fact this is still the same grind with needing constant infusions made me realize I have no reason to even jump on and see if I would wanna play again

  39. That is what kills me about this game… I'm an engineering student, how am I supposed to have the time to grind this game in order to play any of the fun End-Game content?

  40. One thing I discovered is the pinnacle node for vanguard stretches to nightfalls as well which run different surges. I wanted to run strand but the surge that day wasn’t strand so I did nightfall instead got more loot and the 3 completions for pinnacle

  41. Is there like a checklist of stuff to do each week? You lost me when you started listing the sources lol.

  42. Do I play the same class x3 to level up quicker?

  43. I have been playing since taken king. I know everything but I just like to hear you talk.

  44. Very well done and helpful guide as always, thank you Datto.

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