Destiny 2: How to get Vex Mythoclast, Even with No Raid Experience! (Atheon One Phase Guide) -

Destiny 2: How to get Vex Mythoclast, Even with No Raid Experience! (Atheon One Phase Guide)

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Looking for the easiest way to get Vex Mythoclast in Destiny 2? Here’s a guide on how to one phase Atheon fast in Season of the Lost – you’ll have that Exotic Loot in no time!
Original VOG Guide (for more encounter detail):
How to get One Thousand Voices:
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  1. I’m on my 87th clear and still no vex either I’m vexually abused or unlucky you tell me fallout

  2. Frost my god did he just 😂😂😂😂😂

  3. 34 Runs and still No Vex Drop. I am rlyy tired of that…

  4. That is so much easier than the destiny one hardmode version for the vex. The oracles had so much hell that you had to use something like the Icebreaker just to be sure to kill them in time

  5. Man couldn’t get it in D1 even when it was nerfed to all hell I’m preying I can get this b4 it’s stomped on

  6. #FalloutPlays Dumn question…Since I've been playing D2(about a year), I've never been able to get the voice chat, or text chat to work! Ever…. No matter what settings I've put in. Bungee does not help at all, and I've posted on bunch of Forums and gotten no help. Also my 4 clans I've joined where not very helpful either….and none of them helped with any Raids, Dungeons, or any of the multitude of activities I need help with that require more than 1 person to complete….or at least people better than me at this game. Right now I am currently at 1345 Warlock, 1345 Hunter, and 1320 Titan(and no idea why on the Titan as I just started playing it and still have all blue guns and armor in it, and it took me 4 months to get to 1320 when I first started this game with Warlock). ♣So to my question=How do I talk/communicate/text people while in game? Is there some special thing you've got to do to make it happen, or something with Windows firewall settings, or Steam settings, or Proxy settings, etc? As that shit's above my pay-grade, unless in kindergartner terms!

  7. ive done 55 runs and still dont have this fucking gun, it dont exist

  8. My luck just like d1 they will nerf vex in the same week I finally get it lol

  9. know one person that got it on his first time ever doing this raid, know others who have done it 50 times and haven't gotten it. I have done it 20 times, no luck….can't beat RNG unfortunately

  10. Thank you so much!!! Extremely helpful 💯

  11. So do you only get 3 chances a week to get it? ( so 1 run of a hunter, a warlock and titan) because I don't get how people are like ' I have 60 plus clears and no vex' well you only get 3 chances a week so why are you running it so much?

  12. How to hold atheon check point:

    Fallout: have your friend-
    Me: you've lost me

  13. Instructions were clear.
    Got it 1st run with no experience before

  14. I got Vex on my 12 looted run, and it is heavily underrated, I hate the fact a Primary is getting compared to that of a special/ heavy.

  15. To be honest I don't have any Ralds experience and two I Need new clan and three I would like to do last wish Raid for exotic thousands of voices power weapon

  16. If I beat atheon and don’t get the vex mythoclast do I have to wait a week until I am able to get it again or can I just farm him

  17. if you have done the raid and got the loot can you re-run it to get loot or is it just once a week ?
    i mean can i keep running VOG with my warlock to try and get the Vex Mythoclast each time.

  18. how about a way that doesnt involve seasonal mods?
    its a different season now so all the old seasonal mods are gone

  19. At 12 mins I remembered I was watching this for the Vex Mytho

  20. 1:28 As my Vex RNG dubbed it "3rd time's the charm"
    So glad, absolutely love the gun

  21. So… do you need to accomplish the whole raid once? Or does it drop on the CP without completing encounters atleast once?

  22. I’ve cleared vault 93 times and still can’t get it.
    Edit:I got it finally

  23. I hate how to best weapons are always raid related…

  24. Idk if they've upped the drop rate for the Mythoclast since the raids been up, but I've cleared it I think 4 times an had it dropped 2 of those times including the first run lmao, friends weren't too pleased

  25. Any one on Xbox has the vog boss check point let’s team up and farm

  26. Havent completed a rqid got no raid exotic lol

  27. This vex gun would be good for like solo stuff and regular difficulty stuff but let’s be real the grind isn’t worth it specially now in season 17 when you will be using exotic heavy to deal tons of damage with legendary primaries which can still kill really fast on low profile enemies. Vex is outclassed now a days. Socially the parasite grenade launcher that thing is hella good but up stacks, shoot one shot for 300k damage.

  28. looking for other players that wanna do the raid w/ me

  29. I don’t have friends for this. Just me and my one friend

  30. 52 clears this weekend and still no sign of vex. Had multiple fireteam members have drop on first clears or low clears. I'm not stepping back in that damn vault

  31. I got vex on my first try, my username is memebossbeast

  32. What about cold Heart? I love that one.

  33. "How to get Mytho without any raid experience"
    This guy: do the raid

    Honestly I dont know what I expected

  34. Are we able to farm vex even though it's not the pinnacle rotation?

  35. I havent done no raids or dungeons dont got no friends that play so will never get any raid or dungeon weapons wasted money on the 30th anniversery just to find out ill never get the rocket launcher lol smh

  36. See for people like me that doesn't have their whole day to play a f**** video games. it would be nice to be able to access this. I want this gun so bad in the first game .. it's just a money scheme to get people to either buy it or put way too much time in to do raids and all that b***** they need to have a PVE where you can get everything even if it's a mission that takes hours upon hours upon hours

  37. so you can do this multiple times/week or is it just 1time / week to get the vex?

  38. I thought the weekly reset was Wednesday?

  39. No raid experience needed , easy to get guide. Everyone's done it like 100 times ,knowing exactly how to do it, and rocking 1k voices. Yep. Easy

  40. Vex has a 1% drop rate, so don't hold your breath.

  41. i am 100 proucent sure vex doesnt exit ive don 50 runs 50 RUNS NFDWB UHDV NYTBUNSBDGH

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